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White Birthmarks? Need advice/Info! ~Added pictures~ - Page 2

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my 4yo dd has one on her right side almost exactly like that....a teeny tiny tad smaller.....

it's in the SAME EXACT SPOT as mine but her's is white and mine is tanish. her's isn't as noticable as it was when she was born...kinda blends in a bit more.


I kinda hoped that dd2 had one but she doesn't.

I am sure it is nothing to worry about.
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My dd also has a birthmark like that, only smaller. It was nothing, just a birthmark.
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I see you've gotten lots of replies but I wanted to add my birthmark to the list! I have a hand sized white birthmark on my thigh just below my hip. Very irregular edge and it is actually touching a dark birthmark (I have three of those) that is much smaller. I've never had a problem. However, I think if seeing your doctor sooner will ease your mind, do it! We saw the dr. for the first time (homebirth too) because we were worried about something too, it was nothing but we sure felt better knowing it!
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thank you for everyone's responses. i took dd to the pediatrician yesterday and they were not much help... the doctor looked at it and brought out the dermatology book... she discussed tubular sclerosis, but said it was rare. it still has me freaked out! http://www.aafp.org/afp/20000201/703.html it is my biggest concern. but it seems the hypopigented macules called ash leaf spot associated with this usually occur in greater numbers. dd only has the one on her back.

then we talked about nevus depigmentous, i went home and googled it more.
and came accross something else called nevus anemicus...and i am hoping this is most likely what it is since it would mean this is no big deal. just a birthmark.

anyway, they refered me to a pediatric dermatologist at a major hospital about an hour away. i called and made an appointment for her there, but the soonest time she could be see is in two weeks. so i guess we have to wait until then to find out more.

i appreciate all your thoughts and stories about similar birthmarks. and i am hoping it is simply that, a birthmark with no other serious condition associated with it.

it seemed strange to me that my pediatrican had not seen very many white birthmarks. are they that rare? it seemsm quite a few of you have or have children with them...
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My pediatrician had only saw a handle full of these in his 30 year practice. My dd has a couple of white spots on her head. She has one near her hair line that is in the shape of a birds foot. She is 2 1/2 and it is barely noticeable. She grows white hair and silver hair out of them. I think I am the only one that notices. She has strawberry blonde hair with light gold and blonde streaks so they are not that noticeable. I worried when I first saw them and her heart shaped strawberry birthmark on the back of her head. But she is a healthy, intelligent, beautiful little girl.
Breath momma, your babe is ok.
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i have a 4 weeks old dauther with similar patch on her left hand

Originally Posted by AppleBlossomBaby View Post
My 2 1/2 week old daughter has a white/pale patch on her back about 2 inches wide. It has irregular borders and looks like a cloud. We just noticed it this past weekend as her mild jaundice went away. I tried googling white birthmarks and read about a condition called tuberous sclerosis, which has me pretty freaked out...but I was able to find very little info about white birthmarks themselves...only bigger diseases which they could be a sign of. Has anyone had a child with a birthmark or patch lacking pigment and appearing white shortly after birth? Any information would be so helpful, I am worried. She was born at home and was scheduled to see the pediatrician at 6 weeks old. Do I need to take her in sooner if there are no other signs something could be wrong? She is breastfeeding well, gaining weight, seems healthy and happy. ANy ideas or advice?

adding some pictures of the mark:

i have a 4 weeks old dauther with similar patchs on her left hand, she has 3 such patches one below the other starts from left wrist. little worried.... docs say nothing to worry, it is just a birthmark but need further examination if it starts spreading.... so gotto wait and watch.... hi AppleBlossomBaby, can u pls let me know what the docs say regarding ur baby marks?
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   Hey! I'm a 14 year old girl, and I've had a white birthmark on my stomach for as long as i could remember! I would always ask my dad what it was when I was younger, and he would just call it a sunspot? I've never heard anything about it being a sign of a disease and I've always been very curious about it. I was always a very good, healthy baby so I don't think it should affect your child, but I'm no doctor :) If you've found any information on it, please let me know! :)

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