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Shane, sounds like a beautiful birth!!! Congratulations!

Earthmama, thanks for putting up with all my details! I'm getting so excited too, even though i'm trying not to, thinking the contractions could go away...but i have a feeling that this is it.

I have a question--since I was 4cm yesterday, does this mean that I skip early labor and that I'm in active labor? My contractions are 10 minutes apart, strong enough to make me pause during them, but I was planning to go to the birthing center (or at least call) when they were around 4-5 min apart and really hurting. Does that sound right?
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oh mamaley!!! i hope all is okay with you.. i am having contractions too, they are about 25-30 minutes apart still, have been gaining in proximity throughout the day.... ill be interested to hear how things go.....

i would say you skip early labor.....and you are probably active...
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Mamaley "since I was 4cm yesterday, does this mean that I skip early labor and that I'm in active labor? "

Yes and no. It will probably click like a light switch. You will probably have a contraction that leaves no doubt and go fairly rapidly from there. I have seen grand-multi moms (meaning they are on babies 8, 9 ,11 etc) be active and quickly push babies out with contractions 10 min apart. Second, third time moms are usually still in early stuff when ctx are 10 min apart, if one makes you drop to a squat or moan with the intensity though you are starting to get active.

Congrats Shane-great story

Mamapenelope- "Jen, I loved your symphony metaphor.

(Edited because I've been calling Jen "Jan" forever...I'm so sorry, Jen!)"

Thnaks, and it didn't bug me about the name.

Sorry labor stopped, strange that that is you first bought of stop and start labor with #4. This baby is trying to be different already. Hear you about the cervix though I was easily past 4 and probably closer to 5 last night when I checked and today now that everythings past my cervix is very posterior and a good loose 3 cms again

Halah, I love the name Jude. Tell everyone to shove it
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I had my baby...

Although I really thought it was never going to happen, it did! My son Miguel was born Wednesday, October 1st at 10:56 a.m., after 3.5 hours of pushing and 33 hours after I started experiencing contractions! I had a lot of troubles coping psychologically with labor because (a) my baby was posterior, (b) I was really tired and wanted to sleep, and (c) despite the hypnobirthing training I'd been doing I kept tensing up during contractions. Feeling so vulnerable during labor really helped me appreciate why people are so eager to appeal to whatever interventions to make the whole thing go faster.

I'll post a birth story soon. In the meantime, here's a link to some baby pictures (no birth pictures, though).
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Originally posted by earthmamafor3
If you don't mind me asking, what position were you in to push her out?
I wanted to squat, but it was just too painful for me. I did do some squatting, but I mostly labored standing up or on my left side. I was pushing on my left side and it was remarkably productive. I did lift my upper body as I did it. But then I didn't know how I would get the head out because I didn't like someone holding my leg up, so I moved over onto my knees. I was on my knees holding onto my doula when I pushed her out in the end. Or maybe I was on my hands too at that point--gosh, it all runs together now. I have to look at the video to see if I can remember it better.
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Wow, thanks for sharing, Hypatia. Miguel is a little doll! Now I'm getting quite impatient to meet my own!

Shanetedissac, thanks for sharing your birth story. It can be scary to "let go" emotionally as you open up physically. That is the part of labor not everyone is prepared for. Glad your 2 year old had a wonderous experience attending the birth. i keep wondering how Dante will do, I think he will like it. I ordered both the "spiritual midwifery" video and one that was highly recommended called "birth day" (NOT the discovery channel one, hee hee!) that shows young siblings at births, especially water births. Dante's really seemed into the videos I've shown him so far, including his own birth. That's his favorite, obviously

The only thing is, my video showed only the pushing, which was surprisingly quiet. I made a lot more noise during the active phase of stage 1 labor. So one day soon I need to practise some of these noises with him so he won't be freaked when it's happening for real. I HAD to make those loud, low noises last time...it felt SO good and helped SO much.

Mamaley, Jen, ana and deb, good wishes to you, I just know this week is going to be full of happy birthing vibes!
Originally posted by weesej
Halah, I love the name Jude. Tell everyone to shove it
Heh heh heh. Don't worry, I did.
Thanks, you guys. I feel a lot calmer about whatever name we eventually choose. I don't know what I was thinking trying to please people outside of dh and myself, they all think I'm weird anyway.
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Originally posted by cobluegirl
Congrats Amy!!! WOW....Glad you didn't have the hosp birth..they would have wanted you to have a cs.
Exactly what I was thinking! And it was more comfy being at home afterwards, definitely. Although I could use some nurses to bring me stuff. My nephew has been really good about doing dishes and stuff without me asking--he made dinner for Molly last night. He is stepping up to the plate. Yesterday I did a load of laundry and made myself food, but then decided just to take it easy as I was so crampy and not feeling particularly well. I feel more like myself today, other than the pooping part of things.
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Amy - wow! What a beauty! I second the good thing you didn't have a hospital birth - definately would have wanted to cs you.

Hypathia - congrats - he's so cute - love the tounge sticking out photo!

Shane - that was a great birth story. Congrats!

Labour vibes to all those mama's waiting (and waiting, and waiting....).

Had another mw appointment today - measuring 2 cm smaller than I did last week so I guess he's moved down a bit (good!). That explains all the extra pressure and twinges I've been feeling. My uncle's b-day is Saturday, he said he'd pay me $10 to have the baby on Sat - I told him for a Guinnes I guarantee it! LOL. Still continuing to loose bit of my plug - no red or brown - just mucous.

Oh - I think I posted about my friend who's dr told her Friday that she would have the baby this weekend b/c she was 1 cm dilated and 90% effaced. She didn't have it - as if we really though she would. Talked to her today - she's bent at the dr. for telling her that b/c it threw everyone into a tizzy. She hasn't even had the slightest sign of impending birth. The only good thing is the her mom and MIL came over the weekend and took care of all the things she hasn't gotten done (washing baby clothes, mopping the floor, grocery shopping).

Send out labour vibes to all! Have a good night ladies!
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Re: I had my baby...

congrats hypatia!!
miguel is beautiful! is that an argentinian flag i spot, right by the Che Guevara flag?? i'm from argentina, and also from the city Che was born in. just some useless information. :LOL

anyway, your baby is gorgeous!

i went for the NST this morning, and thank goodness my doula came by my house beforehand. we got a chance to talk and she reminded me that i DO NOT want to be induced with pitocin. i was already starting to give up. my dad being here (and leaving next week) is putting a lot of pressure on me to have this baby yesterday. everything looked great on the NST, and i have to go back on friday. hopefully something will have happened by then. i bought the choshes and castor oil, too. i'm ready to try anything-- just not pitocin yet.
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Congrats!!! He is beautiful! and the pic with your dh in bed w/ him is too adorable....
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Hi ladies - I've been a lurker extraordinaire here, but am waiting with the rest of you, so I thought I should at least introduce myself. Although I am an IT specialist, I don't usually post a lot about myself online ... but reading your posts is definitely helping me with the waiting.

Angela&Avery - I'm delivering in Dover, and was also due Sept 30th or 28th, depending on who you ask. And, our girls' name will be Avery. I thought I would say hi since we seem to have a few things in common

We live a little more north up near Lake Winnipesaukee on a little organic farm in the mountains, but DH and I both work on the seacoast at UNH (or, I did until a few weeks ago).

This is our first baby and I'm having no signs of labor just yet. We are planning a waterbirth and a hypnobirth. Induction date is Monday the 13th if nothing happens sooner (full moon on Friday!!).

Avery Rae (g) or Perrin (b) due 9/28 - 9/30
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It's been awhile...

...months, I believe, since I last posted, but since then we had a successful international move, and have been living for one month in (if not settled in!) our new home in CT. And now I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting! It's so nice to read all the great birth stories and see the *beautiful* baby pics.

My due date is tomorrow, but I've been having serious BH for so long that I really thought I would be early. On Saturday night I had six hours of steady contractions of increasing intensity, and then they just *stopped* at 1 am. Funny how this last week feels so much longer than the last month!

Can't wait to be able to bend again. To run. To meet this little creature whose knees have become so bonded with my rib. Can't wait to lie in bed and nurse and cuddle and forget about all the things that need to get done around here for a little while.



Awaiting little boy #4, to be born in a birth center an hour and a half from our new home. (If not in the back seat of our minivan!)
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Ana....I am soooo glad to hear bout your pitocin decision and hope you took no offense at my attempt at being supportive!
I also had a nst today and it went beautifully, so no worries, just waiting!! We will get through this, girl!! They gotta come out sometime

mamaley, you know, this is my hope!! I agree, you are definately on your way and I would think that it will kind of kick into high gear anytime soon. I have read about some slow and steady labors that last days and suddenly mom feels urge to push!! Whatever happens you are going to handle it great!!!! Active labor is definite difference, you will honestly be able to tell. Hear how Amy is having a hard time remembering details, that is active labor. birthing from within calls it "losing your mind"....going primitive, its a good thing!!! Hopefully you are laboring as I type and already know what I am talking about.....can't wait to hear from you again.

Shane, I am so honored by your honesty and sharing of your birth journey. so often it sounds so perfect and beautiful and smooth, yours sounded real and raw and good, filled with growth at the speed of contractions and beauty as you learned from yourself and your babe. Thank you and congratulations, you are so much stronger than you know and YOU DID IT!!!

Thanks sooooo much for all the great support while waiting, I am feeling better after a fabulous NST and my incredible midwives support. I could just cry they are so great. No pressure and so much confidence and support. I wish this for all women giving birth. I am progressing, just slooowwwly.
Love and light
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Originally posted by earthmamafor3
Ana....I am soooo glad to hear bout your pitocin decision and hope you took no offense at my attempt at being supportive!
no offense whatsoever! that is *exactly* the kind of support i need.

man, all my family in argentina is driving me nuts. they all probably think that i'm being selfish for not wanting to be induced, since my dad came all the way and will have to leave soon. i've decided to bend the truth a little bit, and told him (which he reports back to family there) that the docs are not recommending pitocin quite yet, that it'd be more risky than just waiting a few more days.

but feel i'm on the clock. i *will* be 42 weeks on friday (according to their dates), and i know the induction talk will start then. i just really need this baby to come.

i posted on my other thread that i think i'll wait on the castor oil. wouldn't want to have tons of contractions if my cervix is still not ready. i'm just so bummed my cervix is not doing ANYTHING. no change so far, none!
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Jumping in...

I'm jumping in here...my due date is Oct. 24th so I'm 37+ weeks (tomorrow I'm 38 weeks!). I actually posted a few times a while back but lost the group for some reason or another. I'm planning a homebirth- this is my second baby. I had a great birth at a natural birthing center with the first. My dd is 18 months now. Everything has gone smoothly with this pregnancy. But by the time I turn 37 weeks I just get into this rut where time seems to drag on so slowly and I start to think about the birth to the point it drives me crazy. I'm actually doing much better this time but still...I think its becasue they say 37 weeks is "full term" and you "could" go into labor so "be ready." So, although I'm not really ready I keep thinking when will labor start? Every twinge I wonder if it will blossom into contractions...and I know full well I'm likely to be pregnant for almost another month!
This is such a lesson in the art of being present!
Anyone else experiencing this?
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Similar story here--my due date is Oct 25th! Also planning a homebirth, this is my second baby too.

I just keep telling people I'm due "at the end of the month" that way I don't psyche myself out if Halloween comes and goes and I'm drifting into November territory. It's really exciting to be in my "window" as well and I wonder what I will do when I'm finished gathering all the birth supplies and "nesting". Time especially drags late at night...the baby feels just HUGE, and I can't quite remember if my son felt this big at this point.

My family all think I'm having the baby early and so today I got my first "anything happening?" call. Ugh. I am not even 38 weeks!!! I try to think of it as loving concern, a way for people to tell me they're thinking of me. Thinking positive thoughts...

And yes, whenever I feel twinges or low surges I hold my breath and let a silly part of my brain run away with it...I think about this labor all the time...
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Hey mamas
Gettin a little good action here today. Lots of hard contractions woke me up from about 4 am on. They have lengthened out between contractions but are staying hard. also nauseous and loose stools so yipee!! Friday is the full moon you know!!! That always helps!
Ana, I am so glad you appreciated the support and are waiting on the castor oil. I am so sorry about your pressures, they totally make this so much worse, I had so much of that my last two births. I am grateful to not have to worry this time. Thanks for helping me find something to appreciate!! I am sure you know that some women just "cook" longer than others and no one is sure why. It definately runs in my family and I have never gone into labor spontaneously before 43 weeks and 3 days!! The actual average for women to go into labor naturally is 41-42 weeks, so you are still within normal. Your cervix can change really quickly or slow and steady over a month, like mine!! I just want you know I am sooooo with you!

Welcome to the newly due and almost due mama's who have jumped in!! I am sooooooooooooooo sorry you are already getting the ?????. I have been getting all that since I was about 38 weeks and am now a week ovedue and I KNOW it has really made it difficult to wait patiently and get on with life while waiting. I just want to gag everyone around pregnant women!!!
Hang in they come when they are ready...trust and breathe......

Anyone heard from mamaley????? I am dying!!! Hope she is doing well!!!
It will be so soon, penelope!! you are making great progress, doesnt' it make all the difference to have great midwives?? I am eternally thankful for mine!!!
Blessings all, gotta go pick up the teenager
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Hey all - welcome to new mamas! Glad to have some more people due at the end - I'm due the 27th. Although with my family history (if I follow suit) I would be suprised if I made it that far - the longest anyone carried was 39 weeks to the day - most deliver between 37 and 39 and i'm 37+2 right now.

Britt - welcome to CT! I'm assuming you're in the Danbury area becuase you mention the birth center and the only free standing one in the state is in Danbury - which is where I go. I'm about an hour away on the coast. Welcome neighbour!

So not much news since yesterday - lost what I believe is a bit more of my plug. Still having ctx from time to time - nothing big time probably mostly BH but a few that feel different. Had a little odd nauseau last night and my stools have definately changed - loose and more frequent. Just waiting paitently (sort of!).

Penelope - know what you mean about cleaning, scrubbing, etc and the house is still a mess. Same issue here. There is no winning the battle of the dust bunnies (actually mine are dust great danes!).

And yeah - where is mamaley? Dying to know!

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grandmasgirl, I do go to the Danbury center -- I wonder if I've ever seen you in the waiting room?! I expect to end up there this weekend (all three of my others have been two days late, which is Friday for me). Course, you never know. I actually live a good ways away, on the other side of Hartford, but I didn't want a hospital birth again, and didn't have a home until a few weeks ago...

I sympathize with all the early calls from relatives. My phone rang about a dozen times today, which had me running like crazy. My FIL asked if they'd want to induce me since I had false labor last weekend. ??? Today is my due date, I'm not even late yet!

It's so nice to read all of your experiences. Makes me feel like I'm in good company as I relax through intense BH contractions.

I don't think I mentioned it earlier, but I'm 4 cm and soft already, and last week my mw guessed this baby was at least 9 lbs. (My biggest thus far was 9 14. I was glad to read about Amywillow's beautiful baby!)

Take care all, and earthmamafor3, sounds like you're just about there, so special birth vibes for you!
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hey mamas. welcome to the new moms! not much longer now!

okay, mamaley, where are you??? :
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