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Let's pretend: Gas is $10 a gallon

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What would you do differently? Today I was running some errands, and I thought to myself, what if gas were $10 a gallon? How would that affect my lifestyle choices, and the way I drive?

I found myself driving a lot more consciously, coasting up to lights, accelerating more slowly, etc. And I took the ugly route home--the one with no stops--instead of the route by all the pretty houses, and stop signs at every other block.

I think if gas were $10 a gallon, I would do a better job of consolidating my errands to one day a week. I would start walking to places like the bank, just around the corner, and the park, just a mile down the road (it's a long walk with two kiddos and a heavy stroller, but if gas were really $10 a gallon, I would just have to tough it out).

I don't know if I would use public transport more or not. I've never quite understood how one is to manage, say, grocery shopping, with two small kiddos and lots of grocery bags. I don't see how it's possible.

I wouldn't move, because I'm in a great location no more than 3 or 4 miles from anything I need to do. And I wouldn't sell my car, because it's a little 4 cylinder that gets about 30 miles to the gallon. I wouldn't change my job, because I work from home (zero commute--very nice). But I can imagine that a lot of people would have to make one or more of those big changes.

I think I'm going to keep pretending gas is $10 a gallon, so that I can get into that mindset of thinking of gas as a scarce resource that I need to conserve as much as possible. Well, I mean, I've always tried to conserve gas, but I'd like to start taking conservation even more seriously than I have before.

If gas were $10 a gallon, what would you do differently?
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I like that idea! At that price it would definitely be cost effective to take the train to work. Although all the train prices would go up too probably :

I would walk as much as possible!
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I would have to do a lot differently. We tend to drive a lot! Everything is so far away. We are trying to sell our house right now, actually.
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We'd have to move as close to DH's job as we could afford.
Go out strictly once a week to run errands. Stay as close to home as possible.
Cut down our trips to see his mother (she lives 4+ hours away)
Cut down our trips to see my parents (they live an hour a way)
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If gas was $10/gallon...
We would have to move closer to where dh works ... which is in the middle of nowhere. We'd have to only come into town one day a week so my older children would have to give up swimming lessons, youth groups etc and we'd only be able to see my mom that day each week as well. We'd have to make sure all our errands would be done that day.
I can't even imagine. It would suck so bad!
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COnvert dh's bike to a gas powered one and tell him to deal with the snow.

Oh and buy horses.
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Oh, I wouldn't be able to go anywhere we couldn't walk late November through April, though. Snow, forgot about snow!
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I thought of something else I would do--I would definitely invest in a good bike (not motor-powered though, that intimidates me) and a good double jogging stroller/bike trailer combo. I'm glad I live in a town with nice bike lanes.
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I would definitely try harder to combine errands and find things to do closer to home. We're already halfway to $10 a gallon where we are. Today I put $20 in the car and was shortly running on a fuel light .
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Oh and buy horses.
Trust me..that won't save you any money.

I would see my parents once a year.
Stop driving store to store to save a few bucks.
Selectively participate in our homeschool group outings. <--Already doing this
Wouldn't go on road trips.
Would try to save up for a hybrid as our next car.
Would try to live closer to dh's job and school.
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Well lately I've been taking my kids on longer and longer walks when we go out for "fun" (church, pizza, haircuts). I've also been taking them on the train when we go to the museum, they love it, and it's cheap!

Next year everyone's school is within walking distance and I can't wait to see how many days in a row I can go without driving anywhere!
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We're already selling our house to move 50 miles closer to dh's work. I'd probably end up living with in-laws every weekend next spring to not have to drive up here once a week, or would end up just not getting my degree.

It'd definitely make this:
less of a luxury item.
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That is awesome and awesome and awesome and there is no reason for it to cost $3000. Now I know the next project I'm going to tell my mayun to work on.
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Originally Posted by sweetfeet View Post
Trust me..that won't save you any money.
We go through two tanks of gas a week, which is about 30 gallons of gas. So that'd be $300/week. Probably would save money on a horse at that rate. Except a horse isn't going to be able to make a daily 50 mile commute (100 round trip) so it's a moot point. Not to mention the vet and doctor bills if one tried to go that distance on a horse.
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Things wouldn't change much except no more road trips/out of town travelling (which we already have cut down considerably).
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I would take the bus or bike to work. I would probably bike to my community garden plot.

DH and DD have started taking the bus to the library once a week; they'd probably use the bus for more errands. We are lucky to live on two frequent bus lines. Plus, I work for the bus company - free passes for me and my dependents.

Our weekly trip to the u-pick-it farm would become biweekly.

We would shop at places on the bus line.
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I'd have to quit my job as it involves a lot of driving in the country to do home visits. I already bought a new bike trailer so I'd be using that as my car to run errands around my small town.
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Originally Posted by sweetfeet View Post
Trust me..that won't save you any money.
True they're expensive, but hopefully I'll get my acreage soon and rescue one or two.
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You'd brace yourself for the next Great Depression, if it wasn't happening already.
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