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For anyone who loves animals

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My Peta mail today.

I adore this. Especially the Donatella bit. Priceless:

Breaking News From PETA.org

Posing as members of the clergy, PETA activists stormed the runways of Dolce & Gabbana and Gianfranco Ferre's Spring 2004 fashion shows todayin Milan, unfurling banners reading, "Thou Shalt Not Kill-Don't Wear Fur." This comes one day after activists targeted Donatella Versace at the Versace flagship store in Milan, where they unveiled ads featuring unflattering photos of the designer, with the caption "Fur coats are worn by beautiful animals-and ugly people."

For more information on PETA's campaign against fur, visit
http://www.furisdead.com and Yahoo news [Runway takeover photo #1 [http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...mil13610031249]
Runway takeover photo #2 [http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...1889525757.jpg], and Versace demonstration.[http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmp...mil10110021225 ]]
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wait a minute,
they unveiled ads featuring unflattering photos of the designer
so are there any photos of ms. versace that ARE flattering? because i've never seen one.

on the fur subject, i read a bio of jackie kennedy last month and there was a bit about her deciding on a new fur, and she had a choice between a $5,000 mink and a $20,000 snow leopard coat, and she of course chose the rare snow leopard. i was so disgusted.
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I got that Peat mail, too. I'm not sure how I feel about them posing as members of the clergy, tho. I wonder exactly what that means. Like, did they wear habits or something? Thant's taking it a little far, IMO. Not that I don't support the cause.
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There was a guy dressed like a priest holding a sign but I didn't see any habits in the photos. Not that they wouldn't do that...:LOL

PETA does some crazy stuff but you have to admire their guts. This is one of their milder campaigns IMO.
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I thought this was one of their most tasteful and well planned protests. I have been an activist for them for years - the last protest that was well done was at the Democratic National Convention here in Los Angeles (that I attended)

I support them totally, and use my camera equipment to conduct surveillance for them on a regular basis. I spend time at regular intervals writing letters to them criticizing what they do as well, some of their tactics are really, really not just disgusting - but just wrong in terms of what they are trying to accomplish. I denouned them recently when they wanted me to attend a protest at the museum of tolerance because the organization wouldn't let them put an animal cruelty exhibit in the holocaust exhibit. That made me really mad. Before that they asked in the winter if I would help at a protest in front of a grade school handing out really scary anti-dairy leaflets to school age children - which I also thought was malicious and anti-productive.

They are ruled by their passion and I think that heat gets in the way of reason sometimes. When no one will listen to your cause, people get passionate and crazy about getting the point across somehow.

Anyway - loved this one. I thought they did a great job.
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