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i woudl venture to say that cytotec is never NECESSARY..at least teh manufactuer doesnt believe so.
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First of all, women are not technically "overdue" until 42 weeks. Secondly, the SOGC (here in Canada) has a policy that NO CLINICAL DECISIONS should be made on the basis of baby's suspected size. I'm sure ACOG has similar.

I am so glad you are feeling patient and well, your cervix will thin (and dilate) soon. It's not uncommon for first babies to bake a little while, mama. You are doing an excellent job. Hang in there.
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Originally Posted by PassionateWriter View Post
make an appt. for a total spa treatment for next Monday. its a guarantee you will go into labor and miss the appt! lol!
I LOVE this idea! I think I will use it, though I pray I don't have to.
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Good for you! I'm glad to hear you've turned down the induction! Especially the cytotec. I didn't know OBs still used that stuff!

Also, since I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, 1 cm dilated doesn't really mean much right now. My labor started 3 days after an appointment where I was 1 cm dilated and barely effaced.

And I agree with the PP who said don't let the OB anywhere near your cervix for sweeping the membranes. If you really want to kick things off naturally, there are other things you can try. You're already taking good walks, it sounds like. I know there are pressure points on the feet/ankles that can help labor along. I don't know exactly where, but what pregnant woman DOESN'T need a good foot massage? And there's doing exactly what you were doing to start your little girl in the first place. I'm sure other posters here also have great suggestions.

Good luck and hang in there!
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Originally Posted by Eresh View Post
I don't know exactly where, but what pregnant woman DOESN'T need a good foot massage?
Around the ankle bones. Be sure to tell the person giving the massage that you want labor to start because otherwise good practitioners will avoid that area entirely when you're pregnant.

You probably can't work them yourself because bending is such a nuisance, but a friend or family member can do it if a massage isn't in your budget. Just gentle circular motions around the ankle bones (as well as all the other nice massaging they give you--rubbing the calves is such a happy thing for swollen legs and feet!)
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I had reflexology the week before last and it was pure heaven. Now if I only had enough cashola to do that for myself more often.
My sis in law who is the pediatrician called last night and is not happy with my decision but I can't worry about that. No one else but DH and I could make it for us.
I know she's probably annoyed because I asked for her opinion and then didn't listen to her.
Not sure what I should do with myself today. Maybe some work in the garden, knitting and chatting on the phone. Will keep you all updated on our progress!
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its amazing to me that a pediatrician would want you to be induced, which puts so much stress on the baby, before you are officially "past due date". Babies get to chose their birth days in these neck of the woods at least.
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mama, just out of curiousity, where in CT are you? I'm in northeastern (the oh-so Quiet Corner).

Keep us posted!
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It sounds like you've already made the right decision, but just in case you need some more reinforcement, I would NOT agree to an induction before 42 weeks unless it was medically necessary. It's a c-section waiting to happen.

However, I would feel like a total hypocrite if I didn't mention that I agreed to be induced with a 1/4 tab of Cytotec at 39.5 weeks due to PROM and borderline high blood pressure. Everything turned out fine- I was already 1-2 cm dilated and totally thinned out, and I ended up with a lovely natural birth and a perfect baby- but it was a bad decision and it's not one I would make again.
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We live in Newtown near Danbury. Must be nice to live up North, not quite as hectic as down around here I would think. Everyone is in such a hurry around here they drive like maniacs on our small roads. I'm originally from Ontario where life is a different pace in my mum's small village where she lives now. Maybe someday I'll get my wish and live up there.
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I'm surprised the doctor didn't mention cervidil as an alternative to cytotec when you expressed concerns about it. Cervidil is a gentler cervix ripener, and the good thing about it is that if you have a bad reaction to it, it can be removed- it's inserted vaginally and has a string like a tampon. I would definitely recommend waiting to go into labor on your own if baby is OK, but if you start to feel like you want to go along with an induction, cervidil might be a better choice for you. Generally they'll insert it overnight (w/ you having to stay in the hospital overnight) and then check your cervix in the morning, starting pit if it's ripened enough. If it's still not ripe they may do another dose of cervidil. The downside is that you end up spending a ton of time in the hospital before you even go into labor, which starts you off at an energy deficit.

Many docs prefer cytotec to cervidil because it's faster, and a lot cheaper. Which are not at all good reasons. :

Side note on cytotec still being used: I watched a special on Discovery Health about a woman with quadroplegia giving birth. She was amazing...she was so determined to have a baby, and had to be on bed rest for I think half the pregnancy because being upright was making her faint. Her docs deemed that labor would be to stressful for her system, partly because the pain would send her nervous system into shock- something havign to do with her quadroplegia. So they gave her an epidural and induced her...with cytotec! I was like, "This woman is incredibly high risk, and at risk of shock to begin with, and they're using cytotec!" It was unreal.
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Originally Posted by Yarnista View Post
My sis in law who is the pediatrician called last night and is not happy with my decision but I can't worry about that. No one else but DH and I could make it for us.
You know it, mama! I'm glad you're at peace with your decision and send you LOADS of cyber support and love!
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I concur with almost everything that's been said here. Do *not* use cytotec, it is not approved by it's own manufacturer for the use of cervical ripening. Why are they even using this? Even a small dose, I wouldn't use ever. There are a lot of other cervical ripeners. Google Bishop's Score Chart I believe it's called and that will tell you how likely you are for an induction to work.

A membrane sweep is not an irreversible induction. The risk is that they might puncture your bag of waters, which is a risk. I go past my guess date with my babies, finally after baby #3 I figured out why, asynclitic head.

My first ds my OB did a very gentle sweep I believe without my knowledge when he did my vaginal check (didn't realize how pointless those were at the time) and that got me going. I had ds 3 days past my "guess date."

With ds#2 I had a diff. practice and the CNM was threatening induction as I was 8 days past. I would not consent to set up an appointment so she offered as I was walking out of the office to do a sweep. I went ahead and consented (Btw I have a lot of early labor on and off-"prodromal" labor) so I was 3-4 cms already and 80% effaced. She did a very aggressive sweep, ouch, unlike my first and I was in labor by the time I walked out of the door and over for my NST. I remember telling the nursing staff that I would be back later that night, that I was in early stages and they rolled their eyes at me. I had my baby that night at 11:51 pm.

With dd I had a homebirth and she was 10 days past. I was getting all of the same advise and I know the same advise I've given to students. However, I felt in my gut that this baby was over, fine but over. So dh and I had sex that morning, I sat there after holding it in....sperm is a natural cervical ripener..for a good 5-10 min.s Then I did a lot of walking that day, endlessly. I hit early labor that night around 6 pm and had the baby by 6:30 am with active labor hitting at 3:30 am. I did some moves to help the baby's head line up just before 6 pm and that helped tremendously (like doing a pelvic rock during a contraction) and sitting with one leg up while the other is in a kneeling position during a ctx as well, and a belly lift during a ctx- they all worked.

Chances are just let your body do it's work and the baby will come when it's time and that's probably very soon. You can try some of the other natural inductions (like sex) and if your body is ready then it will take. Same with a sweep, if your body isn't ready then it won't take but if it is I think it's much gentler than pitocin or heaven forbid cytotec.

Best of luck. Can't wait to hear.
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The first thing I did was mention cerividil to her because that is what they use at my sis in law's hospital. She told me in her residency they called it sleepidil because it doesn't do anything. I wanted to say then why is it the protocol at my sil's hospital. I also asked about a sweep and she said they can't do that because my cerix was long and thick. I think it may be different now as I've been feeling alot since last night and today.
We have done the deed plenty trying to get things going but I'm not sure that is helping because that is why we had to do ivf, because DH has an extremely low sperm count. I don't know if that directly corresponds to the amount of prostaglandins. I've also done a lot of walking which I have to slow down on because I was little nervous yesterday being far away from home and feeling her way down there. I'm just going to stick to around the house, in the garden. With any luck she'll be here soon with all I'm feeling! My other sil is flying in for the weekend so I really hope she comes so she can see her.
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Good luck mama! And please stick to your guns on the cytotec. I'm one of the "very rare" (per the OB) that had a nearly fatal outcome with it. Since then I've done lots of research and it is really bad stuff. There are other options if it comes to that. Cytotec is fast and CHEAP - like pennies so some docs love it.
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I LEFT my midwifery/OB Practice at 34 weeks because I found out they routinely use Cytotec. Don't do it momma!
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Just wanted to keep you all updated. I had contractions all night last night, still some this morning but not regular yet. They are much stronger than braxton hicks so with any luck maybe this is it! Have to go to the ob at 10:30 this morning. Big brother is so excited especially since he gets to stay home from school today!
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Sounds like you've received some good advice from the other mamas here. I'm a Cytotec 'survivor' - and wound up with an emergency c-section, as my son went into severe distress. Your OB saying they use a small dose is BS! There is no true measure for how a woman/baby will respond and it can't be undone! Once that pill is inserted, you can't turn back.

I'm not a fan of inductions, but at least pitocin can be regulated.

So glad to hear you're having contractions! Walk, Walk, Walk....drink lots of water and keep that positive, strong attitude!!!

I'll be sending you TONS of birthing energy!!!

Wishing you all the best!!!
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On my way to the ob and I just lost my mucous plug, hip hip hooray! When I had my son I lost it during labor at the hospital. I'm so excited!
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Wishing you a peaceful, beautiful birth, mama!!!
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