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What was your first cloth dipe you ever owned? - Page 4

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That's easy - terry flats, a snappy and pull on plastic pants. Snappies first came on the market here about 10 years ago, so I've never owned pins.
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I didn't get into cd'ing until ds was about 18 months old. My very good friend lent me some of her fb's and inserts. They worked really well on him so I went to Ebay. I bought some WAHM aio's but they always seemed to leak after an hour. Then I ordered some fb's of my own and stayed with those. Now, I am getting ready to sell all of my stash because I am potty training ds.
Megan 8.10.99
Jacob 10.22.01
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My first CD was a Grasshopper Green Fuzzi Bunz and a Joey Bunz from babykicks. I still have the Joey Bunz but I sold the Fuzzi for a more girlie color.
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That's easy, Curity (I think?--my mom bought them for me) Prefolds & pull-on Gerber plastic pants...
My first wraps were wool Biobottoms & Nikkys (can't remember now which came first) which I used with awesome WAHM flannel contours...Then came Kooshies....and the rest is WAHM history! I think the first WAHM diaper I bought was a FMBG!
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My first were just plain 'ol prefolds, which I still have and use. My first thing other than a prefold was a horrible Funky Babies AIO that was horrible!!!!! I learned my lesson on that one.:
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My first was 7 1/2 years ago and they were the Gerber prefolds from Ames or KMart and pins and vinyl covers.

Then with Caleb 3 1/2 years ago, I had a small ME AIO and 2 prototype Country Cozy's before Suzi ever opened shop. I absolutely loved them. Then I graduated to Benjamuffins and so much more.

I've definitely learned alot over the years. (Like not to put bleach in the diaper pail with prefolds which is what my mother taught me when Justin was a baby)
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used Kooshies fitteds and dappi covers.

I've definitely moved on
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My first cd was a ME one size ~ HATED IT! Way too big for my little peanut.

2nd cd: ME Sandys: much better but horrible at night.

3rd cd: Fuzzi Bunz: YAY! Great diaper

4th cd: Little Lambs: love these!!

New Fav: Happy Heinys!!! Stuffins are so great in these diapers!

Oh, guess I could have stopped at the first one aye?? hehehe... but there are so many I like!!
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I simultaneously got a bag of free Rainbow contours and a Kushies AIO at the thrift store... I had diaper service and was trying to find a cheaper alternative...

those first two didn't work so I bought ME OS.
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one dozen wahm dipes from Natural Instinct. They are one-size fitteds, and are still my staple! Of course, I've branched out...

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We bought Nikkys. I thought they where nice looking but I kept having poopie leaks. Not to mention the time I was at church, holding dd on my hip and felt something wet. That was when I looked down to discover the diper had leaked all over me and her. Now we are using Bummies and we have yet to have a problem.
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kushies ultra... dh still likes em: i like some others though, lol
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My first diapers were some prefold-to-fitteds that Charmie lent me so I could start CDing. I still use them.
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Among the try-out diapers in my first stash ...
tiny flannel/terry diapers that were for trifolding (cottonclouds, barefoot baby) They looked like washies but I liked them when he was small
Nikky wraps--never fit right, tiny gussets, bad leaks
Niji wraps--cheaper than Nikki, and better too
Cotn' wrap--still love these
Contour flannel/terrys--don't get the point of these at all
bumkins AIO--great
Snuggleups/snugglebottoms-- my first fitted, all flannel--elastic wore out immediately.
infant/premium prefolds from babyworks--the best prefolds ever--fabulous!
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