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when did you show w/ #2

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when did you begin to show with baby #2?
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About a week after my BFP
I was so bloated that I looked 4 months pregnant until I WAS four months pregnant. The bloating was definitely worse this time!
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I am, by my best estimation, 6 weeks right now, and I can feel where my uterus is--low!, but my belly has totally changed shape already.
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I really started to show at probably 9 or 10 weeks. Not so much that other people could notice, but I could!
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My tummy started to show about three weeks after I concieved and my boobs got enormous almost instantly. My stupid SIL asked if I had a boob job because they were so large.
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About 5-6 months. Around 6-7 months was when strangers could tell. Also no boob growth and I am 34 weeks now.

With my first one I showed earlier, gained more weight and my boobs grew overnight.
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At 13-14 weeks other people started to notice. I told work at 15 weeks and they were not surprised. Of course, I started this pregnancy looking about how I did at 16 weeks with DS... and now I look at least a month larger than I did at this time with him. Sigh.
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As soon as I pee'd on the stick j/k

Around 8 or 9 weeks I could definately tell and so could dh. But other people knew for sure (didn't just think I was getting pudgy) around 15 or 16 weeks.
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Other people began to notice at around 11 weeks. I felt a difference and my pants were definitely tighter at around 6 weeks. People that know me really well could tell I looked bloated.
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I could tell around 8 weeks. It became noticeable to others last week at 13 weeks mostly because I have switched to all maternity clothes. With Kayley, I didn't start exclusively wearing maternity until 15 weeks.
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16 weeks, you can barely tell that i am pg, with DD#1 i showed sooner, and was in mat clothes at 8ish weeks. This time i still regularly wear my normal clothes, but i did bring up the boxes last week.
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At about 15 weeks it became noticable to other people that I was pregnant. Probably about 12 weeks when DH could tell and I could see a noticable bump poking through the layer of belly fat.
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I had strangers asking me if I was pregnant by 8 weeks.
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Around 18 weeks I started to show, but I really have blown up between 20 and 24. I think the extreme seperation of my ab muscles is probably the cause.
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4 mo
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6 months

but boobs got huge immediately!!!
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i felt i was showing at 8 weeks. my pants were more snug etc. but people didnt notice till i was 4 months.
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Total bloating so my pants didn't fit at 8 weeks. Started showing at 10 weeks or so.

I didn't show with my first ds until 15 or so weeks.
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I could see the bump around 6 weeks, which is about when my clothes stopped fitting. I'm now 8 weeks and truly wearing maternity clothes.

Last time, I didn't show until 4 mos., so I'm already 2 mos. ahead! So shouldn't this first trimester sickness be over? Ha.
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I swear I popped out at 7 weeks. LOL.

With this one I'm 10 weeks and I'm just starting to feel like my clothes are too tight.
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