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What do you spend money on that you shouldn't?? - Page 3

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Cosmetics...granted, I look a lot better with them..lol.. but I always feel guilty anyways. Not a necessary expense.
I don't go overboard or anything like that, and buy only what I use, but still, a little guilt.
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smelly goody bath/body stuff

and food/eating out; my intentions are really good, but my follow-through not so much
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Lattes and Yarn.

I love them both soo soo much, though. :
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UGH my biggest vice is Dunkin donuts drive thru with the kids.
I get a med iced latte
they get a bagel with cream cheese and usually we get 6 munchkins to split
I do this like 3-4 times a week

It really needs to stop
other than that not much.. I do end up buying DD a small toy or book about 1 time a week 5.00 range and about 2 times a week we do eat out
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Starbucks!! DH is actually driving thru their as I type.
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Originally Posted by chrissy View Post
Starbucks! I've gotten a lot better, but still.
Yes, that. I'm much better, down to 1-2x per week from every day, but still.

That, and Ikea.
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coke zero
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chai lattes from the local market...when I should be there buying a container that will make 8 or so for the same price!
THINGS. period.
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I have a serious Diet Dr. Pepper habit. I spend $1.25/day on a bottle at lunch while I work and keep a 12 pack at home and have one for breakfast. I try to switch to water after that.

Stuff for our new house (art, slipcovers, etc.).

We eat out way, way too much. I grab lunch about once every 2 weeks, dh eats out more often than not, and we do at least one meal out every weekend. Greek food is our current weakness.
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Mountain Dew. Although I wouldn't be a happy camper without it.

Second the fabric mentioned above. WHen I actually do get time to sit down and sew it's nice though. When we move and I have to make curtains I rarely have to buy fabric to match the new decor lol. I just hit up my stash.

Kids' clothes. Nuff said. Gymboree boys clothes.

MDC coops. I've done good lately, but why do I feel I must buy something from Dharma just because there's a coop? Same with frontier. Oh I know, because there may not *be* a coop when I might actually *need* the stuff. See all the "mights" in there? Yeah.

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Getting my hair highlighted and cut for $70. I let it go as long as I can in between, so I only get it done about 3 times a year. I've only been going to this guy for about 2 years, but before that I wouldnt have dreamed of spending that much! I feel guilty every time I go though.
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we spend too much on just adding to the cart when we go grocery shopping. convenience foods. i mean they get eaten but they can blow a budget quickly.

eating out for us is a big habit which i am working on but already this month i spent over $80 on a resturant and take out. its shocking how quick it adds up.
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Originally Posted by Danielle283 View Post
Getting my hair highlighted and cut for $70.
Wow, that's a great price! Mine is usually $200! I only went a few times before I decided to go back to the 'ol standby : doing it myself (frosting through a cap) for $10. It works really well and is super easy. Plus, at that price, I do it every month so my roots don't get crazy, LOL.

As for spending - DH is always buying drinks! Coffees, energy drinks, Gatorades, etc. Of course, he is a cop who works graveyard shift so I guess it's okay if it keeps him awake and alert. Still...

Other than that, I am UBER-frugal. I spend tons on food and mortgage, but I don't have many of the 'extras' (I don't drink, smoke, like espresso drinks, eat out, etc.)
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gym membership.

Originally Posted by Savoir Faire View Post
I'd say really, the one thing that is my "vice" is that I'll buy those small cans of Coke at the store.
I always say that diet coke is my one sin, and I'm sticking with it!
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Toys. Specifically expensive, wooden toys from Europe. I used to tell myself they were for DC, but have since gotten honest with myself. I'm often embarrassed at how much I pay for toys that are for my own enjoyment, but I can't help it, I love these fine toys!
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Pepsi, tattoos (getting another one tonight or maybe tomorrow--definitely this week anyway), expensive clothes from the hippie shop since I lost weight and can fit into them, nostril rings since I keep losing mine. I'm sure there's more. I'm manic right now and spending a lot of money that I shouldn't
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Eating out. Hardly a week goes by when we don't eat out in some form or fashion. It's just so easy to be lazy, especially when oldest DS has a ballgame, and pick something up. But the reality is, it's probably a $100 that could be better well spent.
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fast food. we both hate it but always end up buying it, and we really need to stop.

Other than that...just, random stuff here and there. A dvd, blockbuster online, and just other small stuff.
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Snack foods! I am pregnant and we are spending WAY too much on my cravings and convenience foods.
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stamps when i could most everything online for FREE
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