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Poll Results: How did you lose your plug?

  • 4% (2)
    Lost it after a cervical check
  • 36% (18)
    Lost it spontaneously
  • 12% (6)
    It seemed to come out over a couple days/weeks
  • 46% (23)
    I never noticed it coming out
49 Total Votes  
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I didn't vote b/c it only lets you vote for 1. It's been different every time.

W/ ds1, I lost it early in labor. W/ ds2, I lost at least pieces of it many many times over the last 12 weeks of pregnancy! He was born at 38 weeks, so it wasn't a bad sign or anything. W/ ds3, I don't think I ever noticed losing it. At least I can't remember.
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I don't remember losing it early at all. With dd, I'm pretty sure I didn't lose it until I was in labor. And I was on the toilet CONSTANTLY while in labor, so it probably came out during a contraction and I didn't notice or care.

With ds, I think it came out after my SROM at home. I remember there being a lot of bloody show along with the leaking of water, and some if it may have been mucousy?

I'm going to try to pay more attention this time.
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i don't get anything that looks like a plug, but i do get this thick, slippery-yet-sticky slime, and was told that's it. i lose and regenerate quite a bit over the course of my pregnancies.
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I voted that I never noticed it.

Out of all my pregnancies, I only "found" it twice, for my first, I lost my plug seven days before labor began. For my third, I lost it right as my contractions were beginning. For the other five, I never saw it.
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