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What was your first cloth dipe you ever owned?

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And have you lived and learned since then? I know I have! I sold DS's first stash and am building a new one thanks to all the here.

My first CD was a Didee Snug...I've lived and learned.
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my first cloth diapers were preemie sized prefolds. My first fitteds were a whole newborn-med stash of Freshies and I loved them!! I was so sad when dd outgrew them
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My first was Gerber prefolds with rubber pants!!!!

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My first was Sweet Cheeks followed by Comply and Wee Washables. I am still amazed I managed to stick with CDing after using those.
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My first were actully a sample package that I still use. It had a Bumkins AIO, fb w/ JB, prorap, prefold., etc etc.
The only thing I sold was the Bumkin cover b/c the vent on the back always leaked during naps (I guess my ds was too wiggly and made it slide up).
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A bunch of flats that my aunt had given me and a few that she handmade for my son's baby shower 8 years ago lol
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The first CD I ever bought were Kissaluvs COLORS size 0 for dd. I used them with some Bummis SIWW and I got some infant prefolds from Pumpkin Butt.
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I made myself some contours (a copy of a "diaper" I had in my hope chest from age of 12) I made these out of flannel. Then I thought I was so smart to add elastic and wm brand velcro. THEN I got online and was like

my first purchased diaper was a bunch of prefolds/bummies and I bought them the next size up so she could grow into them. rolleyes: on a whim I wanted to try a fitted with snaps and purchased a pumkin patch from "from the heart" I think. I was so amazed.

I got myself a snap press and never looked back.

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My first cloth diaper was a Kushies Diaper Basics. I still have it, lol. My first WAHM diaper was a Mommyhearts.
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I got a bunch of different styles from www.orangestarfish.com before ds2 was born; it was my first time using cloth and I wanted to experiment. I also got one dozen infant cpfs. For the different styles, I think they were all unknown wahms.....

I learned that I loved fitteds and aio's best, and switched to that system

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my first cloth diaper was a diaper sampler pack from http://katieskisses.com then i went out and bought gerber dsq's until i got my order of prefolds from http://naturalbabies.com because i NEVER wanted to use disposies again. my first wahm fitted was a snowbabies (don't ask she isn't around anymore LOL)
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Stiff as a board organic cotton prefolds from Ecobaby. I think they've changed since then.

My first WAHM dipe? A Cowboy print SOS. Still have it, still in love.
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Homemade flannel Better Baby Diapers (yellow), and soe made with the same BBD pattern, only using Gerber birdseye prefolds for the inner & red & white stripe flannel for the outer. K-mart cheapo vinyl pants.

I made more BBD's for the girls, using terrycloth for the soakers, and then someone gave me a stash of hideously-sewn homemade pinnable contours, and a bunch of those diaper service AIO's with the snap tape. I acquired a few Bumkins wraps somewhere along the line, too, and a stash of pull-on nylon pants (mostly with the polyurethane peeling off!)
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Three dozen premium CPFs from Mothers Garden! I also got a 15 Proservice AIOs on clearance for $3 each (or was it $1.50 each? it was something INSANE). That was 5 years ago.
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Flats that we got from Sears. The surprising thing about it all is that we still use them. It seems like I'm the only one liking fitteds, everyone else looking after DD likes the flats. Folded up in a wrap, the flats are quite trim and easy to use.
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A Fuzzi Bunz.
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Originally posted by Muggins&Doody
My first cloth diaper was a Kushies Diaper Basics.
This was my main stash, along with a prefold and plastic pants.
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Mine were some Country Comfort diapers off ebay. They were really not bad....held in poop great, just not quite as absorbant as I would like. I did not sell them until ds outgrew them.
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a prefold and then for fitted was a ME POP. Bought from Born To Love
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My mom bought me birdseye flats, rubber pants and pins. She said "just in case" (she used cloth on us). I was like NO WAY MOM! But one day I tried them, then I found the internet, and whammmoooo, here I am!
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