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Nursing Pads- Washable ones

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Hello Moms,
I used Gerber nursing pads for my last two and I was not happy with them. I would like to try something better. I heard Lanolin makes good ones but read the reviews they are not as good they say they are. I am thinking about getting hemp/flannel nursing pad. What are you review about those or do you have a better recommendation?
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Lurking cause I wanna hear too! I want to know why when I look for washable pads, no one's making pretty ones like you find for mama cloth. I want funky pads in my bras in rainbows of colors!
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What about the gerber didn't you like? I use them and they are great. The only thing I don;t like about nursing pads is when my babe reaches down my bra and pulls them out in public when I am chatting with someone! So embarrassing!
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i'd like to hear too!
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I used the Bravado washable ones and was very happy with them - but I'm not a huge leaker so not sure if they're super-absorbent.
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I made myself some flannel ones this time around and, seriously, I'm wondering why I didn't do so when I was nursing my other 2! If you have a sewing machine, some flannel and thread, you can easily make some yourself. I just cut some flannel circles (leftover flannel from other projects) approx. 5 inches in diameter, layered 4-5 of them together, did a straight stitch about 1/4" away from the edge, trimmed close to the seam and then did a tight zig-zag stitch all the way around so they wouldn't unravel in the wash. They're super comfortable and cute (I have blue toile and funky pink and brown polka dots).
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I made a bunch of nursing pads that are white flannel on one side and pink fleece on the other with several layers (4-5) for a not for profit that went sideways so I have a bunch of packages in two sizes if anyone is interested.

They come 6 to a package in a pretty pink organza bag. PM me if you are interested,
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I highly recommend wool nursing pads. This seems counterintuitive for a Texan...but I've tried 5 different types of pads in the past month, and these are the coolest, least obvious, most soothing, and the quickest to dry. I bought them at a local store, but I'm sure you could find some online.

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I use and like Bravado ones as well. I've tried other, I think cotton ones, but they stick to me and haven't held up as well.
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