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How much were your last pair of eyeglasses?

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I just came back from Pearl. I picked out frames that were like $130 (pretty much what I expected frames to cost). The lenses were $305! They were not the "best", but do have the extra thin, UV and antiglare. I got the same kind of lenses that I bought 3 years ago, but I don't remember them being that expensive!

We do have vision insurance that I thought they took, but then they said they were out of network. Ugh!

Just wondering if this is what glasses cost now or if I got totally taken.
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here in NE Ohio i use eye masters home of the 2/$99 single vision glasses and have been so very happy with them
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think u got taken for.... for a complete frame and lense package of my old frames it was like 200 bucks but that also included an eye exam........
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My last pair was $350. My insurance picks up 100% of it. This time around I'm going to get a copy of the prescription and get a pair of sunglasses online from zennia optical for under $25.
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I work for an optometrist.... my last glasses were over six hundred dollars. it depends on quality, etc.
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I just bought a pair at Sears- 175 for the frames, polycarbonate lenses (not sure what that means but the thin lenses don't work well with my prescription) and an insurance policy to cover broken frames or lenses. The exam was separate. You probably could have gotten a better deal on the lenses had you looked around.
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I have "eye problems" so I need certain things in my lenses.. My glasses are usually about 400.00. I need new lenses(new prescription) every 1-2 yrs and those ran 200 last time just for the lenses
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$39. I bought them from 39dollarglasses.com. I got my eyes examined at an eye doctor's office, got a copy of my prescription, walked right past those ridiculously expensive frames and out the door, went home to my computer, and placed my order. They came 3 days later. They are the best pair of glasses I have ever had. And by far the cheapest. I actually got a pair of sunglasses, too, for a grand total of $78, because if you order two pairs, shipping is free.

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Mine were like $350.
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That's around what mine were, but they are buy one pair, get one free so that covers DH's glasses too.
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My last pair purchased were 300ish dollars and I didn't like the frames on my face so I hardly wore them. My 6 year old's glasses were $220 but her lenses are half price since she's a kid.
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I ordered from Zenni Optical - I got 4 perfect pairs for $60, shipping included. I will NEVER buy anywhere but online again.
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Oh yes, I should add that they did have the buy one, get one free deal, but only up to a certain amount. So it did take some money off each, but not half. (And I probably wouldn't have bought two, so it didn't save me any money in that sense, though it is nice to have a back-up).
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Mine were $120. DH's are a lot more expensive because his prescription is more complicated. We normally pay at least $200 for his.
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Just got my son some glasses. I ended up getting it from the optometrist - which I know is usually more expensive, but they were really nice and Lenscrafters wasn't in-network - and with the 20% discount the lenses and frames were 180 total.
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dh's last pair were pushing 400
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$8 at Zenni Optical (plus $5 shipping). They're awesome. I'll never go anywhere else.

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HIPGIRL, if they are out of network DONT GET THE GLASSES. I wouldn't have even gone back for the exam, just walk out.

We have vision insurance, and i just got new glasses, Exam and glasses,frames etc cost me $80 'retail' was over $800.
I did go to a private dr's office and got the glasses there. Im not blind but i have the kind that 'transition' to sunglasses outside, scratch coating, plastic lenses, night driving coating etc...

The frames were $180 (the max my ins would cover) and the billable exam rate of $85
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my frames were over $350... not covered by insurance. my lenses were covered by insurance.

glasses at out of network prices are one of the few luxuries we save for and plan on. We buy our glasses are a specific shop and have had very good experiences with them, so we're willing to budget the out of network cost into a flex spending account.

If you like them, and can afford them and plan on keeping them a few years, consider it an investment, like a good pair of shoes. you can have the lenses changed out a few times (I change mine out 1x per year for 2 or 3 years).

Frankly, I wouldn't not skimp on something that is going to be on your head frequently. you have to look at them all the time! if there were a less expensive pair, or a company in net work for you, check them out, but by all means if you have the money pick something you like.

I'd call your insurance co and find out who is in network and who is not, just to be sure. if they place you went is out of network, go some where else with your RX! You might just find something you like.
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$550 or so. Glasses are really the only thing I buy without regard to price. I figure it's something that will be on my face every waking moment and I don't spend $ on any other aspect of my looks so I should love them. Oh, and my vision sucks so part of the price is them not being an inch thick.
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