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What was your first cloth dipe you ever owned? - Page 3

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A motherease one size diaper. 3 of em. And a (horrible) side aplix wrap from One Step Ahead.
They were all given to me by a crazy crunchy hippy friend i had way back in the day. she was tring to "convert" me!! (whoda thought)
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The first cloth diaper I got was a Motherease OS, and the first cover was an Air Flow. I have since sold all the OS - I still have the AF but I never use it.
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Bumkin's AIO, which was passed on to another once I learned about hemp. =)

I think I'd buy them again for a tiny babe, should I not have access to some yummy WAHM diapers.

Part of my original stash was also ME OS, Sandy's, AIO which I've also passed along.
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Infant prefolds & NB Proraps
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Embarrassingly enough I bought a 5 pack of kooshies ultras as they were the ONLY cd's I could find in any of the stores where I lived. Predictably cd'ing never caught on with those AWFUL things. The first diapers I bought that I'm proud of were 24 premium sized prefolds and 4 bumpy covers when my dd was 3 months old. Lets just say I should have bought the smaller prefolds ...but I LOVED them anyways ...especially the covers.


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Dappi covers and flats from BRU
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Um....I think it was the loose twill thin cd's that I had been using as burp cloths before that. They were so thin I had to double them up. I remmeber the slightly nicer ones had zoo animals on them, I must have had gerber covers over them, when I started out I thought gerber pull ons were it for covers. Local stores here don't even have the EZ covers. Then my grandmother, thrilled at the news I had switched to cloth (and how I was sticking with it I don't know) sent some gerber flatfolds. I think the first diaper I ordered online was from a now defunct website called Just Add Munchkin. She made flannel fitteds that, now that I think I'm experienced enough to know, were really well put together. I thought they were the bees knees. I used them on Liam too, although he was a supersoaker and they couldn't hold a candle to him, but he outgrew them faster than you could say "stash overhaul" anyways :LOL I had also bought three med. bumkins covers with those too, and had been hooked on bumkins products since.
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gerber prefolds and dappi's and a few nikky's i found at a local rummage sale, brand new.
i wish i would have saved the tiny nikky for karina's baby box, but i just sold it for $5. oh well.
this above lot didnt work too well (it was the gerber PF's) so i went to ebay and got suckered into trying many many crap diapers out there...anyone heard of carousel AIO's? they were awful! LOL.
finally the first thing that worked for us was fuzzibunz, and i am finding that after all i have been through with them (repelling fleece, marks on thighs) i still grab a large fuzzibunz for kalob very often!
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What a fun thread!

My first dipes were infant CPFs and NB size SIWW covers - and I still use that combo sometimes!
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My first diaper purchase was 6 size 0 Kissaluvs colors from NaturalBabies. Followed closely by a Sugarpeas size 1 Emu Namae whale print diaper.
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baak (broken arm at keyboard, lol)

my first was an ME one size and airflow cover, that i have since passed on. my next one really got me into CD'ing - it was an angel wraps aio

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2 Sugarpeas long before I was pregnant! A cloud with silver thread and a tropical (?) blue print. They fit the bean very well, wish I could get more easily.
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They haven't arrived yet, but my firsts will be 5 kushies Ultra AIO & a Happy Heiny's in Frog Batik. The ones we're using now were borrowed from a friend (Snuggle Ups)
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The first diapers I owned were pre-fold purchase from my local diaper service and Diaperaps...16 years ago.
My first fitteds were ME Sandis and Air-flow covers.
The first WAHM fitted was something I bought used from e-Bay, and the seller isn't around anymore.
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Mine was a burgundy Kissaluv! I've still go it, and it fits, too. I got if before I was even PG :crazy Actually it was about a year before I even got PG. It's a size one, and I just LOVE it. I just wanted to get one to see if I would really like to use them.
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My first was Gerber DSQ prefolds and Gerber covers. That didn't last long. I ordered a sample package from BarefootBaby.com that included bumkins AIO, bummis pull on pants, and a few other items. Then I met you guys! and I've been hooked since.
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The first diaper I bought was a pink bandana print x-sm qd aio from Angelwraps.com.
The first dipe I got in the mail were 2 kiss-a-luvs size 0. One purple and one the regular color.
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Under the Nile one-size. OMG, that thing was bulky! It's gone, as are the FBs and JBs we started out with. They wicked at the legs and DH hated them. We gave up on cloth for a while, and are just coming back to it. My first order the second time around had a little bit of everything in it (sampler from Punkin-Butt).
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A whole ton of Re'uz-m Elite AIOs...not pretty, not fun, just functional.
My first WAHM dipes were Honeyboys and Apronstrings. I was hooked right away! Ya'll are a bad influence!!!
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The 5 packs of Kushies, they were TERRIBLE, I gave up for 2 months even because I was so frustrated. I finally got a WORKING absorbant diaper when he was 2.5 months old and have been addicted ever since!
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