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Did you have morning sickness? - Page 2

Poll Results: Did you have morning sickness?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 18% (21)
    Yes, it was hyperemisis.
  • 46% (53)
    Yes, and it was average.
  • 13% (15)
    Yes, but it was very minor.
  • 22% (26)
115 Total Votes  
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I am a no. I did not have any of it with dd thank goodness. I was slightly nausous in the first trimester but nothing bad. Hoping next time around will be similar.
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You guys are scaring me!
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I voted yes, very minor. I never threw up, never even had dry heaves, but I would feel vaguely queasy all day long if I didn't eat something substantive every couple of hours, but thinking of most food just made me feel more queasy. I'm another one with a stomach of steel, but I came very close to throwing up once when I took my multivitamin on an empty stomach early in the morning, so I wouldn't recommend doing that.
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Average both times
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#1 - average, throwing up once in a while - 12 weeks
#2 - average ~ 11 weeks
#3 - pretty bad, but managed with OTC Unisom/B6 - 26 weeks
#4 - hyperemesis...compazine, meclizine, Zofran. - 27 weeks
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I had none with my 3 previous pregnancies. This time around it was so horriffic that I went into a deep depression, lost a lot of weight, had to be put on anti-nausea meds just to be able to drink anything, etc. I had hyperemesis this time around. Everyone swears we're having a boy (but I dont buy it)
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I only threw up once with ds#1, and this pregnancy I have not even thrown up.

But I've been crazy enough to want morning sickness both times because I don't feel pregnant even though everything is going well! lol.

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Not really. I never threw up or felt particularly nauseated. I did have a period of a month or so in the first trimester when I didn't have much of an appetite at all.
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Hyperemesis- I lost 35 pounds and had to go on FMLA because I was so non-functional. Moving around at all would make me vomit, and even with just laying in bed all the time I still threw up multiple times a day at the worst.

I'm only puking every couple of weeks now, thank the lord, but have the all-day nausea and queasiness. Especially if I don't eat a little bit all the time.

I suspect that this is as good as it will get this pregnancy. I'm never doing this again. Sorry to be Debbie Downer!
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I voted "average" for both times. With DS, I threw up once every day from 5-10 weeks, had very little appetite, nausea, and lost 5 pounds This time, I threw-up most (but not all) days between 5-10 weeks, had very little appetite and lots of nausea, and lost 9 pounds.
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Originally Posted by anne1140 View Post
You guys are scaring me!
BE afraid. Be very afraid. I'm kidding, I don't really want you to be afraid, but really...whoever made up the term "morning" sickness should be shot. It should be called "24-hour-nausea-for-3-entire-months" sickness. It's so worth it though. SOOOOO worth it. And it DOES end. (and maybe you'll be one of those lucky ones who gets a twinge or two of nausea and then flies into a "second trimester burst of energy" (another myth for me)...
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"Did" I have morning sickness??? I still do. At 8.5 months pg.

I guess would say it's severity is fairly average, I haven't had to go to the hosp for an IV or anything. But by about 8 months you start wondering if it will actually go away even after childbirth. I can't imagine EVER enjoying food again, or being able to do the dishes without gagging.
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4th pregnancy (2nd child- 1st was girl, not sure what this one is yet), never had any m/s with any. My mom didn't either though (with 3 pg's, g/b/g, if there might be any connection.
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This was my first pregnancy, so I thought it was normal. My midwife informed me that not being able to keep liquids down is not actually normal. She said it was hyperemisis and I took Unisom for a few weeks. It was severe from about 9 1/2 weeks to 14 weeks. Recurring mild nausea and smell aversions (like to my fridge ) lasted the whole pregnancy.

ETA: I lost at least 5 lbs.
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Originally Posted by jencat View Post
Another cast iron stomach here!! I'm thankful every day I wasn't sick - so lucky - especially with twins!!
That must be me too! I am so phobic about throwing up, so I was scared to DEATH! I think I scared myself into feeling sick a few times but I never actually was. Thank God in Heaven!
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Yep, I had average to severe, almost hyperemesis the first pregnancy. My OB prescribed some kind of medication, but I ended up forgoing it because I didn't feel comfortable with the possible side effects of it (I had looked them up at the time of prescription). This time my morning sickness is pretty average. I've only vomited once, and if I eat something right after waking, I'm ok for the rest of the day.

I think my morning sickness is attributed to my body "making room" for baby. With my first preg, I was pretty overweight, starting at 152. The first trimester left me so unable to eat that I lost about 20 lbs, but by the end of the preg, I was back up to 152 and baby was born healthy and strong at 6 &1/2 lbs (my family bakes small babies). This time around, I'm not as overweight as I was the first time, coming in at 138, but apparently, it's still too much for my body too handle in addition to a baby. So, as of today, at 7 wks, I'm up to 137. My body knows me better than I do!
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I had "light side of average" morning sickness with all 3 of my pregnancies, though my 2nd pg it was the most severe (but still well within the range of "average") because I was caring for a toddler who needed less sleep than I did, and the fatigue made the nausea worse.
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