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I think we need to edit this list. So many mamas have dropped out of the DDC since we signed up.
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I thought that too but wasn't sure how to say or do it without being insensitive. I am not sure who is still "in it" so I just left it. It would be great if someone could help me with it.
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I hope I didn't come across as insensitive. I thought it would be a bit more awkward to have somebody who is no longer here appear in the, "spotlight". So many losses this DDC. It makes me so sad for all the mamas who have left.
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Oh no you didn't at all! I just don't know how to ask who is still with us
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Originally Posted by homeschoolingmama View Post
Oh no you didn't at all! I just don't know how to ask who is still with us
I'll try and take some time and see who has posted "farewell" threads sometime tomorrow if that would help you.
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Sure ^_^
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In Memory

triscuitmom (but now due February

I may have missed someone.

Not all signed up for the spotlight but this now Homeschoolin Mama can update the schedule to avoid any possible hurt.

Peace to all our mamas with losses this month.
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I suppose, now that it appears that I am here for the long haul, count me in!

I just hope I dont jinx myself. We have a strong heartbeat but you never know!
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I just discovered this thread and think it's a great idea! If you need someone to fill a vacant week, I'd be game.

to all the mamas who experienced a loss and for their angel babies
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I wasn't sure if I should put you in a vacant wk. It was someone else's wk. Would that still be ok? And would anyone get upset if I slipped you in before them? I don't mind either way just wasn't sure what others would think.
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Whatever works. I just thought I'd try to help fill some gaps. If it's too much of a pain, don't worry about it. I'm happy to just learn about other mamas too. If you do plug me in somewhere, just let me know so I'm not a no show!
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I've never participated in anything like this but I'm up for giving it a try if you'll have me =)
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I'm interested too if there is time left If not, no biggy
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I'm game for this! I'm probably a late comer to the group, but I just found this sticky, after reading the spotlight spot for laurelg!
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I'd love to participate if it's not too late.
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Aww, I can't believe it took me this long to find this sticky, I'd wondered how you all knew who's turn it was! lol

Anyway, I'd love to participate if there's a free week, but it looks to me like I'd be in the last week or so of Jan, at wich point I intend to be a little busy wih a new one, lol (I'm due in the first week)
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I wanna play if I still can!!!
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Is it too late to be in?

Seems like almost everyone has had their babies already.
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