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My girl's party is on July first and I am already planning it! Whew, it should be fun. We will grill out and have a huge bash, I am so excited. What is everyone else planning to do for their little one? My LO now has three teeth..woo hoo, they just cropped up over the past couple weeks. She is growing like a weed, so tall and very very chubby. Not talking much, but she LOVES to say Boo!
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This will be my third attempt to join in here.. I get half way through typing my post and something always makes me have to get up andwalk away....

I love hearing what everyone elses babies are doing! Schuyler is still toothless, but it doesn't stop her from eating whatever happens to be on our plates. (or dirt, rocks,sticks etc...) She grooves to being outside and free to roam. She'll go from her pool to the driveway and sit in the dirt and rocks butt-naked. She reminds me of maggie on the simpsons(minus the paci) because sh'es just sort of always crawling around exploring... perfectly content as long as she is free to roam.
...as has been pointed out to me, "She's no dainty little thing..."

That, Ball, kitty, dog(which sounds alot like "that') and dada are her words.... notice the lack of mama? I say mama..she says ba....oh well.

I hope this thread keeps going for a whilre, as I lovehearing all about your babies and their milestones and personalities..
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Hi everyone! My little man was born 7-15-07 and is crawling everywhere and putting EVERYthing in his mouth, has 8 teeth and think more are coming! Still wakes up every few hours, co-sleeping. He is long and lean, 30 inches, 18 and some lbs. He says mama, nana (started as banana and now means whatever he wants), tries to day dog and cat. He points at everything he wants and claps and cracks up when tickled, when i sneeze, or when i pretend to be a dog (ha ah). He eats a lot (solids) sometimes and other times refused, still nurses a lot. starting to stand unassisted and sometimes squeels while doing it, creeps along furniture. i still have 15 lbs to lose and doing nothing to lose it!
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Hi mamas! Another July 07 DDC member who is on the offsite that manitobamama and mtnmama are referring to and I'm there most of the time now (you should check it out-its our own little forum instead of just one thread!)

Tripp is so much fun! I can't believe he is almost 1! I've been doing all sorts of reminiscing lately. Dh and I watched our homebirth video twice yesterday. I'm making a dvd slide show of pics from his first year for party favors, so I've been looking at all the 1000 plus photos we've taken. Gotta love a digital camera!

Anyways, he's crawling and pulling up on everything! He loves cruising around the room and exploring at will! He loves to be outside in the gardens with us. He has 6 teeth and loves to eat. We let him self feed whatever we are having for dinner. Tonight he had some fresh tomato from the garden, buffalo mozzarella and couscous with veggies. And he still nurses like crazy. I haven't weighed/measured him recently, so I need to do that for my records.

Anywho, yall come check out the offsite! We chat it up all day!
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Hi July mamas! I never got around to getting onto the offsite forum, although I've gone and registered now.

What a year it's been! Simon won't officially be 1 until August 3 but he was due July 27. He's crawling now, and beginning to cruise a little. He's got 6 teeth and is working on a molar, we think. No words yet, but he's got lots of laughter and a sing-song "dadadadadadada" which charms me completely.

I feel like superwoman having made it this far. Is there anything more challenging, more rewarding, more beautiful than being a mother?
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What do you co-sleepers do with a crawler? Are some kind of side rails my only option?
As soon as my babies start crawling I teach them how to crawl out of bed (on tummy, feet first). They catch on pretty quick after helping them a few times. No more worries about them falling off beds. Of course dd2 has been the slowest of the 4 to catch on, but she doesn't really care about getting off the bed, her preference is to crawl to the window and pull herself up
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I can't be the only one with a small baby can I?? Dd was born on the 27th and she is tiny. She *just* outgrew her size 6 mos clothing
My dd1 was like that. In fact she still IS like that. Dd1 is 3 and she weighs the same as dd2 (25lbs). They both fit quite nicely into 18 mo-2T clothes, though dd1 fits the slimmer styles whereas dd2's ginormous thighs would prevent her from EVER fitting in such things (I actually have been putting her in 3-4T shorts to cover her cloth diapered bottom and giant thighs ).
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My lovely Lotus is growing up way too quickly. She is 25lbs already! She is a talker (so many words, Daddy, doggie, kitty, yucky, Mama, all her siblings' names, water, tree, and so much more). I have never had one with so much early language (actually 2 of mine have been speech delayed, so this is new to me!). She is crawling and pulling herself up on everything. She is so close to cruising too, she can make it a step or two while holding onto stuff, but isn't quite able to get moving. I think it is her size that holds her back (the girl is seriously round, I just love it!). It is so nice to just enjoy her, and brag about her, and hear what all the other amazing July babes are doing

Thanks for starting this thread!
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Just wanted to post something my DS just woke up...can't believe they're almost one!
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I'm happy to see this thread, too! I've been wondering where the other July '07 mamas were!

My LO doesn't crawl, but scoots around everywhere in a sitting position, and she's fast! She just pulled herself up to a standing position for the first time the day before yesterday. I have no idea how much she weighs, but she's tall and on the skinny side, like she's always been. (Born at 21 1/2 inches and only 7 lb 6oz.) She loves to babble away. Her most obvious "words" are "mama" and "roundroundround" (addressed to fans and anything else that might go around, which she loves). In the last couple of weeks she's really gotten interested in solid foods, but still nurses plenty. We're holding off on meat, wheat, and dairy (and sugar/preservatives/etc., of course), but let her have pretty much anything else we're eating at meals. She just accomplished her fourth tooth last week.

It's really fun to hear about other babies her age, since we don't know any personally! Thanks for all your posts!
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Wow, it is so cool to compare what other July 07 babes are doing. My girl just started to say BOO yesterday and plays peek a boo with DH now. So funny! We have the cake ordered already (can you tell I am excited?) and I can't wait until July 1! Oh and we are not going to blow out the candles until 5:12 p.m. (when she was born!) to make official...haha!
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Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
Oh and we are not going to blow out the candles until 5:12 p.m. (when she was born!) to make official...haha!
What a great idea - totally stealing that idea! Thanks!
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Subscribing to this thread, want to read/post more, but little guy has other plans
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Originally Posted by CherylDec&Jul View Post
What a great idea - totally stealing that idea! Thanks!
Wanna know something funny? My oldest daughter, who turned 2 in March, has her birthday cake in the morning (9:06 a.m. to be exact) because that was when SHE was born...haha. Not a very good breakfast but I want blowing out candles to be at that very very very special moment on her birthday, the exact time of her birth. Am I weird? Haha!
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Ok, I'm back and also happy to see this thread. It is neat to hear about LOs around the same age as my son and hear what they are doing. I can't believe he will be 1 next month! It is going by too fast.

Ds is crawling up a storm and starting to cruise furniture. He has 2 bottom teeth and just cut the upper two. He's still exclusively breastfed, as he is not super interested in solids still (or at least swallowing them!) He is babbling a lot and quite the mama's boy--he often wants to be right next to me on the floor or carried. He loves to squeal and be around other babies. He does the cutest things sometimes. Just yesterday I caught him imitating me trying to hang up wet laundry to dry. He was trying to hang up one of his onesies. So cute! We love our little guy so much, he is the light of our lives
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I LOVE it when they try to do what we do. Both my girls do that...they are so cute trying to make the bed in the morning! I can't believe first birthdays are already here! Geez...I feel old.
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I know--it's adorable! I really like the idea about blowing out dc's candle at the time of birth. We would consider that, but I'm not going to risk waking ds at 5 am and dealing with the resulting fussiness, lol.
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DS is doing great! He's walking (like, almost running, walking lol), he almost has 6 teeth (5 are still coming in), and he's a chatter box! He's still nursing as much as he can, and nurses as a main source of food. He's so much fun! He's still working on words, but says Mama quite efficiently lol, and says DA! for Daddy, is working on kitty and doggy. He points at things, but I can't actually tell what he's pointing at most of the time lol. I can't believe he's going to be 1 soon! *sobs*
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Originally Posted by Shelsi View Post
I can't be the only one with a small baby can I?? Dd was born on the 27th and she is tiny. She *just* outgrew her size 6 mos clothing. If she's in sposies though she can still wear a size 3-6 mos onesie. Crazy I know. She was born pretty long at almost 22 inches and pretty chunky at 8.3 lbs and then it's like she stopped. I think she's finally gotten a little taller but the last time she was @ the doc's @ 6 mos she was only 24 inches.
I have a pretty tiny one too (born July 27, 2007)...though she didn't start out that way! She was born at 9lbs 4oz and 21 inches long....now, at nearly 11 months she is only 18lbs and 27inches long...which is only in the 25% --for whatever that is worth . Doc says she is just fine the way she is .

She is cruising along the furniture, talking more and more every day (cat, dog, dada, muma etc, etc...but cat was the first one that I could REALLY tell was a word...a few months ago....), still nursing tons and being rather slow about much other food. She has 2 teeth all the way in and then the top two are coming in RIGHT NOW. Teething is so hard!

I can not believe she is almost ONE!

I never got around to getting to the offsite either, but I just registered.
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hahahaha you mamas with such tiny babes... we have now lost over 6 lbs... and we weigh in at 28 lbs 14 oz and we are 30 inches tall....

seriously summer 07 mamas come on over to the other site... we are all there!

co sleeping... after a fall we put up a single mattress as a barrier and put the dresser against it
taught her how to get off the bed bum first
and got a moniter!

First birthday party blues over here!
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