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Originally Posted by zazamada View Post
I am so impressed by the mamas who are all set to go! Of course, October is only a week away... CRAZY!!!
Well when you put it that way... YIKES! A week away!?! Holy crap!
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I think we are ready for our homebirth now. I finally went through the list and put towels and sheets, washcloths, olive oil, etc. into a couple of bags. My MW also asks for a couple of baking sheets also. We just use ones from our kitchen and cover them with foil so I'll prep those once labor begins.

We've got the pool. We just need to install the carseat RF'ing. This week I'm also going to put a mattress protector on my side of the bed.

I do need to dust the windowsills and vacuum the window tracks sometime this week. DH cleaned the ceiling fans for me.

There is nothing else I can think of that I need to do besides go into labor.
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We are ready as well. DH picked up a vinyl mattress cover yesterday. I've had my big bag of towels, washcloths, baking sheet, and non-breakable bowl (for the placenta) ready to go in the living room for a few days now. I also have a huge pack of chux pads and the mail order birth kit in the LR. Carseat's been installed for like a month. I bought a hot/cold pack and it's stored in the freezer...

We got the ingredients for my 1st after birth meal and DH is going to whip that up and freeze it. Also got ice pops, grapes, vitamin water, and apple juice ready to go. We even bought the dairy creamer for the midwives and have it hidden in our fridge (they asked for dairy and we're vegan so it's strange to have in the house).

Yeah. Okay, baby. Let's go!
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Ooh, this reminds me...I still need my sitz bath. It used to come in the birth kit but the MW had it taken out b/c she recommends a local ladies herbal sitz bath. Darn, one more thing to have to do on top of getting DD's party favors ready. This week is flying by!
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I'm not ready. I have most of my supplies, but still need to borrow a pump (for the pool) from a friend as well as buy a new hose and adapter for filling the pool.

My house is nowhere as clean as I want it to be. I mean, it's decent, but I'm just barely keeping up with the day-to-day stuff. I have no time for anything extra (cleaning behind the oven and fridge, ceiling fans, all the other things I want to do).

AND, baby has been breech; had a version done yesterday and I am pretty sure baby is head down still, but this is taking up all my extra energy right now. I just don't have the strength to do a bunch of cleaning when I'm trying to focus on encouraging this baby to stay in position. I know a hb in an imperfect home is better than ending up with a potential hospital birth (mw can attend breech births, but I'm not sure what would happen in my particular situation). Still stressed about it though.
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lovemysunshine. I hope you feel less stressed soon. I felt really stressed and last week (37 weeks) and oddly peaceful and calm this week (38wks).

it is wierd. I am more ready this week with all my stuff and my house so perhaps when you have done some more of your stuff the stress will go away. I hope so.
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For the most part I am ready.

I have all my birth supplies together, I just have to get the hose for the birth pool and herbs for my sitz bath.

Although there's still quite a bit of cleaning that I'd like to get done. I'd like to clean the baseboards and chair rails throoughout the house. Steam clean the living room and master bedroom carpets and a few other things like install the car seat, etc.

I have 10 meals frozen and tomorrow will have 11, but I really want more than that, along with other extra goodies. We'll see what ends up happening though.
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We are all ready except for freezer meals. Sadly the cpm bennefit ate all my funds and freezer space for Sept, I can't buy food to stash till Oct1. But our midwife is paid off!!!!
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I'm feeling more and more ready. My supplies are all set to go and today I accomplished my last major cleaning project: cleaning and vacuuming under our bed. I even got all the receiving blankets washed and set up under the heating pad and all my birth kit stuff organized today. I've got to pick up a few random herbs and my labor spritzer and will do that this Friday.

Now, if only I could convince this lovely fall cold that I've got that it needs be gone so I can have this babe. I've been sucking down garlic lemonade and Emergen-C for 3 days now and its still lingering. I just want to be able to breathe through my nose again! Ugh!
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I have a little bit longer to wait, but I need to have everything ready by 36 weeks... October 5. And I'm not ready yet! I'm putting off most of it until next week, all the cleaning etc... then I will get everything organized for DH (he's requested a list this time!).
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