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What was your first cloth dipe you ever owned? - Page 2

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this is fun...

A gerber prefold and a Dappi cover from Target :LOL
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I did tons of research, and my first purchase was an Angel Wrap quick dry AIO with alligators on it. I couldn't decide which size my DS needed, and Amy was so nice to send me an L and an XL to try on.

I am very attached to that diaper now, and quite a few Angel Wraps. I was/am very happy with my first purchase!
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My first were some Darla Peekabears in Newborn size, and some small Bodinks.
Man I wish I could find some more of both
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Flannel sheets cut into squares

that was 21 years ago, and then came my first fitted in 1999 called the Cloud 9 Softie! Woah, what a difference. We love the Cloud 9 Softies still.
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My first diaper (8 years ago) was a diaperap from the one step ahead catalog! Plus these flannel contours. I only used cloth during the day cause they were so unabsorbant that I'd never dare let them nap in them! LOL
My first WAHM dipe was a Cloud 9. Those continue to be my favorite other WAHM dipes.
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I used a diaper service the first 6 months w/ ds, but at my shower before he was born I was given some dappi fitteds... they never seemed to fit him well so I never really used them.
Other than those, the first dipes I officially owned were some Kissaluvs all terry fitteds. They were so fantastic! I was a loyal Kissaluv owner since then, although I ended up trying and using many other styles and brands of dipes.
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My first cloth order consisted of CPF's , Proraps. and Kushies AIO's. I sold the Kushies long ago and have moved on to better things.
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A dozen UBCPFs, and a few BSWW covers, all still in use. My first WAHM order were a few beautiful Angelwrap AIOs, I will cry the day she grows out of them.
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flannel/terry contours from born to love with green earth wraps and snappis. I sold those almost immediately and bought kushies basics and a few different wraps and I ended up using those with bumkins for a long time - i loved them. then I switched to all in ones about a year ago. tried a bunch till I settled on what I use now - fmbg, bbh, kushies ultras, and bumkins
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Gauze 20x36 flatfolds with Nikky wraps (Nikkys were VERY cutting edge at the time!)

It was 15 years ago. Things have come a lonnnnnng way since then!
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I got a FMBG AIO earlier in the week that I got my order of prefolds and SWWs.
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The first diaper I bought was a Kushies Ultra AIO. I thought it was so cute (and expensive...LOL). The next diapers I bought were some Righteous Baby AIO's (waaaay back in April...lol) and I hated the Kushies. That Kushies has never even been on my baby's bum...I just don't like the feel of them. Dd#1 uses it on her baby dolls
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a honeyboy!
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Our first CDs were AIOs from Clothbaby. They wicked. They were bulky. However, they were our "first" and have a dear place in our heart.
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ME pops and ME airflows bought locally at a crunchy store..... first WAHM dipe was a My-Joes made by Kelli Walker who now lives over in Korea...............that was almost 4 years ago I think.

I've learned that ME dipes don't hold even 1/2 the pee that other WAHM dipes do LOL.
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It wasn't a diaper (we used a service when my son was a newborn), but it was a green earth cover with a little umbilical cord cutout.

My first diaper was a Sweetcheeks flannel diaper that looked like it was shaped to fit one of those cute little vietnamese pot bellied pigs: giant waist, tiny legs, huge velcro strip, uncovered elastic in the legs. It was simply horrid. I think it absorbed about 1 teaspoon of pee. Then I stopped looking on ebay for bargains and started surfing the web for information and great products.

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My mom ordered 2 small and 2 medium Fuzzi Bunz for me to try. I will never sell them, I'll just put them in my babies' little boxes so someday they can see how little they were!
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After 6 months of a diaper service and countless hours searching online, I purchased prefolds, sandies and bummis siww's.

IMHO fitteds are the only way to diaper a EBF baby.

For dd #2 I started w/sahm flannel fitteds and contours and a few small covers. I gave away the newborn stash to a grad student.

Now that Ariel is two, and after trying many wahm dipes, I settled on Fuzzi Bunz and Bodinks fitteds w/an assortment of newer and older covers.

I like chumbas supertrim aio and babysoftwraps too.
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My first were Angelwraps Fleece and quick dry AIOs and I LOVE THEM! Wouldn't trade 'em in for anything. Great diapers!

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my first were premium prefolds and wool and cotton nikky wraps, I only wish i would have gotten the smaller prefolds, ds was only 4 months old and he had the biggest diaper butt. Still like prefolds and nikkys though.
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