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Has anyone else experienced this?

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Where to start?

DS wasn't exactly what you'd call a 'planned' baby. He is, what I like to call, 'a pleasant surprise' Ahem. Or, he was planned, just not for another 2 or 3 years.

Anyhow, I found out I was pregnant in a hospital ER. I wound up there after a week and a half of EXCRUTIATING lower abdominal pain. At first I thought it was just my period coming (I've always had a lot of pain with my periods) but it didn't respond to the usual advil and stronger perscribed stuff. I went to a clinic 4 days in, had a preg test done (among other, more invasive investigatings and it came back NEGATIVE! IT was so severe at times that I would pass out or vomit (no nausea, just vomitting) from it. I spent most of my day in the tub with the HOTTEST water I could stand. The morning DH found me in the tub crying after spending most of the night there, he wrapped me up and took me to the ER.

SO as it turns out, all of this was due to the fact that I was pregnant. *L* They told me this after telling me I probably had a tumour or kidney stones etc. You could have knocked me over with a feather! The Doc said 'You're pregnant, congratulations'. My response was 'No, really, what's wrong with me? "

They told me I could have an ectopic or I could be miscarrying...Two ultrasounds later, and coming back every two days for a week, to make sure HCG levels were doubling as they should, I was told I and babe were healthy, 'go home and have a lovely pregnancy', The pain persisted (coming and going) for 3 more weeks. They could never give me an explaination for it!!! The pain went away and the vomitting commenced and lasted for 7 months until I started taking (YUK!!) anti-emetics as I was loosing too much weight.

Whew! If you've managed to read this far, I'm a bit scared to start TTC for #2. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Did it happen during your 2nd pregnancy?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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Similar, but not as extreme

Wow, what a story!

I thought ds was an ovarian cyst at first. I was having tremendous lower abdominal pain that didn't respond to painkillers, etc. OTC pregnancy tests were coming back negative, but I wasn't starting a period (had just gone off the pill). My ob-gyn friend I was talking to on the phone thought the pain sounded like an ovarian cyst, but had me go to my doc for a blood test, which revealed I was pregnant....and my regular OB had no suggestions for the pain at all! (Got rid of her quick).

When I went up to my friend's office and she did a transvaginal ultrasound, the cause of the pain was revealed - the world's worst case of gas and large intestine distention. She told me I was suffering from the worst case of progesterone poisoning she had seen in quite some time! The progesterone was causing my digestive system to slow waaaaaaaaaaaay down, and all the trapped gas was pressing on my ovaries/uterus and causing pain. I never had a day of morning sickness, but I tell you, I ate Gax-X tablets like they were candy for the next 3 months!

I dunno if that might have been the reason you had such pain, but that was my experience.
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Wow yourself, Jane. Sounds like you also had an interesting time of it!

That would suck if I'd been a coupla Gas-X away from a more comfortable 3 weeks . All my initial US's were trans-vaginal, and the tech's didn't mention anything, but, that means next to nothing.:

Thanks for sharing your story! It gives me something to try for the next go-around, if I'm faced with it! Whenever that is .

I think I'd rather give birth again than do the pregnancy part over. I loved and hated it [being pregnant] in equal parts.

What's a mama to do ?
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