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My **8 week old** has a sunburn!!

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I am that mother that will not go for walks from 10 am - 4 pm. That will cover her entire baby in a blanket if she has to be in direct sunlight.

Well today we went to a cookout - it was overcast - I wasn't careful. Tonight she has red blotches on her chin and cheek. It's not a blistery, call-the-pediatrician-immediately burn but it is a burn.

She keeps crying and fussing. I think she is OK - I've gotten her to grin a few times - but this is one unhappy baby.

I feel wretched, like I am a terrible mother. Someone please tell me that I'm not the only one who sunburned her baby....... or at least that she will recover in day or two.
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Put breastmilk on it and relax.

My 9 week old got a sunburn this past Friday. Our LLL meeting was unexpectedly held outdoors, and I chose to sit in the sun rather than the shade because it was a bit warmer. I kept DD covered while she slept for all but about 10 minutes - those 10 minutes were enough for her to get quite a bit of pink on her cheeks, but it was healed up just fine by Sunday.
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ummm, i goofed this weekend, too! reece had sunblock on in the morning while we were at our older son's baseball game (like, 9am-ish). it then became overcast (yeah, yeah... i know!), and baby boy was in his stroller with his canopy, and being pushed up and down the block for 20 minutes while i painted.

20 freakin' minutes, and poor little guy had a bright red splotchy face that is still quite pinkish today. i took him by my mom's tonight and she noticed right away.

and i agree with the pp~ a little breastmilk applied with a bit of chagrin and much sincerity.

*sigh* i guess mom of the year is off the table again this year!
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Awww. She'll be ok, mama.
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she'll be fine, it happens to the best of us sometimes. especially this time of year, when the strength of the sun can be a surprise after mild spring sun. just be gentle to her skin, no goopy lotions, don't overdress her. it'll be gone in a day or two!
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Thank you, thank you, thank you for the words of encouragement. I know my freak out last night was pretty trivial compared to the issues faced by some mamas around here. And I know it's not the last sunburn she'll ever have, or the last time I'll screw up as a mom. But I felt so, so awful. This morning the burn looks better, she's very cheerful and the world looks like a better place.
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how about trying a little bit of drinkable aloe gel dabbed on with a cotton ball? they sell it at any health food store and maybe at gnc too. obviously you dont want the baby eating anything other than bm at that age, but just in case a tiny bit did get on a blanket or a toy you dont have to stress - and that might just be the tiny bit of relief it takes to halp your baby be comfortable.

just a thought
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