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whiskey and teething?

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Do any of you ever put whiskey, brandy, w/e on a teething babys gums? I don't really see the problem with a few drops rubbed on the gums occasionally if it helps the poor little fella get some sleep, but then again I dont have kids yet.
Just wondering if anyone actually does this...
Also I have heard when a young child has a severe cold, instead of doping him up on meds, use a nasal aspirator and then give him a little bit of whiskey if he cant sleep thru the congestion. Any thoughts?
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Well, I can see how a drop of whiskey rubbed into the gums would actually work with teething, although I think orajel works better and is a bit more acceptable. But how is whiskey supposed to help with congestion? How much? It sounds like they're recommending enough to knock the child out, which sounds extremely dangerous, and even moreso with congestion. It sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster, in fact.

Fwiw, we were always able to deal with congestion with the aspirator, or aspirator and vaporizer going in the room. I don't even know what meds you could give an infant for congestion. I don't think there is anything.
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MMM I don't think is a good idea to give alcohol to your baby...even if it's a few drops,not only it isn't safe but also it can become a habit (imagine a 5yo having some brandy for his cold) :.I know ther are other natural remedies to relieve congestion and gums pain.Just a thought
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I never used whisky on the gums, but honestly I doubt it's any more dangerous than orajel, as long as you use appriate quantities. It's quite easy to give the baby WAY too much if your'e not careful.
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My pede told me NOT to use orajel, as it could freeze his throat.
I used whisky with DS. It worked well. I wouldn't give a kid whisky to drink, for a cold, though. Now, for ME? Whisky, lemon, honey and warm water works better than cold meds.
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