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Product name: Catbird Pikkolo

Brief description of product: A cross between a soft structured carrier and a mei tai. Shoulder straps have memory foam, waist band is unpaded. Width of carrier is adjustable. Comes with detachable sleep hood. Can be used for front carry (facing in and out), side and back carry up to 40 pounds.

Store/Site of purchase: Regarding Peanut

Price: about 130 USD

How long have you used this product? one week

Fit/Sizing: one size with multi adjustable straps. Fits me (5' 4", 140 lbs) and DH (6', 180 lbs)

Performance: easy to put on and take off quickly. Adjustable width of the carrier allows younger babes to sit in the carrier with legs dangling out. Great for warmer weather. Design puts most of the babies weight on your shoulders- so not for super long term use.

Workmomship: quality fabric, neat stiching, time will tell on the durablilty

Customer Service/Communication: distributor was prompt, polite and straight forward.

Would you purchase this product again? I'm sure it will outlast this babe, but yes... it is worth repurchasing.

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof

Additional Comments:
I purchased this carrier because my chunky 4 month old was getting cranky in the Ergo with infant insert. However she wasn't big enough to sit in the Ergo alone. Plus the insert made it very hot in warm weather. The width adjustment of the Pikkolo allowed her to be carried legs out making for a happier baby. The carrier is put on "apron style" which works well for us and our baby who LOVES to stand in her carrier. Three problems solved with one carrier- huzzah!
I give it (How many thumbs up out of five?): 4.5 of 5