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I also think you are going to need to be more active in prevention -- taking items away from him when you see him getting ready to attack, and moving away and defending yourself and your animals. Once you see him with a pudding case and heading towards the dog, you get him then. Once he kicks you once (if he gets that far) you get up and move away where he can't get you. I'm sure you're tired but you've got to protect yourselves and teach him that you won't let him follow through on hitting and kicking.
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OP, I just saw this thread in new posts, and was wondering if you have looked into food allergies as a trigger?
I have seen a number of children with rage issues calm down considerably, if not all the way, when processed dairy was removed from their diet.
Not saying this is the magical cure, but it is well worth testing out.
Hugs! Paula
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Originally Posted by amma-la View Post
i respectfuly disagree with this. there's no reason you shouldn't do both at the same time. science does not negate spirituality and vice versa. they have done serious scientific studies to find that cancer patients who had large congregations pray for them recovered much faster and overall did better. consider a sort of collective consciousness effect.

anyway, i'm tibetan buddhist and we also have this tradition of specific prayer for emotional problems going on and i have seen so many miraculous turn arounds.

there's been so much good advice already, i just want to add that you could consider visiting a pastor along with whatever treatment plan you see fit.

also, pray over the situation yourself! if all else fails - try meditation, a few minutes being quiet and pushing thoughts out of your head can really recharge your battery and keep you grounded, which as you mentioned yourself can go a long way towards keeping him that happy-go-lucky little guy you love.

i am sending you lots of positive energy and healing thoughts. i am so sorry you are going through this. it will get better.
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Originally Posted by darlintxmomma View Post
thanks again for all the help and links and advice.
good news...today was a GREAT day. i absolutely refused to allow myself to become worked up about anything he did and i remained calm and happy all day and my mood apparently affected him because hes been a happy-go-lucky kid today.
i did give him his multi (which ive been slacking on for a while), and some theanine (relax-a-saurus) which has helped his moods inthe past. he got a single dose of calm child this morning when he began to have his fits as soon as i woke up and he was totally different within 10 minutes.
he's even cooperating with potty learning some today which he had been revolting against for weeks now.
i feel like today i got my kid back that i love and adore so much. im gonna keep this routine up for a while and see how he responds.
oh...and no popsickles since early this am.
im gonna get some 100% juice and make my own from now on.
Great updates -- hope you are still doing well!
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Wow. This thread is REALLY old !

So how did things turn out?
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The OP updated a few posts back that things have really turned around.
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