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so we're not the only freaks 'round here...

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yay! i found at least a somewhat like-minded person here in my small, mainstream town! dh was at a meeting last night where afterwards a bunch of his buddies were standing around talking about their kid stuff, and dh found out that one of the guys (who's a chiro) delayed/selectively vaxed his kids (in the mid-90s, no less)! he said that they didn't do any shots before 2 yrs, then they only did the bare minimum, 1 shot at a time, just to get them through school...he said the dr thought he was a total freak! dh was talking about how we weren't vaxing, didn't take ds to WBVs, still ebf'd, etc...he told dh that it sounded like we were doing a good job!

i really needed that right now...i was getting bummed this weekend thinking about how hard it's going to be going against the grain around here. i just saw a high school friend of mine this weekend who's apparently totally mainstream...she was talking about her ds getting his shots ("the nurses say they never feel bad giving him his shots because his legs are so chunky" ...then she and her mom looked at me like i had three heads when i said ds (8mos) had not started on solids yet ("you haven't even started baby food yet?!" ). i can't imagine what would have happened had they found out ds is intact!!

anyhoo, it was just really perfect timing for my dh to have had this conversation last night...makes me feel like dh and i are not totally alone around here!
thanks for listening!
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I felt like this when one of DH's aunts told me she didn't vaccinate her kids until she "had to" for them to go to school. DH gets a lot of flak at work about not vaccinating ("Well we vaccinated because then it is a sure thing") so he was happy to hear this too. I actually heard of a couple other people in this very small town who don't and can't wait until I get to talk to them!
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OP, consider yourself a pioneer! Think of all the info you can help provide.

The HPV vax issue came up in my playgroup and since I'd done a lot of research I was able to provide a different perspective. Hopefully some of the moms in my group will research more, too, as a result.

Most of the people you'll encounter have just never even heard that there *is* an alternative to the "standard" choices. Personally, I really enjoy researching and have an innate tendency to question assumptions, so learned a lot on my own, but how much easier would things have been if someone had talked to me about these issues early on!
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