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Originally Posted by love14 View Post
I also am RH- and I had the Rhogam shot when I had a m/c with my last baby 2yrs ago. It didn't hurt anymore than a regular shot. I found that article Kristen posted very interesting -especially the point made that 2 RH- people can make a RH+ baby. We had DH tested a few days ago through his primary care dr to see what his blood type is, but my mw and my preg books all said if he is RH- then we don't need to worry. Has anyone else heard opposite of that?
I have always heard this too, and up until recently I believed this to be true. However, I had a mother contact me after she and her husband had given birth to a + baby. She said after consulting with genetic specialists they found that it could possibly happen, though so incredibly rarely it was amazing for them to see it. She'd been having a really hard time with people asking if her baby was really her DH's etc. and wanted to share with other mothers.

I think the possibility is so remote though, that I personally wouldn't worry about it. But it's something to keep in mind and possibly have the baby's cord blood typed, which is a pretty easy thing to do.
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Originally Posted by Skrimpy View Post
I didn't think it lasted that many weeks - but the 72 hours is about how long you have to get it within. I mentioned that because say some trauma occurs at 26 weeks and then your doctor does the routine "just in case" shot at 28 weeks...well that's to late for you. Though hopefully anything that happened to cause blood to mix would also cause you to take yourself in to get the shot...but if it didn't.

Do you have a link about the 12 weeks of protection? I'll have to look more into that. I was thinking it only gave a couple of weeks of protection.
I don't have the links but I remember reading it SEVERAL times and on most sites I looked at, that the injection lasts for 12wks. That's what they give it at 28wks at at birth. My OB confirmed this for me. I'll try to find the info and post.

ETA: Here's one website:


There are many more I read so I'm looking for more.
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I found the insert from the actual injection. Here's the relevant info. The entire insert is available here:
It's an Adobe file so I can't really attach a link to the actual insert (If you know how, let me know!). HTH!

Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Human)
RhoGAM® Ultra-Filtered PLUS
(300 μg) (1500 IU)
MICRhoGAM® Ultra-Filtered PLUS
(50 μg) (250 IU)
Rx Only
For Intramuscular Injection Only
Prefilled syringes, preservative-free (thimerosal free), latex-free
delivery system
These highlights do not include all the information needed to use RhoGAM Ultra-
Filtered PLUS (RhoGAM) and MICRhoGAM Ultra-Filtered PLUS (MICRhoGAM) safely and
effectively. See full prescribing information for RhoGAM and MICRhoGAM.
• Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Human)
RhoGAM® Ultra-Filtered PLUS (300 μg) (1500 IU)
Initial U.S. Approval: 1968
• Rho
(D) Immune Globulin (Human)
MICRhoGAM® Ultra-Filtered PLUS (50 μg) (250 IU)
Initial U.S. Approval: 1979
For use in preventing Rh immunization.
• Pregnancy and other obstetrical conditions in Rh-negative women unless the father
or baby are conclusively Rh-negative, e.g. delivery of an Rh-positive baby irrespective
of the ABO groups of the mother and baby, any antepartum fetal-maternal
hemorrhage (suspected or proven), actual or threatened pregnancy loss at any stage
of gestation and ectopic pregnancy. (1.1)
• Prevention of Rh immunization in any Rh-negative person after incompatible
transfusion of Rh-positive blood or blood products (1.2)
For intramuscular use only, do not administer intravenously.
Pregnancy and other obstetrical conditions (2.1)
RhoGAM (300 μg) (1500 IU)
• Postpartum – if the newborn is Rh-positive. Administer within 72 hours of delivery.
• Antepartum –
• Prophylaxis at 26 – 28 weeks gestation.
• At or beyond thirteen weeks gestation: administer within 72 hours when suspected
or proven exposure to Rh-positive red blood cells occurs resulting from invasive
procedures, abdominal trauma or obstetrical manipulation, ectopic pregnancy,
pregnancy termination or threatened termination.
Administer every 12 weeks starting from first injection to maintain a level of passively
acquired anti-D.
If delivery occurs within three weeks after the last antepartum dose, the
postpartum dose may be withheld, but a test for fetal-maternal hemorrhage should be
performed to determine if exposure to > 15 mL of red blood cells has occurred.
MICRhoGAM (50 μg) (250 IU)
• Administer within 72 hours of actual or threatened termination of pregnancy
(spontaneous or induced) up to and including 12 weeks gestation.
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Thanks Tara, I took a look at the insert. So it does look like it gives some immunity for a longer period of time. I note that they recommended a new injection if the amount of fetal blood exposure was above a certain point.

I updated the article on my website to reflect this information, thanks! I also updated it with information on the mercury and latex free Rhogam (Rhogam Plus) - I wonder if this is the standard now?

I wonder why, if it's supposed to give 12 weeks of immunity, many doctors do a 36 week does too?
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You guys made me think of a silly little story my mom told me the other day so I had to share.

She is RH negative & all three of her kids (including me) are RH positive. She had the rhogam shots during all three of her pregnancies.

When she went in for her 2nd shot with her second pregnancy, they made her change into a hospital gown & hooked her up to an IV. Like most people, she wasn't one to question a doctor, and just let them do their thing. They put her under. When she came back from being under, she was met by a hospital rep. who told her that they had made a mistake, and that she had the bracelet of a 96 year old man who was having his leg amputated due to diabeties complications.

There was a student NURSE observing in the surgery room who pointed out that her leg was perfectly healthy & that she was pregnant!

Luckily she still has both of her legs. lol.

Anyways, from what I understand there aren't any negative side effecets from having rhogam even if you don't really need it. I know that we all agree that to do a medical procedure with no reasons is stupid, but I think that this is something that a lot of people did die from before the shot was used, not like some obscure thing that only happened once in a blue moon.
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That's the most frightening thing I've ever heard!!!! I'm so glad someone was paying attention in the end! Too bad it wasn't the doctor....

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Search on other forums on here for rhogam ... there is lots of info and links. With my first, I just followed orders. With my second, I chose not to get the shot while PG. My mw tested DD's blood type, and it was pos, so I had to go to the clinic at the hosp and get the shot within 3 days of my hb.
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