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Hi from Maine!

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Hello mommies and daddies out there!
I just joined this community because I have fallen in love with my Mothering subscription I was given when my first son was born. It has truly changed my life for the good and I am so grateful for its wisdom. I am looking to talk with other parents about raising our babies naturally, the way God intended and just to get the support to continue on when society challenges.
I wish everyone a beautiful day!

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Welcome! I'm in Maine too. What area are you in? How old are your kids? I'm near Blue Hill and have a 2 year old daughter.
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Hi there. Another "Mainer" here - sort of. I go to school in Bar Harbor. Welcome!
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Hi! I live in Lebanon with my husband, 6 month old and two naughty cats! I don't know where Blue Hill is. We just moved here last year from New Hampshire and I spent 6 years in Bangor as a child, so I am semi-familiar with the area!
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Greetings from Mass. We have a cottage in Limerick. Have not ben up to Maine in two yeras. Miss it so very much.
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Welcome to the gang! I also received a Mothering subscription from my mom when DD #1 was born. We were living in Thailand at the time and I didn't have a lot of resources as a parent. My mom would send out the magazine and I would pour over it and reread it for days everytime. I quickly becam addicted to MDC and have learned so much over the years. I grew up in Auburn and we now live in Portland.
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Welcome to MDC! I'm a New Brunswick, Canada, mama...but I can see Maine when I look out my window. Happy MDCing!
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Welcome! This is probably the one website that Stephen King can't turn into a horror book lol! I hope you enjoy your baby moon (the birthing moon is over seems to be over), and find lots to chat about on here. Check out the diapering section, the infant/baby area, also the food areas are awesome, and the TAO (talk amongst ourselves) is wonderful.

Peace, mama.

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Welcome to MDC!
I lived in NH as a teenager, VT after that (and worked in Lebanon at DHMC), but used to vacation in Blue Hill, ME every summer when my mother's foster mother was still alive. The beaches and cliffs and wild blueberries were the best!
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Welcome to Maine!! We're not too far away in West Newfield and loving the country life. If only those pesky black flies would go away.

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Welcome! I also live in Maine, southern Maine just south of Portland..

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We're in midcoast Maine. Enjoy browsing at MDC! Its quite addicting
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Hi there! I'm in kittery. WHen I was pregnant with my now 1 year old, these forums were amazing! Have fun!
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Welcome to the boards.
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