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when are you going in to be seen?

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I see a couple posts about first appointments and I'm just curious what timeline others are on.

Our place doesn't see pregnant women before 10 weeks; and I'm going on vacation from weeks 9-11 so I will probably go in around 12 weeks.
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My first appointment is two weeks away so I will be about nine weeks...my office likes to wait until around two months.
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Because I was being treated for LPD and having a hard time conceiving, I have been in for beta draws twice already, and they want to see me again next week.

When I was pg with my daughter I was not seen until 8 weeks or so.
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My 1st midwife appt isn't until around 11 weeks.
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I was in today (6w6d) for a "viability scan." Sounded creepy, but I saw the tiny heartbeat and my OB put my due date at 1/18/09 based on the scan (1/17/09 going by LMP). It was very exciting! Although with my 2 dd's, I wasn't seen until 10 weeks.

I'm scheduled to go back in 3+ weeks (at 10w2d) to start the "regular" OB appointments.
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Due to our history of mc, we went in right away (about 5 weeks along) to confirm the pregnancy and do blood work. Due to my desire to make sure we get the best provider for us, we have several more consults scheduled for the next couple of weeks. I want to have picked someone by 10 weeks along.
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My first midwife appt is June 16. I will be 7wks 3 days.
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My first will be at 11 wks, 2 days. That's actually about a week earlier than normal for my MW, but my mom will be in town and I want her to go with us!
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I will be approx 13 wks by my midwife. July 8th
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I was supposed to go in last Friday (6w2d) for a viability scan and then to tour the birth center, but traffic was too bad, so I'll be going on June 3rd (7w6d). At least I'm pretty certain to see a heart beat if all is good by waiting. I think that if I didn't have a history of loss I would not be going so soon.
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My OBs office has you come in for the "initial questionnare" and bloodwork soon after you call. You see the nurse practitioner (she is really great). Then they usually do an ultrasound around 9-10 weeks (with the nurse practitioner again). Then it's on to the regular OB visits every 4 weeks.

I know a lot of folks here don't do OBs, but I really like ours and the hospital, too. They really respect the parents' wishes and do their best to help you have the birth you want.
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last time, my ob saw me at about 8 weeks. that seemed to be their normal thing. this time i'm going in around 8 (i think) weeks, too, but only because i already had my annual scheduled. the receptionist actually called today to see if i wanted to push the appointment out further since they don't usually do first appointments this soon, but i have questions, so i'm keeping my original time.
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My first appt. is on June 3rd(8 weeks, 2 days). I had an ultrasound in the ER already because of some severe side pain, to rule out ectopic pregnancy...yey kidney stones! ...at 6 weeks 2 days. I am kind of wishing I had pushed my appt. with my midwife out further. Not really much going on right now, right? Can't really hear the heartbeat or anything? I'm tempted to cancel and wait out my first trimester before going in.
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I don't count because of fertility issues, I went in at 2 weeks per doctor's orders. But when I got pregnant with DD (naturally) but after one m/c my regular OB wanted me to come in immediately once I skipped a period and got a positive
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I had my fist appointment with my midwife at somewhere around 7 weeks, which was early but fine. My second is in a couple weeks, on June 12th, and I guess I'll be around 11 weeks or so. I don't mind--I know much isn't going on but I feel like I need reassurance that SOMETHING is going on and I really just like talking with my midwife And I *may* hear a heartbeat by then I guess, which would be awesome. No u/s for me til 20 weeks.
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I have an appointment to consult with a midwife next week (at 8 weeks.) I finally decided to call someone because I was having brownish discharge and just wanted reassurance about things like that. I just want to hear if this midwife thinks I am even a candidate for homebirth.
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I'm waiting until the 12-week mark, so late June/early July for me. I called her at about 4 weeks, though, to get some herbs and advice to support these tenuous early weeks.
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I think I'm about 6-7 weeks right now...I'll likely not go in for awhile, as I have no insurance.
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yeah, I realized an hour after I posted that I may have been in for "go in for an appointment? why" and posts about how UP/UC is better.

Not that it isn't for some, but not me, I have had issues in the past where I need to have medical oversight for my own comfort and the baby's health.

So I'm glad I'm not the only one "going in".
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I had my first visit yesterday, 6w5d. I wasn't impressed and I don't know if I'm going back.

I asked him to explain what visits I'd be having with him and he ran though that. I asked what scans he recommended and he rushed through that also, not saying what any of them were actually FOR.

I asked him what I should expect at the hospital, what is the normal procedure and he looked at my blankly.

I asked him if he usually attends the births. He gave me the name of the hospital he practices at and said "If you use this hospital I will deliver the baby myself"

By this time I was pretty frustrated at being treated like a fluff-head and replied "I will deliver this baby myself, you may attend." thanked him and left.

OK I know I'm not going back
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