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"Calcified" Placenta?

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I have a good friend who had an emergency c-section last week. Her baby was only three weeks early, yet weighed 4 pounds, 2 ounces. His lungs were developed and he was able to come right home. He has had no porblems -- he is just miniature-sized.

Her placent had calcified and she had "no" amniotic fluid. She maintains a very strict diet (vegetarian) and does not smoke. Her first baby was born at 41 weeks and weighed 9 1/2 pounds. Any ideas of why this happened or happens? (When I was in the hospital after the birth of my 1st there was a lady who also had this happen -- she was at 40 weeks but her baby weighed on 5 1/2 pounds -- she was also a very trim, non-smoking young woman.)
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Gosh it's been awhile but I know I had that somewhat. THe main reason is smoking which I don't. Of course, I could by lying.: I know the older the placenta the more likely it is, of course. I looked it up a lot on the internet and did find some more reasonable explanations. But, sorry! I can't recall.
Age maybe?
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I gave birth to my son at 42 weeks, he was 9lbs 6ozs, and I delivered him vaginally. After I birthed my placenta my midwife examined it and declared that it had calcified. I was in such a haze; I didn’t think to ask her what that meant. I have thought about it since, as we will be trying to conceive in a couple of months. I also was a nonsmoker, and had a good diet. If anyone has more information I’d appreciate it.

Mama to Noah, age 2
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I know in Elizabeth Davis' "Heart and Hands" she disputes the age-placenta theory (where some feel if a woman goes over her placent will stop functioning properly). And in my friend's case her baby was early. I don't know -- the smoking thing, though -- I hate to say it but I have known moms who smoked through their whole pregnancies and never had anything like that happen. I wonder if it is just a random disorder of the placenta?
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My youngest dd was 2 weeks late ( we are sure of dates) and her placentia was starting to show signs of being old one of the signs I remember was was calcifcation.

I dont smoke and eat fairly healthy.

My oldest dd was 2 days over her "date" and had a beautiful placenta.

Both girls are hb's with a mw.
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