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Once Upon a Child

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Anyone take their kids clothes there? Is it worth a 40 min. drive? How much do they give you on average for a dress or a coat-nice items-like new, no holes or stains, brand names? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it for me to take everything there or should I just give it all to a friend. Thanks!
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I haven't, but a close friend tried it once, and found it not really worth it. However, if you have alot of clothes in really great condition (like new or new), it may be worth a one time only trip. My friend took 3 rubbermaid type tubs full of clothes and came back home with all 3, minus a very few pieces--they are extremely picky about what they take. The money could be good if they take all or most of your stuff, because they offer a percentage (I'm not sure what it is) and their prices are fairly high. My friend found that she had better returns selling the things at a yard sale--less per piece, but she could sell all of it, not just a handful of things. I'm sure that doesn't help at all
They key is condition and quantity; taking just a few things now and then isn't worth it.
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I have tried to sell stuff there before and I don't think I have ever been successful. I have a friend who tried to sell stuff there. Most of the stuff they wouldn't take, but they did offer to keep the things she brought in and donate them to charity. A few weeks later, when my friend was shopping there, she found a bunch of her "rejected" things for sale.

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Thank you for the replies. Sounds like the feedback I've gotten from some friends. I will just past them along and make someone else happy!
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I think passing them along or even listing them here on the trading post is a better option.
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Once Upon a Child has great prices for BUYING clothes...so that should tell you that they don't pay the original owner of the clothes very much.

I think about 30% of what they will eventually charge...which translates into pennies for your clothing.

I've sold stuff there plenty of times, but I wouldn't drive out of my way to take it there. They reject 75% of what I bring in. I know to expect that.

I'd donate it to your friend.
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How much do they give you on average for a dress or a coat-nice items-like new, no holes or stains, brand names
Up here in Vermont -- depending on the brand name -- between $1 - $5.

They won't take ANYTHING that is not like new. Holes and stains are automatically rejected.

Which makes it a great store for buying stuff...
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Yeah, I quit taking things there too, but I still shop there. My kids are just generally too hard on their clothes, so by the time they have outgrown them, they have stains/holes/are worn out, etc.

If it was 40 minutes away, I would definitely just pass them on to someone else who needs them, even if they were in great shape.
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Originally Posted by Crunchy*VT*Mom View Post
Once Upon a Child has great prices for BUYING clothes
I think this is true if you are looking for nice clothes for your kids. If you want everyday clothes, there are way cheaper places.

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we have one close by and while i've sold to them, i've very rarely purchased from them. i can find things WAY cheaper NEW at target, old navy, and tcp. if i want used, i go to the thrift store. i usually take a bunch of stuff there to sell and shop next door at savers (thrift store) while they look through everything.
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I've never had much luck selling things to them but i will buy stuff from them. i like the idea of buying used, but alot of times target stuff is nicer, and ouac just overprices their stuff.
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Being a resale/cosignment store they 'buy' based on need. You may have perfect clothes and toys but if they have 100 denim overalls in size 4t they wont buy yours.

I find it to be hit or miss but i continoulsy keep my rubbermaid bin fulll for them. I find that eventually they take everythign, it may take til next spring season but they take it. Again im not doing it all for the $$, but the extra $$ is always welcome.

I would NOT drive 40 mins.
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I love going there .... ours has maternity as well, and I scored huge at the 'end' of winter sale, and got gobs of pieces of clothing (gap, old navy,mimi motherhood) for $1 each. I plan to call them Aug 1st, to see when they will be taking fall/winter stuff. I'll end up making money on the maternity clothes, since I got them so cheap.

I've had decent luck with both buying and selling children's clothes there. I think you probably get the better deals on the really tiny stuff, and the bigger (10 and up) sizes. For Rachel, she's able to wear 2T and some 3T. Prices are decent, but not phenomenal good deals. When Abby was able to wear 14s, we got loads of stuff there ... Abercrombie, Limited Too, etc for dirt cheap. In the newborn, 3-6 months stuff, there are MANY things with the tags still attached, for 3 and 4 bucks.

Selling is a whole 'nother ball game. A lot of times, it depends on their inventory. Mine has a sign inside the store that tells what they are really INO/ISO ... lists sizes, items (exersaucers, etc) that they want to buy. I've learned to CALL first before loading my crap in my car ... the last thing I want to do is load the big Rubbermaid tote in, only for them to tell me that they are not taking sizes under 4T.

Our OUAC gives you 50% of what they are going to sell the item for. In other words, if they charge $10 for an outfit, you get $5.
Sometimes, you could make more money on Ebay, yard sales, etc, but it's worth it to me, to get it out of my house in one fell swoop. (this is provided that they buy what I have)

I don't really do it for the money .... since I end up turning right around and spending it right there. I have a bag of DD#1s clothes that I was going to give to our niece, but first, I am stopping by OUAC, and seeing how I can make out there. Anything left over will go to our niece, and if I get any money, it will go to buy the boys some things.

I agree .... I would not drive 40 minutes .....
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total rip off.
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Rip off in my experience. I had a ton of great clothes, most brand new, from when #3 was born and the inlaws went completely nuts with the "first boy grandbaby"...lots of good mid to high end stuff still with tags and they offered me $7 for it. I took my stuff and never went back.
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Rip off! Sold them sixteen different outfits (like, full outfits, dress-and-pants-and-hat, etc.) and got less than $1 each for them. I'd wait, save all your clothes, and yardsale. At least then you can haggle.
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I HATE going to OUAC. We get a lot of clothes from a very stylish aunt that lives in Dallas so they are all high-end boutique type clothes and OUAC almost always rejects them. These are very cute clothes that we are always getting compliments on and that sell for outrageous amounts of money new. Plus, our OUAC only gives us like 10-20% of what they are going to sell it for. I've given up on them. Thankfully we'll have a new niece in a couple of weeks so we're sending all our clothes to her from now on.

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I've taken huge amounts of things in before and gotten $20 for it. I don't think its worth a 40 minute drive.
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Sometimes I have bought clothes and toys there, but only tried to sell once... thought it was a total rip off!
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If you have baby gear (eg stroller, high chair, etc) it can be worth it, but not clothes or small toys. I would at least call ahead first to make sure that a. They are still accepting bags for the day and b. they are taking clothes at all. Ours often won't accept clothing items until their stock has been reduced.

I have gotten some nice things there, but it can be a ripoff. I would just pass on the clothes, ebay them, or even donate them to slavation army and deduct it on your taxes with an itemized list.

Not worth a 40 minute drive unless you have other stuff to do there! (I go to the one in VT)
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