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Easy... I do it to help calm my active LO down. I hate strollers in general bc I am so BAD at driving them, and I love having DD close to me. It's easier to take in the groceries with DD on my back than it is to herd her while carrying in 20 (reusable) bags inside.
Best though, are the snuggles from her.
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I babywear because it is easier on me. I like that it's good for DS, but really, I'm all about convienience. Most of the time, if he's screaming and dinner is coming up and I need to vaccuum, I pop him on my back and it all gets done.

Babywearing makes me SuperMama.
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I don't use the sling constantly. I use a double stroller, too. We use the sling when it makes the baby happy or it's most convenient. It's also good for getting her to go to sleep when we're out of the house
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Advantages of a sling vs a stroller:

- You can go on mall escalators
- You can fit in tight aisles in clothing stores
- You can fit in a regular public bathroom stall, or a change room
- You can go up stairs
- You can go easily over curbs
- You can go easily over rough terrain, sand, gravel, grass, snow and ice
- Your 10-lb baby weighs 10 pounds, instead of the 50lb (or whatever) stroller
- Much easier on the bus
- When driving somewhere, upon arrival you just pop baby into the sling which you're probably already wearing, no need to transport a stroller and set it up.
- Upon departing, no need to take down the stroller and fit it back into your car...
- When going to the movies or Marineland or amusement parks etc, most places require you to park the stroller outside and carry baby into the venue anyway!
- If baby is fussy in the stroller, you have to stop, go around to the front (since most strollers are front-facing), kneel down, figure out the problem, fix the problem, get baby settled, before you can start walking again. With a sling, you can keep walking while chatting with baby about the problem.
- If baby's fussiness is because they want to be out (like with older toddlers who want to walk), then you're left with a toddler on the go AND an empty stroller to push around. With a sling, you just have the toddler.
- Often in strollers, babies are 'buried', either under canopies or blankets or rain guards or whatever. No interaction with the world.
- Sling babies are at "conversation height" and learn more by observing you interacting with other people and the world than they do down at stroller height.

These are only the reasons off the top of my head, and only in specific reference to comparison with strollers. There are of course many other advantages as well, some already mentioned.
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I started babywearing because since she is breastfeeding she always wants her momma. I couldn't get nothing done having to hold her all the time. Babywearing has freed up my hands to get things done.
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Gosh, for so many reasons....

A) The whole bonding/attachment nurturing thing.

B) I love that I can nurse him in my ring sling while we are out and about and no one knows.

C) It's just so much easier to hold them that way instead of my arms getting tired etc.

D) Noah is baby #3, I love that I can still be close to him while also being close to my other kids and being there for them (they are 4 and 5 years old).

E) Housework - could not get housework done without my Mei Tai and Noah on my back!

F) Playing with the kids! I can pop Noah on my back and go out for a walk with the kids or help them learn how to ride their bikes and have both hands free and not need to worry about a stroller etc etc.

G) and really it is just so much easier, IMNSO, to babywear than it is to wrestle with strollers and stuff when we are out.
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Tell her to type in babywearing on wikapedia and every answer/explanation for babywearing is on there. HTH
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DS weighs 25 lbs and is just to heavy to carry without help. I started BW with DD for the same reason, she wasn't walking, she was too heavy to just carry around. Plus I can be hands free when I am doing things.
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I BW because:

I hate trying to manuver strollers around
Who would want to ride around looking at peoples' legs all day? Not me, but I'd love to be at grownup level where I can make all the eye contact, learn from faces, hear voices and see where they are coming from.
My baby is happiest when she is with me....and she weighs ten tons.....and I physically can't carry her in my arms all. the. time.
Who could cook with a toddler holding their legs and screaming? Not me. Who could cook while wearing said toddler on his/her back (and NOT screaming)? I CAN!
My babe is comforted by being near me.
My babe feels safe and secure.
I have two hands free to deal w/the three other little people wandering around my life.
Wearing my babe feels like the right/most convienient/best option for me.
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great thread for bwing educators!
great flyer for a bwing meeting
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I love having her close to me!
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To kiss that sweet little head all day long!
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Because I love having 2 free hands. It's much easier to shop.

Because dd loves it.

Because with dd was tiny people didn't try to reach in an touch her in the sling. I do have to say that it surpised me that more people do touch her now that she faces out than when she's in her stroller. I guess because she's right there in front of them.
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when the babes were young it was so that they felt secure and they were more content when I did.Not to mention that when they needed to be held I could still do other stuff.Now I wear Ollie because he shoots off like a rocket but on my back in the ergo he is secure.it leave my hands free for the other two when we need to cross the street etc.
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i started because when my lo was born he wouldnt have it any other way literally screamed endlessly when put down.. so why even try it broke my heart. but now b/c i love having him right with me all the time.. plus its convenient as heck. also good way for my SO to bond with our LO he felt very helpless and didnt really know his role... babywearing really helped him learn to comfort and nurture our LO.
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a lot of good reason...

I love BW because "Mother is the habitat of the baby.. and toddlers".
It's safe, makes our life easier.: easier to go in the back in a public bathroom, safe to walk in the street, when you cross the street in a stroller, the baby went first.
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I started babywearing when my first was born. In our family children go where we go so wearing them is a great option. My children are now grown and I wear the children I take care of.
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All the usual reasons of course. And if I put her in a shopping cart or stroller then she wants OUT!!!!! If I carry her in my arms then she wants DOWN!!!!!!! Not to mention the fact that I am wimpy and she is heavy, I just can't carry her for very long.
But if she's in the carrier( currently an Ergo) then she is content to stay for HOURS, as long as we are moving and doing something interesting.
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