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Let's talk about plugs

Poll Results: How did you lose your plug?

  • 4% (2)
    Lost it after a cervical check
  • 36% (18)
    Lost it spontaneously
  • 12% (6)
    It seemed to come out over a couple days/weeks
  • 46% (23)
    I never noticed it coming out
49 Total Votes  
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Experienced mamas - please weigh in! After you lost your plug, how soon did you go into labor? My doula says in the past year she's seen it come out from 4-14 days before delivery, with the average being about 10 days. What were your experiences?
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In both previous births I never knew it had happened (if it even did prior to the onset of labour).
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I lost mine about 10-14 days before birthing my daughter. I noticed it after peeing, it just kind of fell out and there was a touch of blood when I wiped. I was all excited as i wasn't really sure what it should mean but as it turns out, the midwife barely cared when I called and told her. At least it's nice to know you're getting closer though.
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mine came out 2 days before. In the toliet it looked like a quarter of a tampon with just a spot of red.
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With my first baby I didn't see any at all (well, maybe a tiny bit, but it must have come out when I was in labor).

With my second baby it came out as I dialated the first 3 cm over about 2 weeks. It wasn't tinged with blood until I was actually in labor.
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With my first I noticed it come out a few days before labour began, completely spontaneously. With my second, it came out just after active labour began...again, completely spontaneously.
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For all you spontaneous gals... did you have cervical checks before that and it didn't come out?
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#1 - never noticed anything resembling a mucus plug.
#2 - I think I saw something resembling some clear mucus 2-3 days before birth.
#3 - never noticed anything.
#4 - tba

And I've never had a cervical check; just one brief check to confirm vertex position with #3.
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#1 - it came out over a few days about 10 days before Isabella was born.

#2 - don't ever remeber seeing hide nor hair of it.
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In the bathtub while I was in active labor. It just caused me to say "Oh, that must be what that is...interesting."
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#1 - Came out in two parts after two in a row 'potty sessions' 3 days before labor. And no, I hadn't had a vaginal exam prior to losing it - well, I had had one 5 days before this...

#2 - I am guessing that it either came out in bits or I never saw it. I know I was "mucus-y" for several days before I gave birth, but I don't know if that was just excess mucus or if that was my plug coming out in parts... Can't remember if this was before or after a vaginal exam seeing as it was over several days before I gave birth...

#3 - TBA!
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Mine never came out....until I was giving birth I assume...who knows.
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Mine never came out in a "plug", it was just some random brown mucus and then turned into bloody show. I had been having ctx the night before but not real labor yet.
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excuse the TMI, but i think this thread called for it. either i just have a lot of CM all pg, with more and more towards the end of pg, or i'm one of those ppl who constantly looses bits of plug and it just regenerates. with dd, i noticed CM streaked with blood right at the onset of labor, but there was never a point where i thought, "yep, that's a mucus plug."
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Mine started to come out about a week before I went into labor, and then reeeeeally started to come out once labor got going.

I know I dilated at least a little bit before my contractions started- I was 1-2cm at my 39 week visit, and I had noticed bits of mucus just before that.
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During labor it came out in "pieces". It was like snot and came out a bit at a time when I used the bathroom. It definitely didn't come out days beforehand.
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I lost mine at about 27 weeks this time. I'm sure it will just regenerate though. That's what's happened in the past.
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i lost mine i think like almost 2 weeks before birth, no vag exam, just spontanously, it looked like a really big clear booger
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I saw this and wanted to weigh in

I lost mine the day I went into labor. It came right out when I went to the bathroom. Mind you I was in pre-labor for four days before I lost my plug.
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I've heard before that they grow back... I think mine definitely did this! I swear, I started losing mine from about 36 weeks on. I went to 42w3d, so I lost A LOT of mucous plug!
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