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I agree with you Cheryl, I thought the exact same thing when I read that article! Some women do obsess over 'due dates' but many doctors are crazy about it. The funny thing is, when I was PG I tried to give friends and family vague answer "middle of August" instead of Aug 13... they weren't having it! I think I will be firmer next time in my refusal to be specific, because sure enough, the countdown was going from the first day of August. It drove me nuts!

All that said, I am sending you good thoughts and I hope this works out for the best. I just keep thinking of you and imagining fruit falling from trees, fish swimming thru caverns into the light... Good luck and please let us know.
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if u are thinking the homeopathic route, here is my sexperience with it. i called my hopmeopath when i was in a similar situation to u. he asked if i was irritable (who the HELL wouldnt be) and obsessing on it (again - who wouldnt be with an ob visit threatening?). i said i was and he gave me gelsium...this remedy is also used when u cant get to sleep for worrying about all u have to do the next day....u get the idea? anyway, labour started that night - good luck!
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Still here!

It's almost defies belief.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Actually, I've done castor oil FOUR times. The third time is what set off the 6 hour labor, that fizzled as quickly as it started.
I've been doing herbal cohoshes on and off for 3 weeks. After 3 days if I don't feel anything, I give them a rest. Done evening primrose oil orally and vaginally.
My membranes have been stripped...the plugs been out (and regenerating) since Friday. Had my husband give it another go this morning.
I've been hooking up to my pump for 2 weeks. We've been doing the deed every morning. We've done moxabustion, accupressure. I don't have any issues about birth (or about holding on to this last pregnancy).
I am now gently binding my upper belly to encourage the little one to scoot down a bit.
I am supposed to have another biophysical profile today, and if I "pass" my backup OB will give me until tomorrow (wednesday midnight) to go into labor and still "allow" my midwife to attend a homebirth. Feels like gambling...lay down some money and maybe get an extra day.....hrmpfffff
This baby is almost 3 weeks late and considering all the above, just simply isn't interested in being born.
The only other thought that crosses my mind is that being 40, maybe I just don't have enough hormones anymore to get things going....but then again, I was 23 when my first baby was 2-1/2 weeks late. I dunno.
We rested all day yesterday...I refused to even talk to my midwife, who was busy trying to get ahold of us to schedule tests etc right away. Right now, everyone involved in my care is basically in "cover your a$$" mode. Kinda sucks....but we've been pretty calm considering.
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judging form the number of ppl who have visited this msg i would guess i am not the only one waiting on pins and needles to see if cheryl went "on time" for her homebirth. waiting with fingers crossed....
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pins and needles

I'm dying to know how things go with Cheryl too. I really hope something worked, its just not fair when these things happen,talk about STRESS.

Earthymama, I couldnt help laughing when I read your post, at first when you wrote "here is my sexperience", I thought you were going to tell her how having sex put you in labour, but I guess it was just a typo. That is a cool word though, I may just use it sometime!!

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not the first time my sad typing skills got me into trouble....lol no sex never worked to get labour started for me....and was a big effort too!
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I am just holding a mental image in my head.... of her starting labor on the afternoon of the 2nd and having her baby quietly at home. So now she needs to rest up and bond with the baby so she'll post in a day or two.

fingers crossed
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Yahooo!!!! She did it!

I emailed Cheryl last night and got the following reply.

Hey Catherine
We decided after being "risked out" by my midwife, and another episode of intense false labor, that there were too many "Murphy's Law" things going on at the end of this pregnancy to feel comfortable doing an unassisted. I was also getting to the point of being immobile from my hugeness. There was a small window of timing to get my backup ob at a more open-minded hospital, so we chose to schedule an induction for Thursday.

After 5 hours of pitocin induced labor (at a day shy of 43 weeks) and 10 minutes of Highly Motivated pushing I gave birth, April 4th at 5:08pm to Wren Paisley Nelson!!
She weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces, is 22 inches long, (14-1/2 inch head)!!!
Other than the pit and my water being broken at 5cm before I could protest, it was a completely
unmedicated birth, with no episiotomy, no tears! We amazed all those around us...we amazed ourselves!

We left the hospital this morning and are going to spend our first evening together at home as a family. I am absolutely in love with her, as is her Papa and her five big brothers!
I have more to tell and will try to post in a few days....please feel free to post this in my behalf, I think everyone will understand not spending too much time on the computer right now!
Thanks soooo much for thinking of me. All the positive thoughts and affirmations I've gotten were immensely helpful during my labor!

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Maybe start a seperate thread for her?
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Way to go, Cheryl!!!
Congratulations and welcome baby Wren!!
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