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? for moms of two or preggo with #2...

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here is my info: on thursday i'll be 5 weeks along. caro is going to be two on may 29...

and my concern...

did you notice that you where sort of patience... more than usual?

i've noticed i am very short on patience. is it just me? is it cause i'm a bit more tired? hmmmm?
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its not just you... i've been fighting being short on patience also. when i find myself in that situation I try to take a 5 minute mommy time out and regain my composure and then do something fun with the kids. after that (reading a book, coloring, going for a walk, etc) then I tell them that mommy needs a break because she isn't feeling good. It helps a lot. HUGS
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SO much short on patience. Plus I'm tired so even when I sit down with DS to play I end up zoning out.
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My patience is shot. I remember feeling this way while pregnant with ds but it's worse this time around. DS is much more challenging than DD and I'm sooooo tired. I feel like an awful mama fairly often.
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You are so not alone! I was just lamenting about this today to my husband. By the end of the day I am just over my kiddos, I hate to say. I'm hoping I have more patience come the 2nd trimester.
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Its not just you! I feel like perpetual PMS. I did last time I was pregnant with baby #2 as well. I am getting this again but its even worse as I've got 2 kids instead of just 1.

I am trying though. Really, really trying to be more patient and catch myself before I let myself get in a bad mood.
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Yep. I have caught myself being snappy with my son and I have to
stop myself before I start yelling. I have zero patience right now.
I can't bend over and pick up after him, I'm tired, cranky, bitchy...you
name it! The crankiness is at a higher level with this pregnancy.
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Yup! I am six weeks and have been hit with nausea just this week and it seems to start about lunchtime and last until I go to bed. My DS is driving me crazy and he doesn't mean to. I am working really hard on having more patience. Plus I feel guilty since once I have the baby he will have to share attention and no more one on one.
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no patience, but I really feel it has a lot more to do with dd being 2 this month and her pushing boundries etc than the pg!!
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Well, when I was about 3 weeks pg, if that, we (DD and I) met a friend at the playground. I couldn't believe how grumpy I was being, grumpy and short on patience to DD and even grumpy and unable to maintain conversation with my friend. (Which is SO unlike me normally).

Eventually I apologized to the friend for being that way and her response was "maybe you are pregnant" My thought was that that was way too obvious (I really didn't know I was pg yet). Sure enough: pregnant.

Now, at 8.5 months, my patience has definitely been short much of the time. I know it will be hard when the baby comes, but I'm hoping there's a change in my patience level - for DD's sake.
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I cried all the time when I was pregnant with ds because of my patience issues with dd. I was terrified that it would get worse. Surprisingly, after I had ds things did a complete turn around. Sure, I had a few bad days but nothing like when I was pregnant. Now that I'm pregnant again, the irritability and impatience is back with a vengeance. The only difference is that I don't get to upset about it because I know it will go away. Hang in there!
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i am really short on patience right now. i get really moody when pregnant. with dd i was convinced for no reason that dh didn't love me anymore.
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