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UTI & natural remedies?

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I am 31 weeks pregnant and my urinalysis came back showing some bacteria. I have been having a strange sensation when I urinate and I think I have a UTI or the beginning of one.

What can I do, natural remedies, besides cranberry juice and probiotics? Anyone have this problem and successfully got rid of it without western medicine?

Thank you!

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Cranberry capsules. Gets rid of it every time.
I take em daily to keep them away.
But when I had one, I would take about 5 capsules in the morning,
3 or 4 at lunch, and then about 4 at dinner. And lots of water.
It always flushed it out.
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I've heard that reducing sugar in your diet can help. I do that along with unsweeteded cranberry juice, lots of water and peeing frequently (aren't we all doing that anyway since we're pregnant?)

I've also heard of taking vitamin C on the theory that it will make your urine more acidic and therefore make your bladder a less welcoming place for bacteria, but I've never tried that myself and I'm not real convinced.
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Untreated UTIs can cause preterm labor.
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Raw garlic- it's a great antibacterial and antifungal. I've used it to treat mastitis, yeast, UTIs (as long as you catch it before you're peeing blood and having symptoms that it has spread to the kidneys like back pain and nausea). You can mince up a few cloves and add it to a glass of cranberry juice and you can barely taste it. It has to be raw though, cooking or processing of any sort (ie: odorless garlic pills) deactivates the allicin.

Definitely load up on probiotics and Vit. C too as you would with any infection.
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going to just reiterate cranberry juice... and LOTS LOTS LOTS of water. Your pee should be nearly as clear as water with a barely noticable yellow tint. Flushing it out and having probiotics in your system will help more than anything (besides antibiotics, which i know you may not want to take).

If you can't seem to get a handle on it soon, go to your dr. for help... the spasms in the bladder can cause contractions if you're further along.
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Whatever you do, take it seriously. UTI's can be bad news. I'm prone to them anyway and I guess pregnancy makes you more susceptible. I got one early pregnancy and tried many things (cranberry, no sugar, no alcohol, etc), but ultimately had to take antibiotics. After that bout, I totally cut out ALL sugar and made sure to keep hydrated. Didn't have a problem after that. Good luck--hope you get better soon.
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BTW, where can you find unsweetened cranberry juice? All the cranberry juice Ive found has over 30 grams of sugar, mainly because its always mixed with something else, like grape juice...
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This is the kind I have used in the past (no sugar at all): http://www.wellnessgrocer.com/knudse...ry-p-2724.html
It's truly brutally horrible tasting, but does the job (when it can). I usually dilute it 1/2 strength with water, which makes it a bit more do-able...I still plug my nose and wash it down with something else though...
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The herb Uva Ursi worked wonders for me and I now make sure I keep it on hand at all times. It's the only thing that has worked for me when I feel like a UTI is coming on. None of the other remedies (cranberry juice, supplements, vitamin c, cutting down sugar) worked for me at all and OTC's and prescriptions took a long time to clear the problem and I had yucky side effects.

I buy the leaves from a local herb shop and steep to make tea. Ever since I started this remedy I've only had a full blown infection once and that was only because I ran out of the leaves. But as soon as I got my hands on the leaves and started drinking the tea my symptoms cleared up within 24 hours. I've never had to see a doctor again, I just slam lots of the tea and it goes away.

My holistic doctor carries some kind of uva ursi drops which one of his receptionists said works wonders for her, it's more concentrated but I've never tried it as the leaves work fine for me.

By the way, I've only used this when I wasn't pg, so I would double check with your doctor or someone before you try any herb.

UTI's really suck
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I've used Uva Ursi twice this pregnancy for UTI's and it worked quickly both times. Was given by my MW at the time. She did say something about how you shouldn't take the Uva Ursi and CranGuard at the same time... alternate if you need to... but I never could find CranGuard around here so I just did the Uva Ursi and lots of water
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Originally Posted by sunnymw View Post
I've used Uva Ursi twice this pregnancy for UTI's and it worked quickly both times. Was given by my MW at the time. She did say something about how you shouldn't take the Uva Ursi and CranGuard at the same time... alternate if you need to... but I never could find CranGuard around here so I just did the Uva Ursi and lots of water
Glad to hear that uva ursi can be used during pregnancy.
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Uva ursi can stimulate the uterus so be careful using it during pregnancy.

You can also use olive leaf extract or grapefruit seed extract which are both antibacterial.
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I had a bad UTI in early pregnancy and tried lots of cranberry capsules, vitamin c, unsweetened cranberry juice (yuck!) and lots of hydration. Couldn't completely get rid of it after a week, so took antibiotics. It even came back after the round of antibiotics, so I started up the intense treatment described above... finally after a week of so much cranberry and vit c that I was getting diahrrea and stomach cramps, it went away. Whew. I was a litle worried though because I've had such a bad UTI before that I had to go to the hospital. Not fun.
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I get brutal ones when i'm pg, and pretty much have to go on abx or it goes to my kidneys.
HOWEVER, to prevent them, i take super strong probiotics (like Bio-K). that really seems to do it for me. i also watch my water intake carefully. from the 5th month to the 8th, if i get dehydrated, i will get a UTI, just like that. cranberry juice is excellent, low sugar diet is essential.
if its already there and it isn't severe, i would do what all the pp's have said with the cran tablets. that should work well, coupled with a probiotic. i am not into ABX at all but once in a while...if it gets bad, just get some, and then go on probiotics. it is not worth preterm labor (or the awful pain that i go thru, for some reason).
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D-mannose is also an excellent cure for UTI's. It's a natural sugar-related substance that tightly sticks to the bacteria in the bladder and flushes it out when you pee. (Think about using a peice of tape, or a sticky lint roller to remove lint from an article of clothing...)

I use it alot for my bladder infections when I had them repeatedly and they always worked for me. It's not sugar, so it doesn't raise your blood sugar or anything like that. And its safe for anyone to take. Dmannose is in many berries and stuff but the concentrated form is the most effective.

I think cran-assure (?) has d-mannose added to it. Other than that it's kind of hard to find and not well known.
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From what I've read the bacteria in your bladder will double every hour if you aren't urinating often enough (so don't hold it!).

Many have already been said, but I might as well add what I find useful.

-garlic. Press it through a garlic press, or with a heavy knife, swollow 3-4 cloves on an empty tummy with lots and lots of water.

-unsweetend cranberry juice. But don't expect this to go down well. You can also get cran/blueberry both are helpful in fighting off the bacteria, and it kinda tastes a tad bit better.

-APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! It is SO wonderful at killing unwanted buggies. Drink a huge cup (I'm thinking like 2-4 tlbs) with some warm water (taste better for some reason). You might feel funny after drinking this, since it does convert sugar into alcohol (I hope I remembered that right), but it is fine during pregnancy. Very good for you all over. Works great for yeast too.

-and my favorite trick. Call your best friend on the phone while in the tub and just keep drinking and peeing (gross maybe?), the warm water helps the burning feeling and helps the pain everywhere.

I get them very bad, I can only imagine what it will be like when pregnant. Keep eating well, and avoid sugars and starchs as best you can, stick to fresh whole foods. If you don't feel better soon, go see your care provider.
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