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Dumb question about milk squirting

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I don't know about anyone else but sometimes I just squeeze my nipple and squirt milk out for no reason other than my own entertainment.

Well, lately I haven't been able to do that. Nothing has come out when I squeeze. Also, pumping output has decreased.

I just stopped using a nipple shield and was experiencing some soreness. Maybe it has to do with that?

Hmm, weird.
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Hw old is baby?

I could squirt some milk out manually for fun (It's rather like peeling sunburn, mesmerizing and amazing, no?) in the beginning, but as babe got older and my supply regulated, I couldn't/can't anymore.

Pumping output does generally decrease over time. But, check to make sure your pump is properly configured and that none of the parts are broken, loose, etc.
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he will be 5 months on 6/9.
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I worried about a decreased supply around then because I stopped pouring milk everywhere at the slightest provocation, but then realized that it was just the whole supply regulation thing. DD is now 10 months and just starting solids, so apparently she's been getting all she needs, but for awhile I really missed the obvious presence of abundant milk. However, I don't know anything about the pumping aspect, so I can't speak to that part of the question.
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Well now I feel lucky. DS is 6 months and I can still get my milk to squirt out most of the time, and just a few days ago my milk dropped when he wasn't hungry and soaked the fronts of my shirt. Sometimes I squirt DH in the shower. It's quite entertaining.
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I have a contest with myself to see how far I can squirt--I am glad I can finally talk about this to someone other than DP!
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I squirted a friend at a BBQ the other week on a dare.... (and my boobs were promptly dubbed "Lactose Cannons". )

Anyway, I still leak too, at 11 months.
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Unfortunately, I've never been able to squirt milk. At my best, I could squeeze a few drops out.
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I just have to : at this thread. I thought I was weird when I would squirt just cause I thought it was so cool lol. I remember thinking it was just hilarious to squirt my DP from across the room lol
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Ya, that superpower went away after a few months last time. I always sorta hope someone will give me a nasty comment so I can squirt 'em in the eye. "Are you offended NOW?!".
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I accidently squirt myself so much that I am constantly washing milk spots off my glasses!
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It's funny when you spray the baby's face and hair and they don't even seem to notice!
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The ability to let down for the pump went away for me at about that time (and along with it most of my squirting ability) since DS got at least 90% of his nutrition from me for the next 7 months I don't think it was my supply going down, but I no longer could pump with the manual pump I had.
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