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Originally Posted by BeanyMama View Post
I'm uncomfortable with my kids reciting pledges mindlessly. It seems robotic or something.
: When my kids are old enough to understand what it means, if they want to say it, we'll probably say it. But as one is 6 and the other is 3, neither of them would even know what they were pledging.
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Originally Posted by Dakota's Mom View Post
I have this pledge hanging in my kitchen and I do read it frequently to remind myself.

"I pledge allegiance to the earth and to the flora, fauna and human life that it supports. One planet indivisible, with safe air, water & soil, economic justice, equal rights and peace for all."

Blessings to all no matter what your opinion.

This is lovely.
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Ironically, my dh is a combat war veteran who really has an issue with the mindless recitation of the POA, especially when done by kids.
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We're just learning it right now for our social studies unit, but doubtful we will continue saying it once we are done
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We don't have a Pledge of Allegiance. (Although I do stand with respect for O Canada during hockey games , Rememberence Day ceremonies, etc.)

But I don't believe one should make any person swear a pledge or oath that isn't undertaken of their own intent and free will. Especially not a child, who likely doesn't even truly understand what it is they are pledging, or what pledging their allegiance even means. I think pledging allegiance to something, bequeathing your own person to an ideal or cause, is a pretty big deal. I wouldn't expect any person to do so merely by rote, and wouldn't expect such a major commitment of self to be made by a child at all.

Originally Posted by LilyGrace View Post
I believe that a pledge should be an oath taken with the mind and spirit, with the intent to put into form the words that are being spoken.
I think LilyGrace said it excellently here.
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All i could think of was YIKES!

The pledge of Allegiance goes against our belief system. We serve, pledge allegiance and worship our creator only. Not the flag or the United States.
Also, I try to keep the DC focus on a worldly view.
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I found another good article about not saying the pledge as a Christian:

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We don't but I do plan to introduce it to them from a historical perspective. I learned it in 2nd grade and I don't mind saying it but I am an adult and I can actually understand it. I have no plans to force my children to say it. I do put my hand on my heart and I sing the Star Spangled Banner as well but again I will not force it on my kids.
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interesting thread and comments. We don't although I did for a second think about putting a flag in the corner of our school room and saying the POA in the AM. But never got around to it. And it wasn't so much that Ijust had to have the kids learn it and say it, but more because in the beginning of our homeschooling i had the 'school at home' mentality going so it just seemed like the thing to do, kwim?

So now, that I'm thinking about it, I would probably have them learn it someday, maybe this next school year, just so that they won't look around at everyone and not have a clue about whats going on when we're someplace and we do say it, . But I do agree that our country is screwed up in many places. We are not living like our constitution said we should, and we are not living the words of the POA. So I probably will search around for some beautifully written short scripts or a quote that I would like my children to hold dear to their hearts and live by. And we can learn to recite that. I think it would be nice to learn some lovely quotes to live by. And maybe once we learn them well, move on to a different one. More like a school/life motto? I really like the one by CM. "I am, I can, I ought, I shall."

Similarly, I will also have my kids learn some of the different parts of the constitution, our country's anthem, etc. The words really are beautiful, and although some or many may not be living those words, others are. I want my children to know what our country was founded on, and learn to live their lives well also.
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