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Product name: Kindercarry

Brief description of product: This is a mei tai carrier with a padded waist and padded, 6" wide straps, plus a sleeping hood. The body is contoured.

Store/Site of purchase: Available directly from maker only - in high demand at the moment, so slots for purchase are being offered lottery style
Occasionally a used one will be offered on the FSOT of

Price: about $165 (depending on size, features, etc.)

How long have you used this product? 3 months

Fit/Sizing: Comes in baby and toddler sizes - toddler size is both taller and wider than baby size. There is also an option for "baby plus" (toddler width at baby height). The shoulder straps come 80" standard and I think you can get them longer if needed.

Performance: Awesome. This is the only carrier I have that is easy and truly comfy for long back carries. The straps are what makes it really special. They are contoured in such a way as to not be too bulky, while being wide enough to distribute the weight beautifully.

Workmomship: Amazing. This is a safe, sturdy carrier. Mine also has gorgeous applique.

Customer Service/Communication: Excellent. All orders are custom, and she is really patient and helpful with the decision-making process.

Would you purchase this product again? Yes, and in fact I am. I want one in another color too.

Have you made a complaint to the WAHM about the product? If yes, please provide details of any resolution or lack thereof n/a

Additional Comments: This is the most comfortable mei tai I've ever worn (and I've tried quite a few). If you can get your hands on one of these, do it!

I give it (How many thumbs up out of five?):