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Debbie gave some great suggestions, ladyblue!

You could also try someone who does "sleep dentistry", ie, knocks you out, does it all, and you're all done. Doesn't really help you beat the anxiety, but it does get the work done.

And honey, if you're serious, I'd be happy to see you. You stay for the day, and we'll do it all!
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Practitioner Database

I know there is a database of practitioners around here somewhere but can't seem to find it on a search. Can someone please direct me?

I'm on pediatric dentist number 3 and looking to switch -- AGAIN. Can't seem to find a decent pediatric dentist in the area. My current dentist, who granted did a wonderful job fixing my 2 year's old huge decay problem, just announced that he won't see my 5 year unless he has x-rays a MINIMUM of once a year. Key word here being minimum. If there are any problems, he x-rays more frequent. That seems excessive to me if there's zero history of problems. I said it was okay to do a baseline set of x-rays and every couple of years. So now we're looking for dentist number 4. Sigh.
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Darcy, I don't know about a database, but I live in El Dorado Hills and have a couple ideas about dentists for you. Jeanette Okazaki is a holisitic dentist practicing in Midtown (right by Sutter's Fort). Her number is (916)329-3400. Her practice is great as far as avoiding unnecessary interventions. My one caution for you is that the office staff seems to be over-charging for dental services, so you have to be careful. I stopped going to them a few months ago because I was uncomfortable about this. (And I know of a couple other people who stopped going to her because of the same concern.) There is another dentist in El Dorado Hills who advertises that he is a holistic dentist. His name is John Bertsch and that number is (916)933-3011. I have not been to his office, so I can't give you a specific recommendation. I have ended up at a practice out in Diamond Springs where the doctor is not particularly holistic-minded, but most of the staff goes to my naturopath, so they understand where I am coming from. My naturopath is doing a lot of research into the whole dental question right now and is hoping to come up with some good recommendations for holistic dentists in No. Cal. Good luck!!
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Thanks for your recommendations. I will check them out. I'm not sure I want to regularly drive all the way to El Dorado Hills for dental, but if they can provide the services I need, great. I am fully aware of overpriced dentists. My regular dentist charges an arm and a leg above what my insurance will pay for services. However, I really like the work he does and am going to stick with him. I would prefer to get my kids in with someone who is good AND is fully covered under our dental insurance, though.

Thanks again,
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Smilemama.. took DD to dentist today.. questions

I finally took dd to the dentist today, she is 22 months old. After getting the standard bullshit lecture on why I need to wean by 3 different people, they said that she needs:

4 extractions (top 4 teeth)
2 pulpotomies
4 crowns
4 tooth unit bridge
Surgery fee is $250

That is a total of $2300, that is not including hospital charges, etc.

After they do the surgery, in 1 month I take her back to get 4 new teeth in the bridge. That is done in the office, and they will give her demirol??? (spelling).

This just sounds like so much for a 22 month old, i think im going to get a 2nd opinion.. i dunno what to do....

I wish you were in nashville smilemomma, i just dont feel like i can trust anyone but you....
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I think you should write him a letter, just for your own peace of mind if nothing else. I mean, think about it this way; this entire clinic is completely uninformed about a major issue related to pediatric dentistry...if the issue was anything besides breastfeeding, it would almost be considered malpractice! They should at least know that they are losing clients because of their ignorance.

Just my opinion, of course! Glad to hear you've found a better dentist!
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Hey, if anyone knows of a gentle ped dentist
in Houston, Tx or anywhere in Tx, please let me
know. I have been to 3 already and they all
want to put him under for 2 cavities in
the front.
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Help ! Dental Caries, I think. 21 mo. old

After much research and many phone calls I found a dentist who accepts my insurance and will see my 21 month old. From my research I believe what my son has is Dental Caries. I am happy to finally have an appointment and leave the house thinking I will finally be relieved after this visit to the dentist. Boy was I WRONG!! The first thing I get is a clucking tongue and the announcement that my childs teeth are a mess and that I need to wean him IMMEDIATELY!! Preferable cold turkey! I am upset and shocked. I mention the fact that I've read that nursing doesn't cause decay. She tells me if I keep it up all of his teeth will be broken and decayed like the fonts ones. He's to old to be nursing anyway she proclaims. This is a pediatric dentist. I drove 70 miles to get to her office. I did some research on her and she is supposed to be good but I have to tell you I am NOT comfortable with her at all. She acted as if the fact that my son SCREAMED the entire time she was examining him was a cardinal crime. She even made the comment to her assistant that he was definately the loudest worse yet. I am not feeling good at this point and what she tells me after the exam makes me feel even worse.

This is what she wants to do and what I am to do.

The dentist wants to extract the three front top teeth , cap a few and do work on others. She gave him an antibiotic that he started yesterday. She also gave two other prescriptions one for nausea, I can't recall the name at the moment. He must take it the night before and an hour before the appointment. He can't eat or drink anything after midnight the night before. That should be interesting. He doesn't understand why he can't and I imagine we will be in for another trip where he screams all the way there. ( if I go) The second script is for demerol. He has to take it an hour before the appointment. Which means we will have to give it to him enroute. I don't like the idea of giving him a medication he has never taken while on the interstate. What if he has reaction and there we are on the interstate in the middle of nowhere. I don't like the idea of giving the medication to him at all. I am really not comfortable with having this done but what else am I to do? I am afraid the reason he doesn't eat anymore than what he does is because his teeth hurt. I don't want him to be in pain and I don't want his permanant teeth to be damaged because of this. I am really torn. He is very young to be going through this.

I am searching for another dentist. I want a second opinion. I am not going to stop nursing although it seems every I turn there are tongues a waging and a clucking. Even my mom n law and family say, "HE"S to old. " They say if I'd stop sticking a boob in his mouth everytime he wants it he might actually eat. He is small for his age. 21 pounds, short and petite. On the other hand he has been much healthier than my two other children were. I couldn't nurse them and they were always sick, had numerous ear infections and it was always something. He hasn't been sick at all. Even through all the crap the kids have brought home from school. Within his first 8 months of life they got strep, scarlet fever, walking phneumonia , flu and various other sniffles and what not but he never caught any of it. Anyway I am babbling now. Please if you have any advice to share of have been through a similar situation I would love to hear from you.
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did you read the story in latest Mothering Mag? Lots of info on caries...that discredits what your doc said.

Either way, this dentist didn't have the bedside manner that feels right for you...

How would you like to hear that you were the worst patient your doctor ever saw? How rude...they have ears, or maybe she doesn't know that being a PEDIATRIC dentist!
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Oh my gosh! Please go see another dentist. And then another, and another... if you need to. My son has caries (he is 23 mos, but they started at about 15 mos). We've been to three dentists and have finally found one I like and that seems to like us. (From your descripiton it doesn't sound as if your dentist gives a hoot about you or your ds.) There ARE good dentists out there that don't necessarily want you to wean before you're ready or want to start yanking teeth just because they have caries in them.

Read the article in Mothering (good recommendation Christina, hi pal!) and take a deep breath (or three). I would not go forward with treatment until you are comfortable with the procedure as well as the person performing it and it doesn't sound as if you are. Also, keep reading in this forum; go to the archives if you need to. There are quite a few threads with similar issues.

Good luck. I know how hard it is to see your little guy have to battle this so early.

By the way, my son screams through every exam too. I'm pretty sure it's totally normal as our dentist wears ear protection and had it on hand even before he examined my ds.
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Hey nicsmom, whassup buddy? Which dentist are you seeing? Dr Poiset here at children's hospital fixed Audrey's tooth ~ do you know him? (he also wore headphones)


I agree with nicsmom, get another dentist. This one sounds like a creep. And if need be, consider paying out of pocket. That's what we did too, and we're pretty poor. In the end, I figured that the chance to avoid a lifetime of dentist fear would be worth some hardwon $$.

And yeah, my dd (about a year older than your ds) also screamed like a banshee. It's an unwritten rule in the Rulebook of Toddlers (hmm... that's an oxymoron)

And nursing is definitely not to blame. check the article in the mag and this forum, and you'll have plenty of ammunition to use when you tell this dentist that you really don't want somebody that misinformed working on your baby's teeth
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Run! Run and don't look back. I agree that you may want to just forgo the insurance and see who will work with you on a payment plan. I understand about being poor and all (we are too!) but in the long run you'll be glad you went with a dentist who was supportive of you a a parent and respectful of your ds's needs as a toddler. My 18 months old ds developed some brown spots on his teeth, which I noticed at 16 months. I spent a lot of time here reading the archives, got some great advice, an then searched for a dentist. We are not able to add ds to our dental policy until November, so I was freed from that limitation. I found a dentist who is compassionate, patient, and gentle. She is not a pediatric dentist, BTW, and I hear that Smilemomma is not either. Ds was scared, worried, anxious, and he cried and nursed throughout the appointment. Our dentist said only this, "You can have nursies, just as soon as I look at your teeth." So, the DDS you need is out there!
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You DO NOT have to wean your baby. Please go to the dental archives, just click above, and there are a ton of threads up there that will help. "treatment options", "general anesthesia", "sedation", "told to wean? ...", even "finding a dentist", etc. This is where I have gathered all the threads from this board and grouped them by topic.

You will be soooo much more informed, the dentists will be amazed. And better still, you'll be able to make a decision that you are comfortable with in your own heart.

And I second everything simonee and the_dalai_mama said! They're so right. And I love how she views insurance -- "freed from that limitation". I am so going to use that in my practice! (And she's also right, I'm not a pediatric dentist. I see an awful lot of children, though, because I'm a *momma*. You may find that the best dentist for your son is just a regular ol' general dentist who is gentle with children.)

Blessings to you.
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Questions for Dentist-putting child under

So, my 3 year old daughter has several cavities that we ahve been unsucceful in filling one at a time while she was awake.
Her dentist has recommended that we see a pediatric dentist that will put her under to fill the cavities.

Now, enter insurance!
None of the pediatric dentists recommeded by the previous dentist or LLL or even our chiropractor are under the plan. It is, of course, a signifigant finacial difference.

Never having to choose a dentist, I have no idea what questions to ask them.
I know we want her teeth filled with glass ironomer or at least nothign with mercury, and I know a bit (but will read more in the archives) about what kind of aenethia we'd like.
But they all say they use these materials.

What do I ask to get an idea if they are a sensitive, knowledgeable dentist beofre I let them put my child under???????
Any and all advice about this would be great!
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Mercury Free & Biological Dentists Site

I thought I would share this excellent resource I just came across:

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Brenda, I don't think there are any specific questions you can ask someone to find out if they are sensitive and kind. I would try to get an appointment for a consultation only, just a meet-and-greet kind of thing, they shouldn't charge for that, just to see the office and meet the dentist. Bring your dd along, she will give great feedback.

The archives has a ton of info to get you started. Talk to a few dentists and see how they respond. There is also a thread on there about finding dentists who may be good prospects. Most importantly, ask the moms on here who've been there! They have some amazing stories, and some to learn from, too.

Good luck!
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I don't even know what I am looking at!

Well, I , at age 32 only recently got my FIRST cavity. So yeah for me, and boo hoo. But I never even really saw it so I don't know what it looked like.

My 2 year old now has an area on her tooth, and I can' t seem to get a good description of what a cavity looks like so I can identify it!!

I thought for a couple of days that it was a poppy seed or something, and kept trying to brush it out. Now the dark area is almost covering her tooth bed. IThis happened quickly. It does not seem to hurt, she lets me brush them, so does anyone think this is a cavity?

She nurses 1x per day, and drinks mostly water. Her sister has never had a cavity, and my record is good too. Just mentioning that so to illustrate we have a pretty good record of teeth around here

I like my family dentist, but he was already put out that I sleep with my kids ( and we don' t even nurse at night!)

Any vivid descriptions or reassurances appreciated, and no, she does not drink tea or coffee

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Re: I don't even know what I am looking at!

Originally posted by KeysMama
I like my family dentist, but he was already put out that I sleep with my kids ( and we don' t even nurse at night!)
Just curious, how does he know this?

But to answer your question, it sounds like how some of my cavities started so it could be one. I would definitely take her to the dentist to rule it out or to have it taken care of if it is.
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Re: Re: I don't even know what I am looking at!

Originally posted by AnnMarie

Just curious, how does he know this?

Because he spies on me at night of course, how else?

My 6 year old goes for check ups too and is very chatty!
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Re: Re: Re: I don't even know what I am looking at!

Originally posted by KeysMama

My 6 year old goes for check ups too and is very chatty!
Ya, that should have been common sense on my part. LOL I was thinking maybe he asked you and I couldn't figure out why he would ask. Did he make a bad comment when your daughter talked about co-sleeping? I would NOT be happy if my dentist did that.
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