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Jennifer I'm sorry. Rest up and take care of yourself. There is a baby coming your way. My first two were conceived right away, and this time around we are on cycle 6 ttc. My first dd weaned early, and my second dd is still nursing strong at 2 years. I think what Ann said was right on. None of this may sound very encouraging, but a baby will come when the time is right. Thinking of you, take care

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breastfeeding is just natural birth control-like nature intended. Of course, the women who would use it as such would be the ones to get preg but nursing is the natural child spacing key.
Ann, you are so right. I keep reminding myself that I'm actually defying mother nature by trying to get pregnant right now. My dd still nurses so often (at 15 months) and really still needs me so much. I should chill out, but I get nervous when I remember that I'm 36 freakin' years old (as of this coming Sunday) and I'm thinking perhaps I should HURRY UP and get pregnant before I'm too old!!! :LOL

I'd like to come back in another life and start having babies at 20 and have a whole bunch of them, you know?
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You got it Donna! I wish I had started earlier too, but hindsight is 20/20 of course. It did take us a little over a year the first time so that delayed things but now I'm 35 and I know what you mean about thinking I'm getting too old!
Of course, DH just says to look at our wonderful two we have and not worry about it. I know he's right but I just "know" I'm supposed to have another baby-actually I've always thought I was supposed to have 4 children but I can't imagine having one at 39 or 40-I'll be toooo tired! LOL
Take care all
Happy Halloween
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So do any of you know or have info on prolactin suppressing progesterone? I mean what is the point of menstrual cycles (for 17 months) if you aren't fully fertile??? What is the purpose of having your period then??? Makes NO sense to me-: physiologically is it benefitting me to have my period back for 17 months but have it serve no purpose other than to give me labor type cramps the first day and make me fat, bloated, and miserable? :LOL
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I had a similar question to yours, but in the opposite direction: What's the point of nursing and cosleeping and night nursing constantly if you're gonna get your period back and be fully fertile again when your baby is only 6 weeks old? :LOL I guess that our bodies just like to play tricks on us! I'm hoping that when #2 is born, nursing both of my children will be enough to suppress my cycle for at least 6 months. A strange goal, perhaps, but that's it. I'd really like not to have to worry about bc for a little while after the next one is born. :LOL
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Hey eilonwy,

Yikes, I am sorry that you got your AF so soon. I know its no consolation but it is really rare that it happens so soon.

Good link to articles:


So are you pregnant now or did you just see the return of Af at 6 weeks? Also just because you bleed doesn't mean you are fully fertile. You can have periods and not ovulate... but you are right, what's the point! LOL!

EDITED to say that I just saw your siggy... so when did you become pg? How old was baby #1? As I mentioned its no consolation but it is really rare:

"Exclusive breastfeeding has in fact been shown to be an excellent form of birth control, but there are certain criteria that must be met for breastfeeding to be used effectively.

Exclusive breastfeeding (by itself) is 98-99.5% effective in preventing pregnancy as long as all of the following conditions are met:

Your baby is less than six months old
Your menstrual periods have not yet returned
Baby gets nothing but breastmilk, or only token amounts of other foods. "
taken from link above...

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I got pregnant at the end of september, on our 5th cycle ttc.. Ds will be a year old on Saturday.

I actually had my first period when ds was 3 weeks old, but it was anovulatory. The second time I did ovulate, but I was still sore so dh and I had not yet resumed relations. We've been using FAM since I tried my diaphragm again but it was too big (apparently your bones can move closer together after delivery?!). I was using the smallest size, so I had no other choices there and decided to give FAM a try. I have a friend who used it for over 10 years very successfully, so I knew it could work!

At any rate, I've only had three anovulatory cycles since ds was born. The first one, and two during growth spurts where he literally didn't let go of my breast for more than 5 minutes at a time.

ETA: I've just looked at that link. We did, in fact, practice ecological breastfeeding, however Eli spent a week in the NICU before we could get started. If that by itself isn't enough to mess you up, you should know this: My mother concieved my brother when I was 5 weeks old and was nursing *constantly*. So maybe it's just a genetic thing.
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Can anyone tell me why every day when I pee on the o detector I get the normal test line and then a faint other line? The instructions said that should only happen right before your surge -a few days later you'll have a dark line next to the test line, indicating an LH surge (ovulation). But every single day it's a faint line. What is going on with my freaky body!?!?!?
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Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new thread... for november.
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