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Why do YOU Baby wear?

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My sister called to ask me what baby wearing is and what all the benefits to it are..

I really hadn't thought about it, it just seems like the right thing to do.

Here is what I came up with.

It is easier to do house hold choirs.

Your baby feels safe when it is next to you.

Its easier to breastfed.

Thats all I could come up with.. I am sure there are alot more reasons and would love to give her more incase she wants to start wearing her 5 month old

So why do you wear your baby?
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For all the reason's you mentioned, plus a stroller is so bulky to lug around all the time.
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... because we are both more secure in public this way. i know that he is right under my heart, safe and sound!

... because he loves to see the world from this height. i think he feels more a part of everything going on around him.

... because shopping carts are petri dishes!

... because i love having him right near me. i just do!
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For newborns it helps them organize their physioligical systems, and for smaller babies it's the best way for them to learn, right at adult level, seeing things and interacting.

You can walk anywhere! I put on my hiking shoes and ramble through the botantical gardens, don't have to stop to look for elevators but take flights of stairs up and down, dart between parked cars at will... I don't even stop to think about getting a stroller through it all

It's fun to sing Little Bunny Foo Foo and feel your baby hop up and down with the bunny in the song!
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Well I plan to babywear because it seems like it will be a lot easier to get things done around the house with the use of both hands.

I like the idea of my baby hanging onto me like a little baby monkey ^_^

And my husband plays World of Warcraft so he wants to wear son in the pouch sling while he plays. Which I thought was super cute until he pantomimed telling our son "heres how you stealth and shive someone in the back!" (he plays a rogue)

Plus I think moms just look so dang cool when they arent grappling with grocery bags and an infant. And I want to look like Im handling my new responsibilities well so..
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I babywear for many reasons but a big one is that I have always been dependant on public transportation to go places with my daughter. I never wanted to have to lug a stroller onto the bus or train with me and I've never had to.
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All the reasons already mentioned.

And we both love it.

And it is easier to have hands free.

And strollers are a pain in the posterior.

AND, and this is a biggie for me, I never ever ever have to worry about someone snatching my baby if I turn my back on the cart for just a minute. They would pretty much have to pin me down and hold me to get to her.

Also, I have found it reduces greatly how many people touch or try to touch my baby, since they have to invade my personal space to do so.

Oh, and she gets some of the BEST naps in her carrier.
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Because I have a wild toddler boy & I need my hands.
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It's an easy way to get him to sleep. It's easier to carry him on my than lug around a big car seat & it's way more simple to get stuff done because he doesn't particularly like being put down.
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Because I can kiss and smell his wonderful baby head all the time.

And we have better conversations when he is closer to me. Granted the conversations are a bit one sided now but they won't be for long.

I love to wear my baby!
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I work outside the home--no WAY could I lug a stroller and a playpen around or get a darned thing done if ds was out of his sling!

I have teenagers. They're clumsy. They trip over the pattern in the linoleum and leave knives lying around. I've heard of toddler stepping on babies and I wouldn't want to find out what would happen if one of my teens did it.

I'm 43. I probably won't get to have another baby. I need every whiff of that sweet soft sleeping baby smell I can get!

I love the companionship. We talk about everything. I know he doesn't understand it all, but he understands enough that we laugh together and cry together and I'm looking forward to when he can echo me back with one of my favourite little sayings just for this special midlife babe: "I'd rather be miserable with you than happy with anyone else!"
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To keep the little one quiet, so I am not bumping into things with a stroller, so I have my hands free. I sometimes toddler wear to keep her out of trouble. I baby wear more for MY benefit, not theirs.
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Like another mama said, I don't want anyone to snatch him while my back is turned.

I love having him close.

He is so much happier when he is being worn. And I can get more done with a happy baby.

Just plain easier all around.
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The bucket is way too heavy. I like having my hands free to deal with the other kids, prep snacks, etc. I dont like other people's grubby hands on my baby. I like to hike and its great to keep the baby/toddler up high and safe. I like being able to nurse while walking and the sling helps with that. My arms dont have the stamina to carry my babies for long.
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all of the reasons mentioned!

-he's happier being held, so wearing him lets me do stuff to, so we're both happy!
-easier ot take the bus
-DS is crazy about the kangaroo hold, which tucks his legs in fron tof him.... he's a pretty gassy baby, so this position helps get the gas out! lol
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Because I like being able to carry my ds and have two hands free, all at the same time.
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I tried the bucket seat with dd1 and it was so awkward and heavy. eventually I realized that life was so much easier if I would just leave the bucked in the car and take dd along with me in a sling instead. She slept so much longer when snuggled up against me in the sling. I had two hands to eat, open doors, sign receipts, etc. Plus, it's just so nice having your baby right there all the time. You are always rubbing their back, or patting their bum, it's so nice to just be able to feel them and their warm little bodies right there. Once I had my second baby and I had a two year old running around, I don't think I could have survived without my sling!
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Moving to the babywearing forum.
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All of the above reasons, plus I work at home as an apartment manager, so I am always running around, putting out balloons, sweeping halls, working on the pool, inspecting apartments when people move-out, giving people tours. I don't have time to mess with carriers or strollers, I have to be out the door within seconds most of the day, plus our complex only has stairs, no elevators. Baby wearing also means my DD gets the attention she deserves even though I am working.
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when he was little, it soothed him. he'd nap in it and i could get things done.

i started babywearing a lot when we stopped using the infant bucket carseat. i tried putting him in his "big baby" stroller at the mall and he hated it. but he loved it and fell asleep in the beco. he also likes riding in a shopping cart but only for so long, so target or grocery shopping goes a lot better when i wear him.

so now we "wind him down" in it at night or have him nap in it if we're out and about. it's been a lifesaver. it's about the only way dad can get him to sleep.

plus, when we have two, then i don't have to be "that" person with the huge double stroller being annoying to people around me.
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