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I think My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's Delivery Service probably meet your criteria. They're really delightful movies.
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Curious George
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I want to second the endorsements of My Neighbor Totoro, and Winnie the Pooh. Our daughter loves Winnie the Pooh. However she is also enthralled right now with the Jungle Book which does have a pretty wild bit when mowgli finally meets Shere Khan, and there is an extremely brief moment when it seems that Baloo might be dead. I worried about it at first but I think she is too young to understand the implication and she loves the music and the adventure. She also love love loves Lady and the Tramp. That has a mildly scary bit when Lady is picked up by the dog catcher and a more intense scene when the rat gets into the baby's room and the Tramp catches it.

The thing is, I remember being much less concerned about scary movie parts when I was younger. They didn't really phase me as a child, and I think to some degree children have a greater capacity for understanding the darker side of life than we give them credit for. I totally understand keeping a tight control on what little ones watch though. I generally let her guide me. We tried to watch Finding Nemo but the beginning is so scary that she immediately objected and we turned it off. Plus I wasn't so keen on the dead mother theme that shows up in so many of those movies, so it was easy to set aside until later.

I just thought of a movie that I enjoy a lot that might fit... What about The Triplets of Belleville? I can't think of any violence in it, and I love the way there is almost no dialogue in the movie and it's such a sweet story about a grandmother rescuing her grandson.

In spite of all this we mostly watch sesame street, I never have to worry about that one.

Miss Chris
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Originally Posted by spughy View Post

Someone suggested the Clifford movie - my DD was in tears 10 minutes in because the neighbour said Clifford ate too much and Clifford thought he was a burden to the family, and he ran away. That was just too much for her. She doesn't like seeing anyone hurt, emotionally.
Yeah, it's just so individual, and I don't know that you could really find anything with a plot that has no emotional or physical conflict of any kind. My DDs issues are mostly about noise, yelling or loud violence or threatened type stuff. Clifford she did fine. Curious George though, which other people have mentioned here, she was petrified. The doorman and neighbor yells, the "bad guy" developer cackles loudly, the man in the yellow hat abandons George... I find we do best with stuff that contains the "scary stuff" in certain parts and not random shouters, which seem to happen more in Curious George, so she loves Nemo, but we fast forwarded through quite a few scenes for years. She literally first started watching it 2 years ago and JUST watched the first intro scene for the first time last week. And we talked about what happened to Nemo's mom
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Charlotte's Web with Dakota Fanning is pretty good. There is the plan to kill Wilbur but that never happens. And the spider dies, which is sad, but it's from natural causes and the movie immediately moves on to her thousands of children. My two year old is so sensitive that she made us turn off Cinderella because the cat was trying to get the mice and she loved Charlotte's Web. The only kid stuff that is entirely without meanness/violence is something like Dora the Explorer, which is totally insipid.
I've been planning to watch The Incredibles and Toy Story again with my LO. I don't recall anything scary in those, but I might be forgetting something.
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We like Singin' in the Rain. Someone gets hit by a pie, and there's lots of dancing.
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I am racking my brain for movies that don't have any sort of violence whatsoever. . . I mean even Planet Earth and stuff like that has animals eating animals. Those by far are my 3 yr old's favorite movies to watch. Educational and they don't teach them bad habits. My son totally copies things from movies. Lady & the Tramp? I guess a dog kills a rat. . . wow. . .well, what do you consider violence? Sounds like a stupid question, I know, but some of us would be bothered by arguing, whereas others would deem it part of the "plot".
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As I recall, Beethoven's 4th was pretty non-violent.

Rachel scares fairly easily, but she likes Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Also Little People videos, Clifford, Curious George, Dora. Oh, and some Veggie tales, but "Where's God when I"m s-s-scared" scared her.
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Originally Posted by ThreeBeans View Post
EVERY movie is going to have a source of conflict. They call it 'plot'.

We watch a lot of movies, and I can't think of a single one that meets all your criteria, OP. If there's no conflict, nothing upsetting going on, etc . . . well, then there's no story.

Ah well, our kids just watched The Mist with us so you probably don't want my opinion anyway!
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Originally Posted by UUMom View Post
The boy who loves the Capt's oldest daughter pulls a gun on them in the graveyard and the father takes it away. He also spanks one of the little girls---she has to put her butt out.
Yes, DH loves SOM and thought it would be "safe" but DS1 was disturbed by that scene and is still talking about it and 'the scary man". Just the part when they were searching for the family was enough to scare him--he's been reenacting "the scary man with a flashlight" w/ his own flashlight and suitably "scary" face. If we ever see it again I'd just forward through that whole part.

Wanted to add anything Cailou is very gentle, but you, the parent, have to get past his annoying whiny little voice!
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EVERY movie is going to have a source of conflict. They call it 'plot'.

So true!

Curious George is a good movie.
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[QUOTE=ThreeBeans;11355713] EVERY movie is going to have a source of conflict. They call it 'plot'.


We can't be letting little children experience plot. That would aknowledge they have brains ...or even, gosh darnit, powerful feelings.
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Originally Posted by Jill0905 View Post
Mary Poppins is wondeful..................UNLESS you watch a million times day!!
My 3 yo will NOT watch Mary Poppins. He gets freaked out by the "magic" parts, especially the room cleaning up itself. It's sad because that's one of my all-time favorite movies. He loves the singing scenes in The Sound of Music but gets bored with the dialogue.

We mostly watch Signing Time, old Sesame Street episodes, the Sesame Street movie "Follow that Bird", Muzzy in French, and an HBO family show called I Spy. I Spy is by far his favorite things to watch-- he thinks it's hilarious, and it's definitely the most gentle, least objectionable kids show I've found (other than Signing time which is really wonderful)-- but really repetious and boring for adults! We don't watch that many full-length movies, though DS has liked Nemo and Dumbo, with us skipping a few scenes in each of those up until very recently. DS has also liked The Wizard of Oz but again we skipped a few scenes (most of the beginning before they get to Oz).
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My Neighbor Totoro. Seriously.
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The DVD of Riverdance.
Possibly the Mary-Kate and Ashley "You're Invited" party series.
Possibly also their movies Switching Goals and Passport to Paris. Many MKA movies have dead mothers, but as I recall those did not.
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Originally Posted by mandymichel View Post
I've been planning to watch The Incredibles and Toy Story again with my LO. I don't recall anything scary in those, but I might be forgetting something.
Toy Story has the boy next door who tortures the toys. And Toy Story 2 has the man who kidnaps Woody.

The Incredibles is PG (not G) because of the violence. It's a pretty standard comic book story with bank robbery, explosions, and machines trying to kill people.
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Originally Posted by newbymom05 View Post

Wanted to add anything Cailou is very gentle, but you, the parent, have to get past his annoying whiny little voice!
Caillou makes ME violent.
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Is there a Bob the Builder movie? That would be great. I actually like Bob (once I got over the creepy factor of heavy equipment with self-determination).
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Scholastic has been putting out dvds of picture books. Many are read by the authors and they vary from partial to full animation of the original illustrations. There are five or six books on each dvd and the menu allows you to choose to view them separately. We get them at the local library and they have been great for ds (almost 3) "Friday morning treat" of 1/2 an hour of tv time. His favorites have been "Harold and the Purple Crayon" and "Bear Snores On".

Curious George (we're talking the recent movie right, not the series on PBS) made me gag and stop watching after 20 minutes. They made the man with the yellow hat a characiture of a spineless, bumbling, nerd and added a 'love interest' teacher that is all 'oooh, gah gah' over him - :Puke not the sexist stereotypes I want to expose ds to. I was glad I had decided to preview the movie instead of sitting down with ds to watch!
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What about "The Parent Trap" (I've seen the Hayley Mills version, not the newer one)?
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