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Originally Posted by lee1203 View Post
Holy heck, I hadn't given much thought to clothing besides onesies before this thread. My kid can just live in onesies, right?!
My DD was a May baby, so different time of year obviously, but she lived in gowns and onesies. So cute. I love those gowns, sigh. . .
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Originally Posted by lasciate View Post
For warmth I went straight to footed sleepers.
That works, unless your child hates to have his/her feet covered when sleeping. DS hated for his feet to be covered when he slept. Made those footed sleepers a pain at night. I like the Hanna Andersson sleepers - no feet. Socks during the day, bare-footed at night.
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Originally Posted by lasciate View Post
I've never cared for onesies - they didn't fit well over cloth diapers and my baby was so skinny that sizing up left her shoulders poking out the neckhole. For warmth I went straight to footed sleepers.
Yes, this was me with DS. He basically lived in long sleeved footed sleepers for the first 4 months or so. I mean, all those cute little tops and pants and jeans that people bought for us in newborn or 3 mos sizes just looked so uncomfortable on him. I got 3 packs of plain white footed sleepers at Asda when we were over in the UK when DS was 5 weeks old, they were so cheap, and for me there's nothing cuter than a tiny baby dressed in white sleepers--it's not like he's going to get dirty at that age, unless I drop something on him!
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I : babies in white as well. My mw commented with DS that she had not yet seen him in anything but white when we saw her for the 4th time or so after the birth.
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I have a few dozen sleepers and gowns. My babies all lived in those for the first few months and I figure I'll be keeping the temp the same inside so those would be fine. I got a few of those kidopotimus fleece swaddle wraps.
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I really liked these the best for onesies: http://www.katequinnorganics.com/esh...category_id=76

And I liked Gerber kimono long sleeve shirts. My first baby was born in late august, which was followed by a cold spetember. None of the cute summer baby clothes I was given were appropriate. Except the one long sleeve gerber shirt they gave me at the hospital. I ended up buying more of those in a hurry when she was a few days old, followed shortly by finding the cute Kate Quinn ones. And I know the Kate Quinn look expensive, but all the Gerber ones I bought have been tossed out because they wore out in the seams, or got too stained to save even with oxy clean. (Of course I won't bleach) While the Kate Quinn ones useually washed clean even without stain treating (even for massive poop blowouts), the organic cotton doesn't absorb stains as throughly because the fiber of the fabric has not been overly porcessed and clorinated. She lived in onesies and baby legs because pants, if they fit over the CD butt where way too long.
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I still like l/s onesies with my toddler. i put them under anything when it is chilly outside. In Utah we can go from 93 one day then 53 the next. (yes this happened this week, yuck) so in order to not have winter and summer clothes out we just throw a l/s under her tshirt.

but we did use them when she was little too. I think they are a huge wardrobe stretcher.
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