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Yeah, I had one, a few hours after the midwife started pitocin for failure to progress. Oh well. Ended up with a C, too. It doesn't matter how dd got here, though - the point is our relationship now she's here.

By the by, I know a medical resident who was on duty while morbidly obese woman came into the ER with I forget what major, life threatening, gotta-get-the-kid-out-NOW labor complication. The anesthesiologist tried to give her an epi in the two minutes they had, and failed. So ya know what? They did the C with no anesthesia.

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I had an epi, about 24 hours after I started the pitocin. (Pit because my water broke and my labor didn't start.) The pitocin wasn't working so they wanted to raise the dose and they were worried taht I was getting too exhausted. With the way that labor went I don't think I could have done it without the epi, though in the end the pump broke and I did the end without the drug.

didn't have the c-section though, thanks to the patience of the midwife and the steady, reassuring heartbeat of my baby.

Next time I hope to have a normal labor. But if this should happen again, I might have the epidural sooner. It was long time to have ineffective contractions. I wish I didn't feel like it was me getting my own way but I am so pleased with the results of my labors it seems churlish to complain.
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I had an epidural with the twin's-c-section.
My son was born at home in the water. I had back labor and went from 3cm to birth in one hour. It was INTENSE. At one point on my hands and knees in the shower (so the water would hit the right spot on my back) I remember thinking, "What the hell-o am I doing here without drugs" (this I found out later was transition).
I am AMAZED that anyone has a no drug birth in a hospital, hooked to monitor and not being able to move around. That was the only thing that made the intensity bearable.
I guess that's why I think mom's are able to labor at home without drugs-THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT AND GET INTO WHATEVER POSITION WORKS. Also, no drugs are readily available .
Edited to add: If I didn't believe that a no drug birth was better for my baby (which I do), I would choose a home waterbirth over an epi or c-section in a second. It was glorious and amazing- I feel very fortunate to have experienced it. I view it as a true blessing. It was also so much easier to recover from. The epi made me throw up so much I couldn't hold my twins and I felt spacey for days and the babies were spacey and nursing did not go well at first. After the waterbirth, I had 2 stitches inside where my son scratched me on the way out as he came out with his hand against his head, and then I was up and around and we went to the beach that weekend. Anyway, that's what worked for us.
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Yup I had an epidural too. Was on lots of med (pitocin, mag sulfate) and hooked up to a million monitors, catheder, ect, and I couldn't get out of bed, or hardly turn on my side (because the internal monitor on ds's head wasn't on right and the nurses would *rush* in the minute I moved)... I just couldn't handle the back pain without being able to move.

That poor woman Marlena! I'm significantly overweight and they had no problem at all getting the epi in for me. I wonder why they didn't knock her out then? Or at least get her under as fast as possible so she didn't have to experience the entire operation... my gawd, talk about a traumatic birth experience!
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Had one. Loved it. Sorry, Natural birthers. I did my research and conducted interviews with natural and epi birthers and made my decision. I had a fairly normal birth. Very little to no pain after the epi. I had serious back labor and it did hurt like a mofo before the epi.

The anesthesiologist was awesome. Very professional. I had no side effects.

I liked it!

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I had one and I believe it saved me from having a c-section. I was rested enough to push. And I had to push with everything I had since they told me 6 more times or c-section. My anesthesiologist was so nice and so good at her job. I told her if I do this again I am lookingfor her. I am very content with my choice.
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1 epi, 1 natural.

HATED the epi (it gave me a headache and didn't really work, anyway, plus I ended up with a catheter that the nurse COULDN'T GET IN!)

The natural birth was WAY more empowering, and recovering was much, much easier (which my OB said is the case with most of her moms who go natural.)

So, I'm all for the natural! (Of course, when my sis asked me which I'd do next time, I said, "ADOPT!" )

P.S. I had intense back labor and still went natural.........it can be done. (And my baby was 8 lbs. 6 oz.)

Also, I wasn't hooked to a monitor, even though I was in a hospital. I could move around (thank goodness).
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I had one. I'm planning a homebirth this time, but I must admit I'm a little bit worried since I had an epidural the first time.

I'm not sure I loved my epidural, but I did like that it took away the pain and nausea I was feeling. I hadn't slept in 24 hours and thought it would allow me to, but it didn't. After awhile when I just couldn't move my legs at all, I hated that, and I hated all the interventions that seem to come along with it. I hated pushing and not being able to feel it, so I asked them to turn it down. The doctor gave the go ahead, so the nurse tweaked it down just a bit. I was getting ready to reach over and see if I could turn it down more myself, but then the doctor came in and said, "Oh no, you have to turn it way down." So he did and I could feel things and that was better. Well, except that I could feel him stitching my vaginal tear and pulling out pieces of the placenta left behind--freaky.

On the other hand, there were a lot of things that I was sooo glad I wasn't feeling. Like when the abrasive and rather large nurse (and I say this as a large person myself, although this woman was way taller than I am) had her arm up inside me to the elbow just about. It was also a very easy process for me and I had no problems with site soreness or headache, itchiness or any of that.
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I had one with my first birth. loved it..no side effects.. didnt slow labor .. never regreted it & I doubt my DS cares

I planned one with my 2nd but had a very short labor.. I delivered her 35 mins after arrival at the hospital..
I wouldnt ever plan on doing that again

my first birth was more peacefull.. I could watch him coming out with the mirror. reach down & touch him..look at my husband & talk to everyone..

my 2nd I was screaming.. my DH was across the room panicking & trying not to pass out.. I dont remember a whole lot else.. just me screaming & cussing .. & my crotch feeling like it split in half

plussssssss.. I had tears both times.. with the epi I felt no stitching..
but the 2nd.. I had more tearing from the quick delivery & the doc had no time to stretch me (she got there 3 mins before I delivered) & no epi & the local shots didnt help .. all 4 of them & they hurt so bad I just told the doc to give up & stitch me.. now that hurt. bad

if I have a 3rd.. I plan on an epi.. but if it goes quick like my last..I'll be ok with that too.. but as long as its really quick..lol
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Originally posted by Marlena
By the by, I know a medical resident who was on duty while morbidly obese woman came into the ER with I forget what major, life threatening, gotta-get-the-kid-out-NOW labor complication. The anesthesiologist tried to give her an epi in the two minutes they had, and failed. So ya know what? They did the C with no anesthesia.

By definition I am morbidly obese. If I end up transferring to the hospital and need an emergency c-section, they will probably think surgery without anesthesia a fitting punishment for me leaving the medical establishment. Or maybe for being obese, who knows. In any event, I had no problems getting the epidural--it honestly took about 10 seconds. I thought I might have problems because of my size and because I was having a contraction at the time, but it was actually a very smooth process. But I witnessed my sister (who is also large) getting an epidural with her fifth, and the anesthesiologist having a hard time; it didn't take on one side, so maybe I was lucky. I also had a friend who got a spinal headache. Ugh!
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I co-sleep, extended BF, tandem BF, select vax, non-circ, sling, gentle discipline, cloth diapered, etc. - and I had an epidural! It's one of the first things I signed up for when I found out I was PG. I was *terrified* of the pain otherwise, and I'm a wuss too, but I don't care. I'm not into pain if I can help it, LOL. I had absolutely no desire to give birth without an epidural. As soon as I got to the birthing center I had them give me the epidural even though my contractions weren't close enough together, then when the contractions got stronger I had them crank up the epidural so I wouldn't fee them. I had a super easy pregnancy and an easy birth. It was great, no side effects at all.

With my 2nd PG I signed up for the epi ASAP also, then ended up having a scheduled C-section - which was horrible!

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I had a epi.

I opted for Demoral at about 15 hours into labor (my water had broke but labor was stalled and I really needed to sleep -- yes, I was in a hospital - my choice due to my age and previous m/c's which made me anxious about everything) and then about 25 hours later, we went with the epi and a c-section because of failure to progress despite pitocin.

It turned out that the babe had his hand up above his head when he dropped (I like to think of it as my little rebel's raised fist) which prevented his easy exit from my womb.

There's a name for it -- I think this is some wierd kind of breach.

Anyway we were fine. By the time we decided to do the c-section, to tell you the truth, I was ready to do it to myself.

My c-section was fine. It wasn't what we planned but all things considered, it worked out. My sweetheart was right by my side and the familia saw the babe right after and, well, here we are. No regrets. Really.

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I had an epidural with my 1st. As a result, I ended up having a serious mini-stroke after the birth as a side effect. The next 2 babies I birthed at home, with the 3rd being a glorious water birth!

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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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Yup! I had an epi and unfortunately a csection.

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Incidentally, the problems with placing the epidural quickly in the woman I mentioned likely included not merely her size, but also the fact that it was an emergency situation in which, I imagine, there was a certain amount of panicking going on on the parts of at least one or more parties. It was not a "normal" hospital labor situation. As lilirose mentioned with respect to her situation, it could also be that the anesthesiologist thought from the get-go that s/he'd not be able to do a proper placement even though perhaps there shouldn't've been much of an issue, and that the negative attitude contributed to the failure of the placement. It's pure speculation, however.

The point of the comment wasn't to remark on the ease or difficulty of placing epidurals in various people, but rather to say that IT COULD BE WORSE!
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Hi Ida, epidurals are certainly not for wussies! I had one with my last birth and it was GREAT. The anaesthetist did a wonderful job. I had all feeling, zero pain. It was an incredible sensation to feel my daughter's head crowning. The absence of pain made it all the more enjoyable, something I will never forget. Twenty-five minutes of pushing, apgar of 10 and she nursed immediately. I was able to get out of bed about an hour after her birth and walk. I felt invigorated. I went into my labour well-versed in the risks as well as the benefits of having an epidural. I have never felt guilty about it.
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One birth with, one without.

I had a bad birth experience the first time--ended up with an epi & all kinds of interventions. I didn't think the epidural made much of a difference for me, anyway, and opted for hypnobirthing the second time around (4-1/2 hour labor that I would say was pain-free--almost didn't recognize that I was in labor!) .

If you think you want to go "natural" next time, maybe look into hypnobirthing--I thought it sounded kinda creepy at first, but ended up working for me!
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Count me in!

My doula was able to help me realize I didn't really want the epidural the first time I asked for it, around 4 cm. However, 16 hours of pitocin later (PIH after my membranes ruptured), when I had stalled at 6 for a while, my demeanor totally changed, and she didn't even try to talk me out of it. My birth was still perfect (I'll post the story one day!)
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I had an epi and loved every second of it! I was in MUCH pain until I got it. So glad I got it and would do it again and again!
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