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Yearly physical, awkward timing

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So I was due for my physical in March, but didn't get around to making an appointment until early April. I underestimated how difficult it was to get an appointment and ended up with one for June 5. : So I've been looking at my chart recently and realized that that date will be smack dab in the middle of my period! I called and tried to reschedule my appointment for a week later, but the soonest they can fit me in is AUGUST. I'm fed up and I don't want to wait until August for my appointment so I just kept the one in June for now. I like my doctor and don't want to switch, but how much of this crap should I put up with? I don't even think that there's another holistic doc in the area.
What would you do?
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What *I* would do is not stress about making it in every year on the dot

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Is this a physical with your primary care or gyn? Or a primary that does gyn exams?
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Originally Posted by Babytime View Post
Is this a physical with your primary care or gyn? Or a primary that does gyn exams?
My family doctor. I've never been to one that was exclusively gyn. It's such an uncomfortable type of exam for me that I would rather have it with the doctor that I'm familiar with. How important are these things anyway? I didn't have my first one until I was 20 and I didn't have any problems on my last/only two exams. Neither me nor DP has any STI's, I'm not on birth control any longer, and I'm not having any issues down there. Why does the medical community insist on once a year? Does anyone just not go to them?
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Well, for starters, I've had that type of exam at the end of my period and it was a little messy but the doctor was still able to complete it. Because you have to schedule appointments so far ahead of time, I'm sure it happens frequently where people have their period for the exam.

Second, as for the every year thing, I aim for every year but it's usually more like every 18 months or so. My ob/gyn says because I'm healthy, young and without any issues, she's not concerned with seeing me when it is exactly a year. KWIM?
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Depending on your age & how long you've been with your partner they don't always say every year. I'll be 32 this year & have been with the same person for years so I don't HAVE to go every year, I can go every 3. I still go every year.

They may not do the pap part if you are bleeding as it can make a false positive.
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You can still have your pap done if you are bleeding. Liquid based paps spin out blood and mucus that could interfere with the results so having your period is really not an issue unless you are uncomfortable with it.

This past week at work I had at least 5 patients who showed up for their annual exams while they were still bleeding from their period. I did paps on all but one patient-the bleeding didn't bother me but it upset her and so she asked to defer the pelvic portion of the physical to a different time.
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