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who else has had an epidural

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Hi I love this board and am a fairly naturally parenting mother.
4 mostly clothed diapers kiddos, cosleeping, babywearing, extended breastfed, gently discipline, etc.
However I had an epidural with all 4. I tried not to but i must be a wuss.
I actually had the epidural with the first and it didn't work.
So technically it was natural.
Anyway I always feel so guilty when I around this board and see all the wonderful natural births.
So somebody make me feel better and come out of the closet and let me know that I'm not the only wuss around! ehhehehehehe

I also vaccinate but that's another whole can of worms!
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I had an epidural. I also had a c-section. Talk about "not natural"! Don't feel guilty, AP is not about epidurals, it's about connection!

And FWIW, if I hadn't had a c-section, I STILL would have had an epidural.
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I had an epidural and loved every second of it. i dont apologize for doing it either. my labor was bliss, my baby's apgars were 9/10. i went home the next day, picked my older kids up at the bus stop and then went grocery shopping.

I bf and coslept too. I am definitely more ap than mainstream, but like lovebeads says so terrifically, its all about the connection.

I would also love to homebirth next time around. i have also had a "natural" birth, with no IV, no drugs, no episiotomy. that was fine, but i have to say that painless was more comfortable. for me. and my kids are fine. excellent apgars. all three came out gorgeous, healthy with a good lusty cry. all nursed like champs from the second they were born.
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I hope you folks aren't feeling too outcast... there are way more things to attachment parenting than what you do or don't do during labor. If having an epidural was the right thing for you to do, then who am I to look down on you?

As LoveBeads put it, it's all about the connection.

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I also had an epidural, although it wasn't in my birth plan. I'd planned on going natural, but I had back labor.

I regretted it at the time, but seeing as how I was only in labor in the hospital for 4 1/2 hours before DS was born, I guess I can't complain overall!
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I had an epidural too. I didn't plan to, and if I give birth again, I hope to avoid it, but I had five days of back labor and I caved.

I got ten blissful hours of complete rest before they turned it off for me to push.

Having read the risks of epidurals, I still wish I could have avoided it, but I did the best I could at the time.
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I had an epidural. I also had back labor, dd had been posterior for a while so I was expecting that. I still planned on natural birth and labored for 16 hours. The Dr. told me I was 10 and to start pushing, except I had no urge to push. I tried to push, but it didn't feel right so I told them I wasn't going to.

They then had 3 doctors check me after which they said, sorry you're only 6! Well I just lost it then, realising I still had transition to go through - even my doula couldn't talk me out of the epidural after that. Now I feel like a wuss but at the time I'd had enough.

BTW I ended with a c/s and dd's Apgars were 8 and 9. I was surprised the drugs didn't affect her more.

Pain isn't something you can compare between people. Everyone has a different threshold for pain, it's the circumstances you're in, that particular birth, ... so many variables. You have to make the decision for yourself at that time with that birth.
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I had an epidural with my youngest and it allowed me to get some sleep. I was in such a bad place before the epidural and the epidural allowed me a chance to regroup.

My first was completely natural with minimal intervention. I would love to do that again. I am very close with all of my kids and I am still nursing my "baby".
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I had one with my second, and it nearly kiled us both. I didn't want it, but my midwife induced with pitocin at 11 days past my due date because of strange heart palpitations I had been having. She broke my water after a couple hours of contractions when I wasn't even 3 cm dialated. After that, the contractions were extremely painful, and I couldn't get out of the bed because of the internal monitors she put in. It was a nightmare. I finally broke down and asked for the epidural. Within a few minutes, my blood pressure started to drop, and so did Avery's heart rate. My OB (who delivered my first) came in and stayed with me for 6 hours to avoid a csection. I managed to push him out when I was only 8 cm dialated and not fully effaced, oh, and the epi had been turned off for a while. His apgars were 9/10. My doctor behaved more like I expected a midwife to behave. He used oils to stretch my perineum even, and I didn't tear at all. 13 1/2 hours of labor was enough for me. I don't blame you for wanting the epi.
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I had one with my first. But it was after 30+ hours of hard labour and I had stopped dilating. I also got pitocin, which let to the epi. Nine years later it still bothers me.
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Ahhh I feel better

That makes me feel better.
Thanks for sharing everybody.
I'm glad I came out of the epidural closet!
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I had one, and my birth could not have been more perfect. I felt fine after, babe was fine, we nursed fine. It was the right choice for me at the time.

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I had one with a csection. Sophie was born at 35 weeks and had apgars of 9 and 9. She went to the NICU at 2 days for jaundice. My milk never came in so we formula fed BUT we co-sleep, no vax, cloth diaper, gentle discipline. So its all about balance Dont feel bad about the choices you've made in life you certainly cant rewrite history.
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ive had one with both kids. I think it depends on your thresh hold for pain which i have NONE so yea give me one anyday. If i have any type of minor surgery they better knock me out that even means for a c-section. KNOCK ME OUT! does it make me a bad mom heck no just makes me a weenie with pain i dont need to ry and be a hero and stick through it. Dh would go insane it just makes the whole situation easier for us both. I have never had a problme with it during or afterwards. So i think thats good to. IM A WEENIE TOO
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Don't feel guilty or judged about any choice you've made. I've had two epidurals (and two cesareans.) And I still consider myself to be a natural parent, by G-D! We bedshare, sling, cd, eat organic, blah blah blah so there!
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I missed your new baby thread, Ladylee and wanted to say congrats on your new baby. Sep 19th is my mom's birthday too, good day!

Enjoy your babymoon!


I don't look crunchy or even come across as particularily "different", but I value the bond I share with all three of my kids. We are all very close and I don't do ANYTHING without thoughfully considering how it will affect me/us/them. To me that is the epitome of responsible parenting, not whether you slavishly uphold a specific practice or not.
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I had one last time and I think I'll do it again. I did wait 12 hours last time...all the time knowing I'd get one...I just didn't want to get it too early and it slow down labor ya know?

I kind of relate it to getting a tooth pulled. I wouldn't do that without getting pain relief. I understand the concept behind natural birth, I'm just a wimp. I would like to have a homebirth at some point in my life (hopefully they'll have a home epi kit by then ) I'll be fine without it at home because it's not an option ya know? If it's there, I'll take it!

I've been feeling : about it lately too. Thanks for starting this thread!
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I had a typical epi-hospital birth with my first, and a birth center water-birth with my second. It is hard for me to tell explain to people that they were both good - do I say great - births!

With my first, I never once had any intention of having 'natural' childbirth - in fact I was a 'hook me up at 8 months, so I won't have to feel any labor' kind of gal My birth was wonderful and perfect.....got there, had the epi, slept for awhile, woke up to push and had a beautiful baby boy!

The second time around I was so inspired by natural birth stories that I wanted to do that - not because my first was bad or wrong....but because I wanted a different experience. I actually found my labor to be easier with the second - and it was not painful 'for me' - but I really think that was just my perception.

I do think that there are risks assocciated with epi's that I wish I had been aware of the first time - but with anything as long as you are making a well thought out decision, I don't think it matters......what does bother me is women who think that natual birth is just for 'wackos' and that no one in their right mind would ever do that.....that just makes me mad! And having experience I had with my second, I would probably never go back to having an epi birth....but again, that is just me! It all depends....

Loved my epi with my first, Loved my waterbirth with my second, and hoping to love my hombirth if there is ever a third.
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Originally posted by LoveBeads
I had an epidural. I also had a c-section. Talk about "not natural"! Don't feel guilty, AP is not about epidurals, it's about connection!

And FWIW, if I hadn't had a c-section, I STILL would have had an epidural.
I could have written your post and I agree.
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I had an epidural with dd and felt it helped me to relax and open up and birth her. I have an abusive past and have a touch of PTSS that comes out when I feel pain. I know I could have a natural birth if I chose to, but have no regrets about having an epidural. It was an 8 hour labor from start to finish, no pitocin needed, and dd's Apgars were 9 and 10. I actually slept off during transition and they had to wake me up when it was time to push!! I'm planning to have another epidural with next baby because it was such a good experience the first time.

I still strongly believe natural childbirth is best for *most* women and am planning to be a doula in the next couple of years. My friend asked me to be her doula and is due any day. She's planning to have a birth center unmedicated birth, hopefully using hypnobirthing. So I've been training along with her and love it. It all makes perfect sense and I think I'll make a good doula someday. Still, I know that for me personally the epidural will probably be the best thing.

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