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Jennifer you are so cute and it has been fun reading about you.

Here are my q's for you:

Why did you decide to ttc before your wedding?

What kind of food are you going to have at your wedding?
(I'm a foodie too and I'm sure I'm just looking for some new cravings!):

do you have names picked out for twins?

what kind of care do you have in mind for when you return to work?

Blessings for your u/s tomorrow!
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Aww *blushes* Thank you Prism.

Why did you decide to ttc before your wedding?
I've had baby fever for about two years... I was TTC for a little bit with my ex-husband before things got really bad between us and I realized we were not going to make it...

Don (DP) was my first real love. He was always the one I compared everyone to after we split. I cannot even tell you how many times I sat and wondered "what if?" I knew in my heart if him and I had gotten married back when we were together the first time we'd have at least 2 children together by now. It was always this cozy dream I went to, we had the house and the family, and it was something that sort of plagued me for awhile. When we were together we had one of those morphing pics done to see what our child would look like... even though that was, gosh, probably about 8 years ago that little boys face is still very vivid in my mind.

When we got back together we knew it was our fate and we knew we were getting married. I refused to get back on BC and we were using the good old "pull out" method... when my period didn't show in October and we thought we might be pregnant, we were ecstatic. We knew it wasn't the best of times, but we would have been thrilled anyway. When all the tests were negative, it would break my heart each time, and I'd cry.

In November when nothing was still going on and he said he saw how much it meant to me to have a baby and that he would love to have a baby with me, so we made the decision then that it will happen for us when it is meant to.

I started charting in January trying to figure out what was going on and why my period hadn't shown up yet and still all negative tests. I loved learning so much about my body.

That is pretty much when Don got really excited and started asking what my temp was everyday and such.

I guess I don't have a real solid reason, other than, it's what we decided to do... it's what felt right to us. We basically put it in God's hands, as things weren't working right with me, and we knew it would happen when it was meant to, just like us meeting up again after so many years of wondering.

We figured it all didn't have to happen in perfect order, we knew we'd be married regardless by time baby came. lol

Plus, even though I know in the grand scheme of things we aren't "old"... I feel it. I have fibromyalgia and I want to have children sooner than later... I honestly already feel like I am starting really late. Most of the people I went to school with already have two children, usually one at least school-aged.

So now that I've rambled enough... It felt like our time, and God finally agreed.

What kind of food are you going to have at your wedding?
(I'm a foodie too and I'm sure I'm just looking for some new cravings!)
We are being slackers... lol We both already had the huge extravagant wedding with catered food and the whole nine yards... we wanted a simple, small, just immediate family members ceremony. We are doing a Friday night wedding, and just doing cake and sparkling cider. We are putting our money towards a nice honeymoon for just us. We both didn't really have a real honeymoon in our first weddings and it's something we both really regretted... so as a sort of "been there done that" we wanted this time to be about us and what we wanted instead of caving to family demands.

do you have names picked out for twins?
lol no! That would be a whole new curve ball in the mix. hehe cross that bridge if it happens.

what kind of care do you have in mind for when you return to work?
DP and I work opposite shifts, so he will be with the babe while I'm at work, then we switch. My sister and Mom will likely help out too for us both to get some sleep. I don't want a baby in daycare and will do everything in my power to make that not happen.

I think the receptionist at the u/s place thinks I'm nuts. You would think they would be used to this. She called to remind me of my appointment tomorrow... as if I could forget!!! lol And I asked if they did print outs for a picture... and she is like, "um, you know it's going to be really small, right?" me... "yes, but I'd like a picture anyway. " thinking... um, no kidding it's going to be small, but it's still my very first baby picture ever!! hello!!! Don't mess with the pregnant woman.
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Your story is so cool!
Thanks for sharing so much!
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Ugh... all agitated again this morning. DP just does not think at all sometimes!! He got this special drafting project from my Uncle yesterday and got $100 up front for doing it... He asked me today if he could use it to go get another booster seat for his daughter so we don't have to switch it between our cars anymore. I bit my tongue and simply said I think there are more important things to spend money on right now, but I wanted to flip!!!

Why does his daughter need TWO carseats before the baby has ANYTHING??!!! GRR!
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Just wanted to wrap up and say... the ultrasound was awesome! I feel so much more relaxed now knowing there really is a baby in there and everything is all good.

We saw the heartbeat and it's little limbs moving around. So cute!
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yay for you and your baby!
thanks for sharing everything.
tell your hubby it's garage sale season and he
can get a 2nd carseat cheap (I saw a britax for $10!)
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