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Kansas City Area Parents?

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I actually live in KS But I work Missouri.
Was just wondering how many ppl here are from the KC-Metro area?
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Im in Gladstone (NKC)
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I'm in Independence, mo
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We are in Liberty.
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South KC!
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Oh wow there are a few of you! Hello!

Have any of you got fun summer plans around here?

I am so excited. One of my friends has landed at Ft. Leavenworth (KS) and we are getting together in July for a bbq. I haven't seen her since high school and she was my bff from 7th thru 12th grade!
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My husband and I just moved into a house near Worlds of Fun...

this is my first post, but my intention to join the site was to find other mom's around me...so i'd like to introduce myself

My name is caitlin. i have a 16 month old son, Dylan. He was born Jan 20, 2007.

just a little background, he was breastfed til 13 months (i personally have no issues with formula mommies and i'm just saying this because i have been on babycenter where it is a HUGE issue), tried cloth diapering but it wasn't for us, tried baby wearing but some how my little guy (just now 20.11 pounds) killed my back so it never worked out.

we are going to start TTC'ing for #2 in august.

right now dylan is fighting something, but as soon as he's better i'm on the hunt for some chicken pox
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Independence here, too.

Check out kcapfamilies.com
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I'm not in the metro area but close-ish. I live about 50 miles south of KC.
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We live on the KS side. In OP.
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Raymore Mo here
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We live in mid-town. Surely there are more urbanite mamas out there....
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: I am in the Northland! We live by Zona Rosa now but will be moving into our new house in Liberty in January. I have a 2 year old DD and plan on trying for #2 after the new year.
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Another urbanite here. We're in the Independence Plaza neighborhood in KCMO.

OT: Does anyone have a recommendation for a pediatrician/family practice doctor? Someone who's not going to freak out about home birth/selective-delayed vaccination/non-circ/etc. TIA
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coming in late... I am currently in Midtown, but moving south in Sept. I LOVE midtown, but a great place with a great price opened up.
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I'm new to KC, we just moved to the plaza area (is that considered midtown?) and was wondering if, since there are many of us in the greater area, there is a playgroup or any get togethers organized here through the site? I would love to get out and meet some like-minded people, especially since I'm new here and haven't met anyone yet!
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I am an urbanite mama....in KCK near KU med center area.
Welcome here!

We should do a midtown meet up that would be so much fun!
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yes, we should! Would anyone else be interested?
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I would possibly be interested in a playgroup, if anybody has any kiddos my daughter's age. She is 4. She is not in preschool so I am looking for friends for her. I actually live out South in KC but we are planning to move midtown around the first of the year.
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I'm in Lee's summit
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