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Need some encouragment from anyone!!

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I still had 25 pounds to lose after having ds (5 years ago LOL). My personal goal has been to lose this before my birthday at the end of May. So far, I have lost about 18 pounds, with 7 more to go.

I need some encouragment! Once I really put my mind to it, the first 10 pounds just melted off. The last 7 might be more difficult. I'm sure I'm burning fat cells that have been sitting around on me for the last 5 years, and do not want to leave

So far I have lost all of this by eating less and making what I do eat lower in fat and carbs. I think I should add some exercise into the mix now--I have started doing light exercise in the mornings.

This has taken a couple of months, and I just want to finally be at my target weight!!! I'm getting impatient!!!

Any words of support? This is the first thing I have really "done for myself" since ds was born and I am really wanting to see it through...

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GO HEARTMAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

That's all you get.I'm jealous now,because I've got about 60 pounds to lose.
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((((heartmama)))) I want to say ...love your body, extra baby weight and all...but I gotta feeling you'd rather hear YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

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7 lbs in 2 months is doable safely. I have every confidence you will reach your goal. ((((Heartmama)))).
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Go for it! You are doing GREAT!!!

It's a good idea to add exercise like you have! Do both aerobic and weight bearing exercise. This will kick start your metabolism and you will not only lose the weight faster, you will feel better. You can do this easily by:

1. Walking 30 minutes per day at least 5 days per week
2. Buy some 5 & 8 lb hand held weights (Target or KMart has them for cheap!) and do some basic weight training moves (bicept curls, tricept extensions, squats, etc.). If you don't know how to do any of these, go to your local library and check out a weight training book or video.

Good luck!!!
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(((Saige)))) ((((Peggy))))((((irishmommy))))((((dfoy)))))

You are all so awesome!

That is exactly what I needed! This has been so tough, because the scary part is how MUCH I used to eat. It's amazing I didn't have even more to lose, because I was eating anything I wanted anytime I wanted. I never put any limit on my diet.

dfoy that is GREAT advice. Thanks because I did need some hint as to "what" exactly will help with weight loss. I will do the walking option, since we live in a shoebox and there is no place to safely exercise indoors.

Peggy, I hear you

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I'm right behind you, I've lost 42 pounds! Still have A LOT to go but it feels great to feel good for the first time since dd was born (3 years ago).
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WOW Clancysmum that is awesome!!!

I am so proud of you

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I'm with you moms, too. Trying to lose (again). At 43 this weight is very stubborn. And comes back too easily.

I just started walking. 6 out of 7 days. I'm on week 3. I live in a semi rural area so I just step out my door and go for 1/2 hour at a good steady pace.

I feel great! I have been in a big funk (read-depression) and finally the weight is lifting off my shoulders (at the same time it's melting off my butt )

Told dh that I had to do this. When I start from my door then the whole piece of time is devoted to the work out, no driving to and fro. It is working out very well.

Keep going heartmama. Throw in the exercise and I bet you lose more than 7
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So,hows it going??
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I'm in the closet with a chocolate bunny

Ask tomorrow after the holiday
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I lost another pound but how I don't know. I ate a ton over the holiday weekend. My friend said it is a metabolism thing, once you start losing your pancrea's work better and you continue to lose even when you eat more? So long as it doesn't become a habit again...

Anyway, it rained all weekend so no exercising yet. I will start tomorrow (so who will take this easter candy outta here???!!!)

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