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I'm a CBE teaching at the local hospital. Our couples (ave. 10-11/class, but I've had 18) right now sit in chairs...not the most comforable, IMO. And not the best for promoting active birth. What are your ideas for seating for childbirth classes? We're in different auditoriums for different sessions, but there are 2 storage cabinets in 1 room. I need something that's washable/easy to wipe down in between uses. I was thinking of yoga mats (1/couple), and then some type of floor cushion or seat that would promote optimal fetal positioning (no leaning back), and be portable and comfortable...the couples are told to bring their pillows to each class, which would add to their comfort. I'm also wondering how some of the parents would respond to being on the floor. Since these are hospital classes, not everyone is going for a more natural birth. I get couples who are having a homebirth (not common)/birth center(still not as common)/hospital birth (very common), and these are really the classes that are offered in our town. A few more are offered, but the majority take these classes. The great thing is, all the instructors right now are very pro natural birth, although we teach unbiased...Thanks for any ideas!