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Nerve/muscle jolts that make my legs crazy

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(x-posted in my DDC)
I remember a few with my youngest, but this time (esp. today!) I swear I get so many of these, it about makes me go out of my mind! It requires me to move my legs immediately and is SO uncomfortable. It feels really weird... like someone is pinching my bun muscles from the inside or something (and that's not a very good description, if you have them you know what I mean though).

I can't figure out WHY this is going on... or why it's increasing.

Is the baby in a bad spot head-wise? Is it just b/c that's the way it goes? Because it's a bigger baby? (My last was 9.12 and this baby is measuring (at least week wise ahead) the same. I can feel it in connection to deep baby movement, but it's not always that. Kinda TMI, but when I go to the bathroom (even just to pee), the baby does not seem to like me being there long... they squirm and move until I stand up. That's another reason I'm wondering if it's a head-in-not-so-great-a-position thing. But I can feel the baby's head when I check myself (which never worry, is rare), solid little head.

Anyways... any thoughts?
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During the last month of my pg, I had lots of nerve twinges from deep in the pelvis that shot down my legs. Sometimes it felt like my legs would give out from under me. My midwife chalked it up to busy baby hands, and when DC was born, she had a hand up by her face and she continues to have very busy hands. I wouldn't worry. As for the not liking you peeing thing, perhaps she's just responding to a change, rather than not liking it? If positioning concerns you, I recommend yoga, especially the cat/cow pose on hands and knees to help get baby good and lined up.

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Well it doesn't feel like the cervical poking I get from baby fingers, but it's possible. I had one that was at least 15 sec. long (longer?) this morning and I was holding my son, I almost dropped him it was so intense and I had to grit my teeth and I changed position but it didn't help. I would have looked like a total weird-o if I'd been in public with a leg up, gritting my teeth and partially squattting in my very pg state. Nice.
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Sounds like restless leg syndrome. WE have it in our family and it can happen more often when it's not genetic in women while they are pregnant. Generally the best "treatment" medical science has found so far is a good iron supplementation program. Get thee some floridix, eat vit C rich foods to help you absorb it, eat iron rich foods galore.

Also I have found on occaision that a good liquid cal/mag has helped if it's crampiness more than feeling like I have bugs crawling inside my muscles...
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